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Custom Printed Pins

Are you looking to create a custom printed pin? Look no further than the Monterey Company! We offer full color printing of logos on our durable lapel pins that are perfect as giveaways or presentation pieces.

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Printed Photo Pins

Custom printed pins are a great way to promote your brand and company logo. We offer three different types of custom printing: screen-printing, CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow), or photo options that give you more creative freedom when it comes down how much color goes into each design! You can also get metal edging around any designs for an elegant look without sacrificing durability since they're made with thin epoxy coatings added on top giving them extra protection against wear & tear while making sure everything will still shine through beautifully

Your logo will be printed on a lapel pin with no metal lines, just full color and heavy gradients. We create them by printing your design onto the metal piece which we can even include photos for background that's perfect if you want something more personalized!

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We Manufacture Offset & Silk Screen Printed Pins

We create three different types of custom lapel pins. Our talented team will help you choose which style is the best for your project.

  • CMYK pins Your custom logo is printed onto an adhesive label, which can then be placed on metal bases or left free-standing as you prefer. Next clear epoxy will protect the design from scratching and fading while also giving it durability for years of use!with any of our enameled designs or include a photo insert for a more customized look.
  • Screen Printing: To create silkscreen-printed pins, solid areas of Pantone color are laid down over a metal surface. Metal areas can also be left exposed as part of the design to add dimension. Epoxy coating is added for protection as the finishing touch.
  • Photo pins These pins are created by taking a real photograph and added onto the metal base. The label is printed using CMYK process, then affixed to cover in clear flexible material for durability! These thicker PVC/Acetate design make them extra durable than your standard pin while still maintaining that sleek look you love so much about us (and more)!

Add extra thickness to your printed pins with epoxy coating. We specially make individual screens for each color on the printed design—that way, the final result is exactly what you were hoping for. Combining enamel and printing is a great way to increase the value of a die-struck pin. Blending the two adds weight and a high-end finish. Finalize your design by adding a thin layer of epoxy to only the printed areas so the center of your design really stands out.

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Why Choose A CYMK Pin Style?

There are a lot of similarities between various pin techniques-but also important differences. The difference between offset printing and screening is in the complexity of the image being used in the design. For detailed images and photography, offset printing is the best option because it can capture the same quality of detail found in the original photo. For simple designs and logos, full color screen printing is the best approach. Whichever technique you choose, we have many available options to fit the shape or style you're looking for.

Show off your creativity with the high-resolution, detailed pins created using CMYK printing. This technique combines four ink colors - cyan, magenta, yellow and black - to produce a lasting design that is then sealed with an enamel finish for extra protection! Not only are these stylish pins some of the quickest and most affordable designs to manufacture, they don't require additional metal detailing or textured finishes so you get great value too.


Have a photo to reproduce?

Make your logo pop and stand out with our custom full-color printed lapel pins! Our special technique eliminates the need for metal lines, making it simple to reproduce intricate designs. In a matter of days you can have one-of-a kind pieces of wearable art that are sure to make an impression.

You can also add photographs directly to the surface of our pins or customize their overall shape. That makes these great if you need create your design quickly and don't have time for something more elaborate

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Photo Reproduction and Lightweight!

With CMYK printing, we can bring to life bright and vibrant pins with ultra-precise logo recreations. Color gradation adds a depth of authenticity that will have your designs looking better than ever! On top of this superior accuracy, custom shapes are made lighter and faster – allowing you the perfect pin in record time!

Creating lapel pins using a photo realistic process involves converting an image to CMYK format, printing it onto special paper or film, cutting it to shape and attaching it to a die-stamped base, and then sealing it with epoxy for protection and a glossy finish. This process, known as offset printing, produces high-quality, vibrant and accurate pins with representation of the original photograph.

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