Create Custom Geocaching Coins

Looking to pick up a new activity? Looking for a novel gift idea? You may want to give geocaching a try. This modern-day treasure-hunting game is captivating people of all ages. Geocachers use a hand-held GPS-enabled device to navigate to coordinates they find online from a database or from fellow geocachers that leads them to […]

Fundraising for School Sports Teams with Trading Pins

Sports teams for youngsters are one of the most memorable events for them when they grow up and look back on their childhood. They are so important because they are a great way to keep them busy (and out of trouble) and to get them active and moving. Unfortunately, these teams can be seen as […]

Football Tailgating and Trading Pins

For many sports fans (and, well, those who aren’t really into sports at all), the tailgate parties before the big game can be the best and most fun part of the whole game experience. They have become ubiquitous for all major sports these days. Food, music, good beer, and the camaraderie over a beloved team […]

What is Emblematic Jewelry?

Emblematic jewelry has been worn for many years as a way of expressing yourself or representing a group you believe in or belong to. They are used as a way to tell the world who you are and what’s important to you. These fine pieces of jewelry are typically custom made pins, charms, or cufflinks.

The Ancient Technique of Cloisonné

Did you know that Cloisonné is an ancient technique of metalworking developed in the Far East? It has been used for centuries in the creation and decoration of pins and coins. It is a very intricate and complex process. The lapel pin is formed first by adding compartments to the metal object by soldering or […]

What’s the Difference Between a Medal and a Coin?

Many clients will look through our website and ask, “Aren’t medals and coins basically the same thing?” Well, the answer to that is yes! The main difference between a medal and a coin is that a medal has a hole in it at the top in order to allow it to be attached to a […]

Take The Fun Home With Disney Lapel Pins


Everyone loves Disney, but there are a lot of hidden secrets that not very many people know. One of these special “company secrets” is that they give their valued employees their very own die cast years of service pins. After an employee has been with the Walt Disney Company for a year they receive their […]

Challenge Coins: A Tradition of Honor

Wondering what to get for the friend or family member who recently graduated from a law enforcement agency? Perhaps they were promoted to a special squadron or unit, or joined a branch of the military or emergency services? Consider following a time-honored tradition and presenting them with a custom challenge coin. The tradition originally began in the […]

What Does Your Brand’s Image Say About You?

What impression does your company leave in the minds of consumers? This is one of the most important aspects of a successful business, and often, it’s one of the most difficult to create. A good brand image and reputation is developed over time and must be represented consistently. At the Monterey Company we are here […]

What Are Challenge Coins?

Carrying a challenge coin in your pocket is a well-respected practice that originated as a tactic to build camaraderie in the military. Originally these coins were strictly found in various branches of the military and other special interest groups, but they have since broken into the civilian population as a way to commemorate holidays like […]