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Custom Emblematic Jewelry & Logo Cufflinks

Emblematic jewelry takes expressing your style to a whole new level! Emblematic jewelry has been worn for many years as a way of expressing yourself or representing a group you believe in or belong to. They are used as a way to tell the world who you are and what’s important to you. These fine pieces […]

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Amusement Park Trading Pins – Take Home The Fun!

Amusement park trading pins are a hidden secret we want you to know! Everyone loves Disney, but there are a lot of hidden secrets that not very many people know. One of these special “company secrets” is that they give their valued employees their very own die-cast years of service pins. The other secret is […]

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The Beauty of Samples

Samples can help us design the perfect pins for you. And they come at no cost… “For any customer ordering large amounts of lapel pins, it’s a good idea to order samples,” advises Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company, a leading lapel pin manufacturer. When a large order, say 1,000 lapel pins or more, […]

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Modern Technology Meets Softball

The happy medium between modern technology and baseball is right at your fingertips, whether you realize it or not. When you think of the World Series, naturally baseball comes to mind. “Our softball team is going to the World Series, and we need a knockout trading pin,” announced one team mom from Wyoming to a […]

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Rim Marking

Adding marks to the rims of your custom medallions can be all the difference in success. A commemorative medallion, medal or coin can benefit greatly from adding marks to the rim. Ridges, lines, numbers, mottos, serial number and special messages can be added to a custom piece. Many forget about the available space on the […]

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Raising Funds And Awareness

Raising awareness has never been easier than a custom lapel pin! Non-profits that raise awareness for causes that range from health to environmental issues have been using custom made lapel pins for years. It’s a great way to make the cause visible, spark conversation and also raise money by selling these lapel pins. A trend […]

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Saving Animals In Trouble

One lapel pin could equal the life of an animal. Every year more and more animals get closer to extinction as we continue to destroy natural habitats either through reckless development or the constant production of pollution. While we do these things to our planet as a collective community, there are countless people out there […]

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Guide to Becoming a Pinhead – Tips to Start Collecting & Trading Pins

If you love lapel pins, chances are that you might be a pinhead. Collectors of all kinds amass with unique and valued items such as art, stamps or coins, books and more. But a lapel pin collector? Take Dave Phillips from Edmonton, Canada. His collection of pins related to the popular Canadian sport of curling […]

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Disney Pin Collectors: How to Spot Fake “Scrapper Pins”

Dream a little dream of Disney Trading Pins! Watch Our Collection of Fake Disney Pins: Videos  Never heard of these? Essentially, they are pin “bootlegs” made from original Disney molds that are somehow obtained after the company’s original production run ends. Other scrapper pins are made from completely different molds created by “knock off” producers. Unfortunately, […]

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What Is A Mascot?

What is a Mascot Pin? How Does a Mascot boost team spirit? A Mascot is a person, thing, or symbol designed to bring luck to a group – usually an academic, sports team, or interest group. It stands to reason then, that Mascot trading pins are the lucky charms of the custom trading pin world. We like […]

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