Custom Recognition Pins For Employees And Volunteers

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Recognition pins encourage people to keep doing their best while rewarding them for their previous hard work. These pins are custom made with your logo or image and can be used for lots of different recognition events ceremonies. “Recognizing employees or other peers may seem hard to make your own and that’s why I love designing pins [...]

Tips on How to Photograph Small Pins, Coins & Jewelry

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Shot using the Galaaxy 7 Edge plus ( and no, we do not sell cellphones! ) We just like this phones camera! Copyright © 2016, All Rights Reserved, Monterey Company 2016 Photography update: We now just use an Iphone with the image sitting near the window when we shoot our lapel pins and [...]

Kick-Start Your Nonprofit with Custom Recognition Pins

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Being the founders or leaders of an organization is not a role for the weak-hearted. In fact, it requires action derived from die-hard passion, ideas for and from the heart, and words that motivate not one, but thousands, if not millions of individuals. However, raising exponential awareness also means getting financial attention from donors. As [...]

Custom Bicycle Head Badges for The Adventurous Bike Shop

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Adrenaline courses through her veins as she whips around another turn, the back tire of her Giant Stance 0 gripping agilely in the mud. Three days since the rain came and it’s the perfect time for mountain biking. As she urges her lightweight ride over a large bump, she catches air, bike tires flinging dirt, [...]

PVC Keychains – Taking The “Heavy” Out Of Metal Keychains

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There is a reason that not everyone has keychains, maybe even including you. Perhaps it’s that they are heavy and bulky, or get in the way of the other keys you are attempting to grab on your keyring. Maybe it’s that they’re cloth and fall apart over time or that the lettering and paint rub [...]

Years of Dedication Deserves Years of Service Pins

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As an employee myself, I can honestly say that one thing that I love getting from my boss is gratitude. After all, though receiving money in place of my time, skills and passion has its own host of benefits, nothing quite says thank-you like a personal interaction. However, even though letters, cards and certificates are [...]

How Creative Are You? Find Out with Custom Lapel Pins!

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“Have you ever made custom lapel pins before? Creativity is an important part of life. When we are young, creativity fosters the imagination, drives us to celebrate art and adore playing- whether with dolls or Legos. As we age, creativity becomes a vital part of getting a job, forming relationships and enriching our culture with [...]

Lapel Pins: Modern Day Branding

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A custom lapel pin is a unique pin brandishing art, design and/or metal that is often worn on clothing, bags or other soft materials. They are called lapel pins because traditionally, lapel pins are worn on the lapel of a jacket and to represent a cause, business or group. Custom pins can be made in a variety of [...]

Custom Geocaching Coins for The Adventurer in You

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Geocaching [jee-oh-kash-ing] Noun An outdoor recreational game composed of searching for hidden objects via Global Positioning System (GPS) points found on the internet. The term “Geocaching” was coined first by Matt Stum in 2000, who was looking for a voyage in the great outdoors. Since then, geocaching has been gathering followers by the millions, and [...]

What’s The Difference Between Hard Enamel and Soft Enamel Lapel Pins?

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Whether you are creating a lapel pin for your business, employees, group or event, detail is everything. There are many types of lapel pins to choose from, hard enamel and soft enamel lapel pins are particularly easy to add multiple colors. These custom made pins both sound alike and have a lot in common, however, [...]