What Does Your Brand’s Image Say About You?

What impression does your company leave in the minds of consumers? This is one of the most important aspects of a successful business, and often, it’s one of the most difficult to create. A good brand image and reputation is developed over time and must be represented consistently. At the Monterey Company we are here […]

What Are Challenge Coins?

Carrying a challenge coin in your pocket is a well-respected practice that originated as a tactic to build camaraderie in the military. Originally these coins were strictly found in various branches of the military and other special interest groups, but they have since broken into the civilian population as a way to commemorate holidays like […]

Awareness Ribbon Pins: What Does the Color Stand For?

Colors can be very powerful and represent different emotions, affect people’s moods, and have different meanings in different cultures. They convey different messages based on the receiver’s perception. Awareness ribbons in particular utilize color to represent their cause and gain awareness. Awareness ribbon lapel pins are hands down the easiest, most discussed and most efficient […]

Help Prevent Our Animals from Extinction with Lapel Pins

Each year more animal species are added to the endangered or extinct lists, and 99% of these threatened species are endangered as a result from human activities. We are destroying our natural habitats at an alarming rate through the introduction of exotic species, habitat loss, global warming, reckless development, and the constant production of pollution. […]

What to know when adding your logo to PVC Patches

PVC Patches

  What are PVC Patches? What are PVC Patches made out of? Are PVC Patches expensive? Do PVC Patches last? PVC Patches are made of Poly vinyl chloride, the third most used plastic today. The questions above are only some of the questions our customers ask us when creating “PVC Patches” with their logo or insignia. […]

Case Study: The 9th New York Volunteer Infantry


On December 23, 2010, we completed a case study that was initiated by Dennis Schurr who came to us earlier that year with a request to create a commemorative service medal for the “Flags Over Hatteras” event celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Civil War engagements on the Outer Banks. These coins were given out during […]

PVC Luggage Tags

PVC Luggage Tag

With all the promotional gifts being given out each year at, the Luggage Tag is really one unique and under used idea, that is available and functional for the recipient of the gift. Made out of PVC, they are an excellent way to promote the company as you or others travel. The back contains the […]

The Awards: Tips for Getting Involved in Triathlons for Kids and Parents


Move over Ironman, there’s a new kid in town. According to USA Triathlon, the national governing body for the sport, the number of “kid triathlons” for youths ages 18 and under has more than tripled in recent years, rising from approximately 300 youth-only triathlons in 2007 to 1,000 events in 2013. USA Triathlon now lists […]

The Secret is Out: Using Lapel Pins for Special Perks & Guest List Access


When lapel pins make the news, we take notice. And this latest story involving Hollywood stars wearing custom lapel pins as a “secret I.D. badge” to guarantee them access to an exclusive party is not only pure fun, but it points to some new and unique ways to use lapel pins that you may not […]

What is a Pinning Ceremony?

nursing lapel pins

It’s graduation season at colleges and training schools across the country, but if you have a nursing student in the family, you may find yourself receiving an invitation to a pinning ceremony, rather than the usual all-school graduation assembly. What’s a pinning ceremony? The history of it can be traced all the way back to […]