How Creative Are You? Find Out with Custom Lapel Pins!

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“Have you ever made custom lapel pins before? Creativity is an important part of life. When we are young, creativity fosters the imagination, drives us to celebrate art and adore playing- whether with dolls or Legos. As we age, creativity becomes a vital part of getting a job, forming relationships and enriching our culture with [...]

A Pot of Geocaching Coins at The End of The Rainbow

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Baby, did you GPS us? Because you’ve found the location of your geocache dreams. Geocaching has been a popular outdoor sport for nearly 20 years. A game for all ages, geocaching is a fun, engaging way of finding adventure, and logging it online too! Because geocaching is a sport that revolves around tracking GPS coordinates [...]

Lapel Pins: Modern Day Branding

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A custom lapel pin is a unique pin brandishing art, design and/or metal that is often worn on clothing, bags or other soft materials. They are called lapel pins because traditionally, lapel pins are worn on the lapel of a jacket and to represent a cause, business or group. Custom pins can be made in a variety of [...]

Custom Geocaching Coins for The Adventurer in You

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Geocaching [jee-oh-kash-ing] Noun An outdoor recreational game composed of searching for hidden objects via Global Positioning System (GPS) points found on the internet. The term “Geocaching” was coined first by Matt Stum in 2000, who was looking for a voyage in the great outdoors. Since then, geocaching has been gathering followers by the millions, and [...]

What’s The Difference Between Hard Enamel and Soft Enamel Lapel Pins?

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Whether you are creating a lapel pin for your business, employees, group or event, detail is everything. There are many types of lapel pins to choose from, hard enamel and soft enamel lapel pins are particularly easy to add multiple colors. These custom made pins both sound alike and have a lot in common, however, [...]

Reward Your Employees With Service Pins

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Looking for something other than a certificate to reward your employees hard work with? Look no further. The Monterey Company specializes in unique, one of a kind service pins that not only show your appreciation of their work for your company, but can also be worn, marveled over and kept for years on end without [...]

Play Ball! Make a Home Run on Baseball Team Trading Pins This Season.

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Starting April 1st, it is once again baseball season. Besides hot dogs, baseball caps and foam fingers, another popular and ambitious tradition baseball season brings is the trading of baseball teams lapel pins. Besides representing your teams spirit and passion, baseball trading pins also represent the enthusiasm and skill your team contributes to the game. [...]

Your Bullets, Your Coin, or Your Life – The History and Future of the Challenge Coin


Traditionally, military challenge coins were designed and minted to represent a soldier’s squadron identity. History tells of many stories about how these coins came to exist, but three of them are legendary. Recently, from the 1980’s to today, these coins have soared in popularity and the design possibilities seem endless. At The Monterey Company Inc. [...]

P.S. I love you pins!

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There is no denying the attention grabbing appeal of a unique custom lapel pin which is why they make a great gift to give and to get. Perhaps the pin is from your business, or something you plan to give at a fundraiser, or even a memento from the bride and groom at the last wedding [...]

Employee Recognition Pins – Top 5 Benefits For Nurses & Hospitals

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Wearing nursing pins and hospital pins are a great way to show your level of achievement. Recognition of those who work in these fields plays a key role in ensuring those efforts do not go unnoticed. One way to do this is with the use of the recognition pin, whether it be employee recognition pins [...]