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The Monterey Company has been a coin maker since 1989. Our custom coins are designed to exact specifications using bronze as the base metal. We manufacture 2D & 3D logo coins with and without color as well as gold and silver plating.

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Custom Coin Makers

As a coin maker and manufacturer, we customize coins with your ideas for any event. We offer different styles of enameling, special shapes and die cut edges. We can add special textures that can be added to your mold and can be created from your sketch.

Creating Personalized Coins in Days

Look no further, we manufacture custom coins for companies in days! You can include as many colors that will fit in your artwork and include platings like brass, silver, and gold. You can also add special edges, and epoxy on one or both sides.

logo coins with 3d horse
custom coins with logos

Designed For Your Next Event

As a personalized coin maker, and designer we can color fill engraving with consecutive numbers and epoxy can be added for a layer of protection. We have been creating high-quality custom products for fortune 500’s, law enforcement and the armed forces. Send us your sketch and receive a digital proof for your next event.

Manufacturer of Company Coins Stamped With Your Logo

Our custom coins come in more styles, and materials than imaginable, making the designing process a fun, albeit somewhat daunting, task. We have nearly 30 years of experience and understand all of the nuances of custom manufacturing. Our creative team works side by side with you from start to finish. manufacturer, we specialize in custom 3D images.

How To Order

  • How do you design signature coins?

    Designing coins starts by creating a sketch followed by designing an art proof of your logo. The next step is to decide on the best options. Options include choosing the size, shape, color, the adding of epoxy, special edges, engraving and deciding if you would rather have a 2d or 3d image.

  • What is the process of making custom made coins?

    The process starts by using illustration software to create a design, followed by deciding on the best enhancement options. The next step after you approve your design is to start production and to decide if you are going to start with full production or to create samples first, to make sure you are happy with the finished product before manufacture your entire order.

  • What does it cost to design custom made coins?

    Prices vary depending on the style you choose and the base metal selected. Adding color in soft or hard enamel will also influence the price of your project. 100 custom pieces are the normal minimum and prices start around $3.00 for a 1.5" with no color and a 2D mold. For example, adding special edges and a three-dimensional look would be on the higher side of pricing. Each design can be created simply or with all the bells and whistles and pricing will really depend on all the options you choose. Mold charges are a one-time cost and are determined by the size and whether or not you have included 3D.

  • What are custom coins made out of

    • Bronze and brass are the most common metals requested, as they work well with raised and recessed details. They are easy to mass produce as they are die-struck in production.
    • Casting is another great option, made by filling a mold with molten material. Casting shows off unique detailing and textures on coins, making them a good option for detailed images. They also tend to be lighter, and consequently more cost-effective.

Looking For Help From An Experienced Coin Maker?

Our sales team will reach out to you the same day. We’ll start on your art right away and work with you hand in hand to get it just right. When your design is complete, we will send you a digital color proof at no charge.

How are logo coins made?

As a manufacturer of custom coins, you can include a three-dimensional surface for companies looking to add a sculpted look. Our styles always make a bold impression! The ordering process both fun and speedy! Send us your sketch and we will turn it into artwork with your order. Recreating an existing insignia or from a photograph can be done in days.

Custom coin designs are a unique and thoughtful keepsake, with the perfect combination of practicality and prestige. Different than other memorabilia or gift shop trinkets, the value of these products are in their specialness.

custom enamel logo coins

Need More Information?

Customized Shapes and Sizes

We feature state of the art equipment, making both the size and the shape of your design customizable. The most commonly requested sizes are 1.5, 1.75 and 2 inches and are generally fashioned into the round, flat shape. But, like most of the things we do, these features can be specialized. 

Your custom design can follow the outline of your sketch and there are no limits to producing the shape you’re after. Because of our stamping or casting process, you can create unique cutout areas, can have a varied thickness, and feature an arched face. You can add function to your image by shaping it into a bottle opener or into a dog tag.

Plating & Optional Ideas

The finish you choose can drastically change the look, feel, and general aesthetic. We offer many stylistic varieties when it comes to finishing your image.

Antique Plating

  • Offer a vintage-look and feel to your custom coin that is unparalleled.  our antique finishes are available in a multitude of materials, with the most popular being antique copper, bronze, and silver.

Shiny Finishes

  • Directly contrasting the antique finishes, a shiny plating features the brilliance and layered atop the base metal. This layered effect is called plating and can be achieved in gold, copper, silver, and true black. For additional dimension, and dual-plating.

Epoxy Finish

  • Epoxy finish can protect and preserve dimension, and integrity of your image. An epoxy finish can be applied in a variety of thicknesses, from simply a thin protective layer to a thick, smooth, dome layer, collectively preventing the scratching, fading, and tarnishing.
reese's company commemorative coin

Brass & Bronze Coins

We offer many base metal and finishes. Different metals lend themselves to stylistic enhancements, so working with a designer to discern which is the best option is always a good idea. The three main metals we use when creating a custom bronze, brass, and cast from zinc.

