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How to take photos of jewelry

Our Best Tips On Taking Pictures Of Jewelry If you are trying to learn how to photograph shiny objects, small pins, coins or charm jewelry, here are some excellent tips. We now just use an iPhone with the image sitting near the window when we shoot our lapel pins and custom charms. Don’t have an […]

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custom pvc patches with 3d logo

Rubber EMT Patches Ready for Action

Custom police & EMT rubber patches are durable Looking for a custom rubber patch constructed to keep up with an active lifestyle that is also weather, water, and action-proof and machine-washable? Look no further, The Monterey Company’s custom patches are ideal for anyone that needs something more than just fabric to sport their custom logo. […]

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custom lapel pins

Guide to Becoming a Pinhead – Tips to Start Collecting & Trading Pins

If you love lapel pins, chances are that you might be a pinhead. Collectors of all kinds amass with unique and valued items such as art, stamps or coins, books and more. But a lapel pin collector? Take Dave Phillips from Edmonton, Canada. His collection of pins related to the popular Canadian sport of curling […]

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disney pin trading

Disney Pin Collectors: How to Spot Fake “Scrapper Pins”

Dream a little dream of Disney Trading Pins! Watch Our Collection of Fake Disney Pins: Videos  Never heard of these? Essentially, they are pin “bootlegs” made from original Disney molds that are somehow obtained after the company’s original production run ends. Other scrapper pins are made from completely different molds created by “knock off” producers. Unfortunately, […]

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monterey company silver lapel pin with eagle

How To Pick The Best Lapel Pin Company For Your Event

Never designed a custom pin? We can help! Just short of having a word of mouth referral, you will need to find a custom lapel pin company that will best meet your needs and make the design process simple and fun. The following is a short list of things to do and ask when choosing […]

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Emblematic Jewelry for Designers

Emblematic jewelry for designers: a beginners guide. As a designer, well, as an artist really, one of the key components of creative work is freedom. The ability to let the imagination invent at will and then finding ways to manifest that vision is really what creating is all about. And by far, its one of […]

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embroidered patches

Brownie Scout Pin Nosttalgia

Always remember special moments with Scouting Pins The other day, my sister and I were shopping for Halloween costumes at a local thrift shop. We had no idea what we were going to wear to the neighborhood party. There were clown wigs, witches hats, cheerleader skirts and cowboy chaps on display, but nothing appealed to us […]

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Velvet Lapel Pin Boxes

Lapel Pins Boxes Are Made In Different Sizes Without final packaging, your lapel pins are well… bare. You wouldn’t give your girlfriend diamond earrings without a package, or a strand of pearls without a velvet box, would you? For years, The Monterey Company has been creating quality, jewel-type lapel pins that beg to be presented […]

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