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Cooperstown Trading Pins

Cooperstown Trading Pins

Cooperstown Baseball Pins  Located in beautiful Cooperstown, NY, Cooperstown Baseball World stands as living proof that playing serious baseball isn’t just for the major leagues. Also known as CBW, Cooperstown Baseball World hosts tournaments for aspiring baseball players ages 12-16 from June to August. It showcases a professionally groomed playing field and hosts the only …

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Custom Burnin Man sun Charms

Custom Made Burning Man Pendants

Custom Burning Man Jewelry Customized Burning Man Logo Designs Excited about Burning Man but need a way to locate your group members? Designing and wearing custom pendant designs for Burning Man is a fun, creative way to connect with the event. Burning Man pendants can be made with your chosen image, picture, or sentimental words. …

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walking stick medallion

Hiking Stick Medallions & Badges

Custom Hiking Stick Medallions What is a walking stick medallion? While fishing on the Metolius River in Oregon, I noticed a hiker walking by with this walking stick. He was out Geocaching and I had to ask him if he would be okay If I took a picture of his hiking stick medallion. He was …

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custom lapel pins

Guide to Becoming a Pinhead – Tips On Collecting Pins

Guide to Becoming a Pinhead If you love lapel pins, chances are that you might be a pinhead. Collectors of all kinds amass with unique and valued items such as art, stamps or coins, books and more. But a lapel pin collector? Take Dave Phillips from Edmonton, Canada. His collection of pins related to the …

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disney pin trading

Disney Pin Collectors: How to Spot Fake “Scrapper Pins”

Dream a little dream of Disney Trading Pins!  Fake Disney Pins Never heard of these? Essentially, they are pin “bootlegs” made from original Disney molds that are somehow obtained after the company’s original production run ends. Other scrapper pins are made from completely different molds created by “knock off” producers. Unfortunately, these cheap imitations frequently …

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customized pins

History Behind the Flag Pin

The American flag lapel pin is a common sight in the USA. It can be seen on nearly every politician across the country, and often even on people who have no involvement in politics. The exact origin of the flag lapel pin is somewhat difficult to pinpoint, as it has gone through peaks in popularity at different points in time and does not appear to have been introduced until long after standard lapel pins were already in use.

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King James II Shilling circa 1685 | Image Credit: Roy-MacLeod

The Oldest Coin in the World

There is still plenty of mystery revolving around the Lydian Lion. There is no certainty of the value, or even the purpose of the coin. But as it stands, it holds the record for being the oldest coin, having been created over 2,700 years ago.

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heart cross pins

Custom Saint Pins

Custom Saint Pins Custom medallions and saint pins are a beautiful way to honor Our Lady of Loreto! Many, whether they are Catholic or not, have heard the term patron saint. Patron saints are chosen as special protectors or guardians of specific areas in life. These areas can include occupations, illnesses, churches, countries, seas, oceans …

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disney pin trading

The Disney Pin Trading Tradition

Disney Pin Trading Make your dreams come true with Disneyland Pins! Since the opening of the first Disneyland park, lapel pins have been created and sold to promote the Disney culture.  A key component of their massive array of products has been lapel pins symbolizing their vast cast of characters, rides, and park sections.  It …

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Ordering Pins In Small Quantities

Ordering Pins in Small Quantities Ordering pins in bulk will save you on the cost per pin! Oftentimes our customers are surprised to find that fewer than our minimum order of 100 pins can cost nearly as much as ordering 100 pins. Set-up charges are the same for one pin as for 100. When our …

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