Custom Coins

For over 30 years, our custom coins have been designed in the United States to strict standards. We manufacture two- and three-dimensional logo coins in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

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Hard Enamel

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Soft Enamel

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Custom Made Coins

Over the past three decades, we’ve made custom coins for companies, law enforcement, and the armed forces. As a trusted coin manufacturer, our designers can create designs with consecutive numbers, protected with epoxy, or color-filled engraving to bring your vision to life.

Custom Coin Manufacturer

As a coin maker, our custom made coins are manufactured in an endless combination of styles, shapes, and materials. Our creative team will work with you closely to make sure your sketch becomes a reality. Choose from enamel, special shapes, or die-cut edges. If you’re looking for a unique texture, we can even add it to your mold to make your custom coins truly one-of-a-kind.

logo coins with 3d horse
Custom Gold Phoenix Coin
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customized silver coin with trojan warrior

Freequently Asked Questions

How are coins designed

The process of creating custom made coins starts with your art. Then our artist will select the best options for your project, including size, shape, color, and engraving. From there, we’ll send you a proof to review and approve before you receive your order. The time to design your art normally only takes a day.

What does it cost to design coins?

Our prices vary based on the base metal you choose. Adding elements, like hard or soft enamel, can also impact the pricing of your project. Our minimum order of 100 custom coins. Our basic coin design is about $3. Note that the mold charges are a one-time fee and are priced by the size.

What are coins made out of

Bronze and brass are the most commonly type of metals used. Custom casting is another great selection, it involves filling a mold with molten metal. This technique helps show off unique elements and textures, making it perfect for detailed designs. 

Whats's Plating & Epoxy?

Plating and epoxy give your coins different finishes and colors. The plating you choose can change the look and feel of your design. At Monterey Company, we feature several different options:

  • Antique Plating: Our antique finishes are available in our most popular plating colors, including antique copper, bronze, and silver.
  • Shiny Plating: Shiny plating is a brilliant layer over the base metal and can be done in gold, copper, silver, and black. 

Epoxy Coating: Epoxy protects and preserves your product. It can be applied in varied thicknesses, from a thin protective layer to a thick domed layer. The epoxy finish helps prevent scratching, fading, and tarnish.

How else can I customize my design?

We produce a variety of techniques that will create a totally one-of-a-kind design.

  • Minting: Minting is a process that hydraulically presses your logo into the coin, unlike stamping or die-striking. This approach creates a mirror-like surface without the imperfections of other techniques. 
  • 2D images have two layers—a background and a raised surface—making them an ideal option for a logo that has text or silhouettes. This style is thinner and lighter, which also means it has a lower price point.
  • 3D logos look sculpted and include a level of detail that isn’t possible in two-dimensions. This style can accommodate raised and recessed areas and curves that make it perfect for designs with people, animals, and landscapes.
  • Diamond-Cut Edges: Give your coin’s edge a unique look. Including wave cuts and rope edges. 

Engraving: We can engrave serial numbers, words, or phrases to your coin in a unique way. You can also engrave the rim for a custom marking.

Can I add color?

Enameling is the perfect way to enhance your art while still maintaining logos. We offer soft and hard enamel and cloisonne for different types of designs.

Soft Enamel: By filling the recessed areas of your design while leaving the metal edges raised. We have a wide range of colors and textures, so you are only limited by your imagination

Hard Enamel: One of the highest quality options we offer, it's smooth to the touch and has a durable finish.

Adding texture

Texture is an excellent way to create dimension and contrast. We offer 12 texture options for a variety of backgrounds. 

Textures include sandblasting, checkerboard patterns, and more. Work with one of our talented designers to pick which style is best for your coin.

coin texture options

What kind of metals do we use?

Bronze and brass are the most commonly used metals because they are easy to mass-produce. 

Casting is another great option—with this method, they are made by filling a mold with molten material. Casting shows off unique detailing and textures, making it a great option for images needing sculpted look. Casted coins tend to be lighter, and as a result, more cost-effective pricing.

Creating Logo Coins in Days

The Fastest Production In the industry

We manufacture coins for our customers in just days. Ready to order? Start by requesting a quote today.

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We’re Experienced 3D Coin Makers

We’ll work with you hand in hand to get your custom coin made just right. As a coin maker, we can add a three-dimensional surface, recreate insignia, or replicate images from a photograph—all in just a few hours. When it’s complete, we will send you a digital color proof at no extra charge.

Custom Logo Coins With Impressive Detail!

Designing customized coins featuring your logo is the perfect way to set yourself apart. We enjoy the creative process in creating your artwork. Get started today.

horses on commander coin
us border patrol coin in 3d
armed forces 3d bulldog personalized coins
historical monument 3d coin

Mark Important Milestones with Personalized Coins

Personalized coins are often used to mark a moment or celebrate a milestone. The tradition of awarding custom coins has become more common over the past few decades. Coins are now an important practice for many service-based associations. 

We’re proud to be a leading custom coin maker for every branch of the military, including the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force and more. Police and fire departments also use us to order challenge coins and medallions for their departments.  

Contact us to make anything from dog tags and bottle openers. We also accept purchase orders in advance. We can create a physical sample before production, so you can confidently sign off on your final design.

Quality You Can Count On

Available in both two and 3D styles, your artwork should best represent your business or organization. We specialize in all types of customized logos. Our talented team we will help you achieve the perfect approach to recreating any logo.

In addition to quality products, you’ll also experience the highest quality of service when you work with us. We’ll work with you closely to guarantee you get exactly what you’re looking for in a fast and easy way.

Low Minimums, Fast Production, and Quick Shipping

We offer air shipping, low minimums, and free artwork with every order. We’ll make a proof so you rest assured knowing that your digital proof is just what you were hoping for.  Call or email us today to get started. Search no further—request and receive a digital proof with unlimited revisions! Request a quote today. 

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