Pewter Pins

Custom Pewter PinPewter is a malleable metal alloy composed of at least 90% tin and 10% copper. This unique blend produces a matte finish, high contrast lapel pin with a handsome blue silver tint. Though presently used almost exclusively for decorative, collectible and promotional objects, Pewter was once the most commonly used material for tableware. Pewter’s low melting temperature makes it an ideal material for producing die-cast replicas of your lapel pin design. Whether it be a logo, animal or human figurine, pewter offers unrivaled versatility that allows us to fashion a custom lapel pin unique to your needs.

Pewter Pin Gallery: Our most decorative, collectible and promotional pin.


The pewter alloy is melted at a low temperature (170–230 °C). Meanwhile a mold is made of your custom design, leaving channels through which the liquid metal will travel in order to enter the mold. The alloy is then injected into the mold, either by a spin-casting process or by high-pressure injection. Finally, the scrap (which includes the channels) is separated from the castings and re-melted for later use. The Pewter lapel pins are then stone polished, poly-bagged and shipped to your doorstep.

Did you Know?
3D Cast Custom Lapel Pins:

3D Cast Custom Lapel Pins, also known as Die Cast Custom Lapel Pins, offer multiple levels of relief, which are not available using standard die struck methods. Instead of only having one raised area and one recessed area, which would make it a 2D lapel pin, this type of creation shows topographical contours in order to create the complex shapes and details of animals, architectural replicas and human faces. These custom lapel pins are fabulous for making pieces that are jewelry like and are popular as such.

In order to create a 3D Cast custom lapel pin, a molten metal is poured under high pressure into a pre-created mold of your design. Pouring under high pressure results in a clean smooth surface and a uniformly accurate final result. The dies are used to create the 3D pins, take a bit longer to make then a standard 2D dies because they are more complex and are handmade. For this reason, a pin like this makes sense for someone wanting a striking product and has the time to wait a few extra days for it.

Insights and Ideas!
Order A Sample First:

When ordering a large amount of custom lapel pins, its always a good idea to order a sample or two. Most companies won’t allow for this, but we believe that when committed to the highest quality and satisfaction the way we are, there really is no other way to do it. Being able to hold the custom lapel pin and inspect it up close give the buyer a final opportunity to add any extra changes that might be needed. A designer is always on hand to deal with such changes and is happy to do so.

Generally, allow an extra 10-12 days for samples. “Samples cost $50, and that price is applied to the total bill, if there’s no changes made. However, if there’s a design change or text change, then the $50 is lost and a new die is cast. Most people are happy to risk $50 to get everything perfect.

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