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Custom Burnin Man sun Charms

Custom Made Burning Man Pendants

Burning Man Jewelry Excited about Burning Man but need a way to […]

walking stick medallion

Hiking Stick Medallions & Badges

Hiking stick medallions What is a walking stick medallion? While fishing on […]

custom lapel pins

Guide to Becoming a Pinhead – Tips On Collecting Pins

If you love lapel pins, chances are that you might be a […]

disney pin trading

Disney Pin Collectors: How to Spot Fake “Scrapper Pins”

Dream a little dream of Disney Trading Pins! Watch Our Collection of […]

customized pins

History Behind the Flag Pin

The American flag lapel pin is a common sight in the USA. It can be seen on nearly every politician across the country, and often even on people who have no involvement in politics. The exact origin of the flag lapel pin is somewhat difficult to pinpoint, as it has gone through peaks in popularity at different points in time and does not appear to have been introduced until long after standard lapel pins were already in use.

King James II Shilling circa 1685 | Image Credit: Roy-MacLeod

The Oldest Coin in the World

There is still plenty of mystery revolving around the Lydian Lion. There is no certainty of the value, or even the purpose of the coin. But as it stands, it holds the record for being the oldest coin, having been created over 2,700 years ago.