  • Bronze and brass are the most common metals requested metals, as they work well with raised and recessed details. They are easy to mass produce as they are die struck in production.
  • Casting is another great option, made by filling a mold with molten material. Casting shows off unique detailing and textures, making them a good option for your 3D image. They also tend to be lighter, and consequently more cost-effective.

Popular Styles

Law Enforcement

Police and fire departments create customized 3D coins for their divisions or branches highlighted in their image. We can create proofs for firefighters, police, border patrol, and SWAT. Purchase orders are accepted and actual samples can be created prior to production so you can get final approval of your proof. Request a Quote on Customized Coins

Military Styles

Having been around since the first World War, military challenge coins are often used to commemorate a mission, to celebrate a milestone, to build camaraderie within a troop, and to enhance the overall morale of its recipients. Additionally, Government organizations and special interest groups use promotional products to commemorate holidays like Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and special events such as new memberships and graduations.

This tradition of awarding custom coins for the armed forces has increased in its prevalence in the past decade, becoming an honored practice for service-based associations around the world. We are so proud to be a leading custom coin maker for every branch of the military, creating proofs for police, firefighters, navy, army, marine corps, air force and more. Contact us and start working with our designer today and we can create anything from dog tags and bottle openers. We also have a full line of custom made pvc patches made for the military.

Experience and Quality You Can Count On!

Available in both 2D and 3D, your insignia should be determined based on what would best represent your business or organization’s insignia. We specialize in all types of products, including Canadian coins and other products from around the world!

Beyond the quality of our products, is the quality of the experience you’ll have when working with us to bring your custom creation to life. We can create a proof in a day, collaborating with you to ensure you are getting exactly the product you’re after in a prompt, efficient, and painless manner.

customized silver coin with trojan warrior

Logo Coins With Impressive Detail!

Designing customized coins with your logo, brand, business, or organization is the perfect way to set yourself apart, creating something not only unique to you but unique to today’s market. Make the recipients feel valued, special, and cared for.  

We have the lowest prices on custom coins, air shipping, low minimums and free art proof with every order with unlimited revisions. Our art department will create a proof that will meet your exact specifications. Request a rendering and quote today! Let us create a digital sample for your approval or feel to request product samples for your review prior to placing an order.

Coin Manufacturing Enhancements


  • The process starts by hydraulically pressing your logo into the base metal, as opposed to stamping or die-striking, which is another option for you to consider. Hydraulically pressed, it leaving an unparalleled mirror-like finish without the imperfections that can occur in the other creation methods. Most logos are typically die-struck, but in some cases, they can be minted, raising the cost and the overall quality of the product.

2D Images

  • Two-dimensional images have two layers, a background, and a raised surface, making them an ideal option for a design that features text or silhouettes. They are the thinner and lighter of the two options, and therefore, have the friendlier price point.

3D Images

  • Three-dimensional images appear sculpted, achieving a level of detail that isn’t possible in the 2D variety. This featuring of intricacies and variety of raises, recessions, and curves, makes them ideal for representations of people, animals, and natural landscapes.

Diamond-Cut Edges

  • We offer a variety of diamond cut edges including wave cuts and rope edges.


  • Engraving can be integrated into your design, adding serial numbers, words, and phrases in a unique and professional way. Engraving is the perfect addition with consecutive or serial numbers and can make your coin trackable by using specific combinations of numbers and letters. Additionally, simply engraving details into your art, instead of featuring one of our many die-options, is an economical way to add flair without some of the fees. We can also engrave the edge and this is called rim marking.

Adding Color

  • Thinking of adding color to your design? Color is a great way to maintain cohesiveness with your business or organization’s brand and logo and can be used to elevate different aspects of your artwork. We have color available in both soft and hard varieties, as well as cloisonne. Each variety lends itself to different types of designs, so work with a designer to determine which style is best.
  • Soft Enamel: The most cost-effective option. By filling into the recessed metal ridges of your design, leaving your logo raised above the smooth pool of your desired shades. Like most customizable options, there are unlimited combinations of colors and textures. From robin egg blue to fire engine red, you really are only limited by your imagination. Hard Enamel: One of the highest quality options we offer! Smooth to the touch and has a durable finish.

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    coin texture options

    Adding Texture

    Adding texture to the background is an excellent way to add dimension and contrast to your design, and lends itself well to most of our varieties. When creating your design, consider the diameter and consider making a contrast as an integral aspect of bringing the details of your logo or brand to life.

    When depicting details like those found in nature scenes, animals, or people, without creating your coin in color or 3 dimensions, textured backgrounds are an economical way to achieve your desired effect. We’ve honed our texturing techniques, offering everything from our favorite sandblasting finish to checkerboard patterns and more. Work with one of our talented staff to discern which texture would best suit your design.

    Free Art Proofs – Low Minimums – 7 Colors Included – Fast Coin Production