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Custom Trading Pins

Creating custom trading pins that everyone wants is our specialty because we know they hold a special place in the hearts of many young individuals attending spectacular events and sports games. These pins go beyond being the standard pin style! They come in diverse shapes and sizes and you can even have them customized to showcase your favorite team, event or theme. Some custom trading pins are printed while others boast a soft enamel finish giving them color and a texture that's quite appealing and desirable. During games and events kids eagerly gather to exchange these pins creating an social atmosphere and we know just exactly how to create the one's everyone wants. 

Softball Pins

Custom softball pins are designed by and crafted for softball teams of all ages. They are traditionally swapped and celebrated during large ceremonies at softball tournaments and events, bringing together players, fans, coaches, and enthusiasts. Pin traders predominately like to trade etched and printed styles, as they can be made large and brightly colored as well as custom-shaped. The thinner base on these two trading pins allows us to make a significant design without making your trading pin into an anvil.

Sizing – Most players like to trade with other players with logos that are 1 1/2” to 2 1/2” or larger, but we can design your image to be virtually any size.

Accessories – Kids will seek out the lapel pins that are the most unique with blinkies, danglers, wiggleheads, sliders, and glitter.

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Baseball Pins

Baseball pins are collectibles that both baseball fans and players are obsessed with exchanging during games and events. They come in just about every shape and size. They can be created using different methods, like printing or using soft enamel, showcasing designs related to baseball such as team logos or players in action. Whether you're a player or a fan, trading these pins is a way to connect with enthusiasts who share your passion for the game. Each pin acts as a keepsake, reminding you of the moments you've had while watching or playing baseball. So whether they're printed or made with enamel, baseball trading pins add an vibrant element to the overall baseball experience by bringing people together.

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How Are Trading Pins Made

Custom trading pins are made to order and usually include enhancements like glitter, sliders, 'blinkies'. We manufacture our products in the USA and overseas which enables us to offer very competitive pricing and fast shipping. There are two product styles we make, soft enamel and a printed style. We have stock shapes in case you have a rush order and we normally can rush stock shapes in just a few days. Normal production time is two weeks plus shipping time and the printed style is our fastest made product. Our normal production style can include custom shapes as well as size up to 3" designs.

Most Popular Style

Soft Enamel Trading Pins

A soft enamel trading pin refers to a lapel pin or badge that stands out due, to its raised metal outline containing areas filled with vibrant enamel paint. These pins are well liked for their textured and tactile quality.

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How Are They Made?

Design and Mold Creation; The initial step involves creating a design for the soft enamel pin. Once the design is finalized a mold is constructed using metal as the material. This mold acts as a template determining the desired shape and design of the pin.

Metal Casting; Next, brass or copper among metals is poured into the mold to form the base shape of the pin. This metal is often plated with silver, gold or other finishes to achieve a look.

Die Struck; Enamel pins are produced by striking a metal die onto metal, creating recessed areas that are then filled with enamel paint, resulting in a sleek and durable design.

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Final Steps:

Color Filling; The recessed areas of the pins design are carefully filled with enamel paint. Each color is applied separately allowing time for drying before adding colors. This technique results, in raised metal edges. Colored recessed areas.

Polishing; After applying and drying the enamel paint the pin undergoes a high temperature treatment to harden it. This curing process ensures that the enamel becomes durable and resilient.

Printed Pins

A printed trading pin is a type of pin that showcases a colorful design directly printed onto its surface. These pins are typically manufactured through the step, by step process;

Design Creation; The initial stage involves crafting a design that perfectly captures the intended image or theme for the pin. This design can incorporate an array of colors and intricate details enabling full color printing to bring it to life.

Printing; Next the design is meticulously printed directly onto the surface of the pin using a printing technique. This allows for a level of detail and accurate reproduction of artwork.

Plating; Depending on the desired finish, various colors, including black can be used to plate the pin. The plating not serves purposes but also provides protection against tarnishing enhancing the overall appearance.

Custom Shapes; Printed pins offer possibilities in terms of shape selection. This flexibility allows for unique designs tailored to themes or events.

Optional Accessories; To enhance both appeal and functionality additional features such, as sliders or bobble heads can be incorporated into the design design. Sliders can move along a track on the pin while bobble heads are these small parts that can be attached to the pin. This allows for an element to be created.

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How Many Pins Should You Order For A Big Game?

Wondering how many baseball pins to trade? It depends on your team size and the tournament size. Big trading teams go all-in with 48-64 pins per player, but Little League teams can keep it more chill.

If you're handing out pins right before the big game, here's the deal: Get enough pins for each team in the tournament, plus a few extras for your players' pals and family. So, if you have around 15 players and 16 teams in the tourney, shoot for 720 pins.

For smaller events, you can dial it back a bit to save some dough. And hey, don't forget to grab some extra pins, because kids have a knack for losing things, and your players might want to share the pin love with grandparents, friends, and school buddies.

Why Order From The Monterey Company

The Monterey Company is your one-stop shop for making custom trading pins extra special, especially for kids in youth softball. These pins are a big hit with the young players who wear them proudly on their clothes and swap them with pals before and after the games. We can create them in cool shapes like softball bats or balls in action and offer two great options like soft enamel or full-color printing. And here's the fun part – we can even add glitter or moving parts to your design for that extra wow factor. So, beyond just pin trading, these pins bring excitement, friendship, and unforgettable moments to the softball and baseball field, all thanks to the personalized touch you get with us.

Trading Pin Pricing

Size 100 200 300 500 750 1,000 2,000 3,000 5,000 10,000
1.25" $2.99 $2.47 $1.72 $1.19 $1.07 $0.95 $0.93 $0.83 $0.75 $0.73
1.5" $3.20 $2.68 $1.93 $1.45 $1.37 $1.17 $1.08 $1.02 $0.94 $0.92
1.75" $3.37 $3.01 $2.35 $1.79 $1.72 $1.45 $1.28 $1.25 $1.17 $1.13
2" $3.79 $3.16 $2.61 $2.04 $1.89 $1.67 $1.58 $1.51 $1.41 $1.37
2.25" $5.32 $3.99 $3.37 $2.65 $2.45 $2.37 $2.09 $2.06 $2.02 $2.00
2.5" $6.03 $4.43 $4.07 $3.37 $3.16 $3.08 $2.80 $2.78 $2.72 $2.70

How To Order 

When ordering custom trading pins for your team, there are a fewsteps to follow: Firstly, submit a design concept and review/request any revisions on the proof that will be sent to you. Once approved, production of your order can begin right away. On average it takes 12-18 days from beginning to end for order completion. To place an order, all you need is to hit the Get Quote button or if you prefer, just give us a call.

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