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awareness lapel pin

Lapel Pins that Support Cancer Awareness Month

May is brain cancer awareness month; a time to celebrate the lives of those who fought brain cancer and cheer on those who have conquered it. Although advancements in medical science are making it possible for doctors to treat cancer more efficiently and with fewer consequences, it is still an imminent threat to human mortality. […]

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What’s The Difference Between Hard Enamel and Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

What’s the difference between soft enamel and hard enamel lapel pins The difference between soft enamel and hard enamel pins is in the enamel color fill. Soft enamel pins are color filled only 75% of the way up the walls of the pin. Hard enamel color fill is filled all the way to the surface […]

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custom pvc patches with 3d logo

Rubber EMT Patches Ready for Action

Custom police & EMT rubber patches are durable Looking for a custom rubber patch constructed to keep up with an active lifestyle that is also weather, water, and action-proof and machine-washable? Look no further, The Monterey Company’s custom patches are ideal for anyone that needs something more than just fabric to sport their custom logo. […]

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walking stick medallion

What Is A Hiking Stick Medallion?

Hiking Stick Medallions are the perfect design adventure for any creative outdoorsy type. While fishing on the Metolius River in Oregon, I noticed a hiker walking by with this walking stick. He was out Geocaching and I had to ask him if he would be okay If I took a picture of his hiking stick […]

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Softball pins

Fundraising for School Sports Teams

Raising money for your sports team or school? How about trading pins? Sports teams for youngsters are one of the most memorable events for them when they grow up and look back on their childhood. They are so important because they are a great way to keep them busy (and out of trouble) and to […]

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custom cufflinks

Custom Emblematic Jewelry & Logo Cufflinks

Emblematic jewelry takes expressing your style to a whole new level! Emblematic jewelry has been worn for many years as a way of expressing yourself or representing a group you believe in or belong to. They are used as a way to tell the world who you are and what’s important to you. These fine pieces […]

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custom lapel pins

Guide to Becoming a Pinhead – Tips to Start Collecting & Trading Pins

If you love lapel pins, chances are that you might be a pinhead. Collectors of all kinds amass with unique and valued items such as art, stamps or coins, books and more. But a lapel pin collector? Take Dave Phillips from Edmonton, Canada. His collection of pins related to the popular Canadian sport of curling […]

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disney pin trading

Disney Pin Collectors: How to Spot Fake “Scrapper Pins”

Dream a little dream of Disney Trading Pins! Watch Our Collection of Fake Disney Pins: Videos  Never heard of these? Essentially, they are pin “bootlegs” made from original Disney molds that are somehow obtained after the company’s original production run ends. Other scrapper pins are made from completely different molds created by “knock off” producers. Unfortunately, […]

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custom medals

The Difference Between Medals and Medallions

Although the names may sound alike, medals and medallions are less similar than you may think. Here at the Monterey Company, we make massive amounts of unique and gorgeous custom medals and custom medallions. It never fails however that when we get a call from a potential client seeking their free consultation with one of […]

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United States Presidential Election Pins

Gear up for the Presidential with election Pins. There is no way you can be part of the Western world and not know we are gearing up for the presidential elections here in the United States.  Everywhere we look, on TV, magazines, newspapers, internet news sources, blogs, magazines, and in our communities are images of […]

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