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Custom Lapel Pins

Inside Page Featured Image – Custom Lapel PinsThe Monterey Company offers a vast array of customizable processes and our recommendations for your custom designed lapel pins.  The lapel pin style we recommend will vary depending on your event or use as well as  your existing logo design. Request a quote and we will make suggestions to the best style to use!  

Why Lapel Pins?

Why do Lapel Pins make a wonderful thank you gifts?  Using custom lapel pins in fundraising has been one of the most successful ways of commemorating an event. Fundraisers and membership gifts are an important function for most non profit organizations. Membership acknowledgment goes a long way with donors and a custom pin will be warn with pride by most donors.

How Are Lapel Pins Used?

Lapel Pins as a thank you for volunteering. Recognizing volunteers with a lapel pins makes economical and branding sense! Events can sometimes include paid and volunteer staff and knowing who is who can be accomplished with everyone wearing a lapel pin.

Lapel Pins are one of the best emblematic products to show company pride. Honoring the achievements of employees with a lapel pin has been the tradition of many companies large and small. Companies have been using recognition pins to commemorate events and employees for decades. Adding gemstones to these pins can also indicate employee tenure. Company pins can be made to match corporate logos and metal finishes can indicate a corporate milestone or years of service.

Lapel Pins make great collectibles.  Custom pin collecting has been part of many fun hobbies over the years. From trading pins for sporting events to Olympic pin trading, collecting pins can be a fun passion for any hobby enthusiast. Disney has commemorated almost all of their characters in the form of a pin and dozens of websites can be found with avid collectors seeking and talking about collecting these most desired collectibles.

Lapel Pins for graduation and anniversaries. Have you heard of a pinning ceremony? Graduating nurses, military and sorority / fraternities graduates are commemorated with lapel pins at graduation time. Commemorating company anniversaries with a custom pin is a great way to acknowledge a company milestone.

Lapel Pins for State Parks, Zoos, Museums and Aquariums. Do you have a favorite animal, fish or State Park?  Funny question? Agreed, but what better way to have a visitor that had a great time leave with a memento of their favorite zoo animal or state park pin that they can add to their pin collection.  Souvenirs come in many shapes and sizes, pins are fashionable keepsakes that are warn on jackets, hats, shirt and bags. Custom lapel pins can be made in many styles from casted animal pins to cloisonné pins used in museums. Let us know what you hope to achieve with your pin design and we will suggest the right pin for your organization.

How large should my custom pins be? Size should also be considered as many people may choose to wear a smaller lapel pin than a larger one and this may directly conflict with your ideas of what you can fit on a custom designed pin. If you have a large amount of text we recommend a circular or oval style lapel pin to accommodate your text. Remember, the more text you have the smaller the text will appear on your lapel pin. For an additional charge we can engrave the back of the pin with a small logo, message or even a date. The back of a custom pin will include a post  and a clutch. Clutches slide over a post to keep the pin in place on your clothing. Instead of a post you can request a magnet for an additional charge to keep from poking a hole through your clothing. We generally make our custom lapel pins from either copper, bronze or iron, please let us no if you have a preference and we will quote accordingly. If a magnet is to be used, we will automatically use iron as the base material, iron and magnets are attracted one another and make a powerful removable bond. In summary, we suggest printed pins for exact logo reproduction and lower costs in a custom design. Hard enamel, for a higher budget as well as a heavier style lapel pin. Antique or two-tone finish, for a rich looking lapel pin that has a higher perceived value.

Lapel Pin Production Times: Production time varies depending on the type of lapel pin you select and normally range from 2 to 3 weeks We can usually accommodate rushes for an additional charge. Please feel free to call us to discuss your pin design or email us your ideas or lapel pin sketch. Please indicate the size and quantity as well as pin style you are interested in so we can quote you on your design. If you are not sure of the pin style we are happy to make suggestions after we review your artwork . We will follow up with you with a quote and/or contact you regarding any questions we may have.

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Can I Match My logo Colors? 

Exact color matching is no problem on most of our custom made lapel pins except for cloisonné pins, which are limited to a few hundred rich colors. Many striking designs can be created without the use of color. A die-struck pin can be polished without color and the recessed area of the pin can be sandblasted for a jewelry-like finish. These pins will have a two-tone appearance. Color can be added to portions of the pin to maintain the trueness of a logo. Full color lapel pins are also known a printed pins or photo pins and can be made in less than 10 days!

How do I make My Pin Stand Out?

Lapel pins have many option when it come to making them look a like jewelry. Sandblasting is an excellent way to make your logo stand out . Recessed areas are often color filled on most pins but you should consider the sandblasting option for a rich appearance. Sandblasting can be done on either hard enamel or soft enamel. Gemstones can be added to two-tone pins if you have a special milestone to consider. Another style of lapel pin to consider is an antique finish lapel pin. Most people refer to these pins as pewter pins. We do offer Pewter Pins, but you may wish to consider a die-struck antique silver or an antique gold finish instead. The recessed areas of antiqued pins are darkened and the raised areas have a shinier appearance. Color can be added to antiqued lapel pins.

Getting Started!

The first step in creating your lapel pins is to contact us by phone or quote request form and one of our sales representatives will contact you regarding your design. Please fill out our free quote request form or call us at (877) 290-9220. We will make suggestions for the best options available to create your lapel pins to fit your desired budget!