lapel pin attachments

Lapel Pin Backings

At The Monterey Company, we provide high-quality lapel pin backings and attachments. With nearly 30 years of experience, we can help you pick the best options. They are visually stunning, functional, durable, and long-lasting.

Choosing the right pin fasteners

Investing in the right pin fastener is key for your lapel pins to keep their secure place on all fashion items. We offer a variety of attachments with options ranging from standard fixtures, deluxe clutches and safety pin backs – giving you peace of mind that even the most stylish accessory will remain securely fashionable!

Two Screw Back Pin Attachment

Nut & Bolt Attachment

blinking light pin attachment

Blinking Light Pins

custom pin with loops connecting second lapel pin

Secondary Pin

rubber clutches

Rubber Clutches

Convenient, Cheap and Comfortable
Rubber clutches make accessories easy to secure without compromising comfort. Crafted from either eco-friendly rubber or plastic, the unique design allows for optimum grip that won't disrupt your skin or clothing. A great alternative to butterfly clasps, these clutch attachments provide a friction fit lock with no need for extra locks - making them perfect for anyone on-the-go!

deluxe flat clutch pin attachment in gold

Butterfly Clutch or Military Clutch

Affordable and Easy
Get the perfect fit for your design with a traditional butterfly or military clutch. These simple-to-use accessories offer affordably great style and come in various sizes so you'll have no shortage of options to choose from. Plus, different post length choices let you customize your pins according to your needs!

Flat Deluxe Clutch

Deluxe Clutches

Classy and Professional
Add class and sophistication to your look with deluxe clutches! They may come at a higher price point, but you get what you pay for. This attachment is designed to keep whatever it’s attached to safe - the strong push-and-pull spring inside can even lock in tighter when pulled on – giving maximum security against any loosing your pin.

Our butterfly clutch is perfect for more substantial fabrics, such as those found in military or police uniforms. To attach it to your item, begin by squeezing the circlips together and inserting a needle from front side of your fabric. Then secure the other half of the pin on its backside; you'll be worry-free since even though there's a sharp head underneath, it won't come into contact with clothing when worn!

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See All Pins

We have a wide selection of lapel pins, from soft enamel and hard-enamel. We offer the most popular styles in our gallery for you to choose from.

lapel pin with magnet attachment

Magnet Backings

Magnet backings are the perfect solution for upgrading your style with a strong and sleek look. Forget about using pins; this is one of safest and easiest options - just adhere to thin materials like office ties or work shirts, then stand out from the crowd as you feel its magnetic attraction!

lapel pin attachment with two magnets

Double Magnets

Get extra hold for your items with our double magnet pins! Choose from different magnetic strengths to make sure you have the perfect level of secureness. Simply attach them onto any material - no holes, hassle or damage necessary. Easily remove when needed and proudly show off projects knowing they are staying recognized in place without ruining the item’s integrity.

lapel pin safety pin back attchment

Safety Pin Backing

Your brand, business, or product can make a lasting impression with safety pin backs! This popular form of attachment offers more stability than the traditional rubber cap and butterfly clutch designs. Inserting them is simple - just prick two holes to get started. Then firmly clip in place for secure branding that won't go anywhere. Make sure your logo stands out by using safety pins as an effective way to show it off!


Stickpin Backs

Delicate and Decorative
The stickpin is a luxurious and sophisticated neckwear accessory that has been around since the 18th century. Originally used by wealthy English gentlemen to portray their status, it can now be enjoyed and worn with style by anyone! Its long straight body features an ornate headpiece on top which adds finesse - perfect for adorning your lapel or tie in true elegance. Simply remove its cap at the base of this timeless accessory before piercing through clothing, then reattach for secure fastening – effortless sophistication awaits you!

Pin Back Cards

Are you looking to create a unique Lapel Pin Backer Card that delivers maximum impact? Choosing the correct size, type and thickness of paper can make all the difference. Make sure your Cards are large enough to accommodate products you're promoting - ensuring each customized company pin stands out for all to see!

With so many options at your fingertips, making the perfect choice for Backer Cards that represent your company is easier said than done. Should you go with a paper type and thickness to fit an edgy aesthetic or something more classy? Let us help you decide - our professional advice will guide you every step of the way!

custom pin backer card

Attachment Pricing

Rubber Clutch included
Butterfly clutch included
Additional post .15 each
Safety Pin Back .35 each
Single Strong Magnet Back .45 each
Magnet Bar with two magnets.45 each
Flat Deluxe Clutch .40 each
Jewelry Clutch .45 each
Screw Back .70 each

Tie Tack .40 each
Tie Tack with chain .50
7mm locking pin back 1.30 each
Stickpin .35 each
Stick Pin .35 each
Adhesive back .40 to 1.20
Tie Clip 1.00 each
Back Loop .50 each

Stainless Hypoallergenic Earring Posts 1.10 per pair
Cufflinks 2.00 per pair
Money Clip 1.50
Charm Lobster Claw .35
Keychain .50 each
Zipper Pulls .35 each

Bulk Rubber clutch or Butterfly Clutches
Black & other colors
50 pcs - $12.00
100 pcs - $20.00
250 pcs - $45.00
500 pcs - $75.00
1000 pcs - $140.00
2500 pcs - $325.00