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Custom Woven Patches

We add our modern technology to the traditional woven patch technique. Our industry-leading equipment allows us to weave multiple thread colors of string at a time. Our high efficiency and precision bring your design to life!

Ordering Woven Patches

The Monterey Company makes ordering custom woven patches and labels a breeze. Let us take your logo or vision for the perfect patch, then our professional design team will help you every step of the way to create something that's just right - whether it be for business use, corporate branding or as part of a cause. Reach out today!

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Made In Days!

Custom designs can be made in 10 to 15 days plus shipping time and depending on the options you choose. Custom shapes and sizes are what we do best! 

Woven Designs

You can incorporate your company message, logo, or unique imagery into your design. We help you capture your brand in the best, most striking way possible. This patch style allows for color blends and gradation in your logo.

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Creating the Perfect Patch 

Designing a Woven Patch

Showcase your logo with a unique and eye-catching patch! Get creative by designing vibrant gradations that would be impossible to produce through embroidery alone. It's the perfect way to capture the essence of your business, brand or cause in an impactful style - beautiful results are guaranteed each time you weave art into fabric!

Creating the Perfect High-Quality Clothing Patch

Custom woven patches are great to use for branding and style! They can artfully stretch stitching across a fabric backing. This creates a tapestry-like depiction of your logo or design. This age-old style is timeless! You can select the strings of a single color to create a clean and simple effect. The quality of this is striking! Are you looking for patches with flair? You can choose multiple colors threaded together for a vibrant and intricate scene.

Backing options include Velcro and adhesive backing, and we can create a sewing border for permanent applications. Velcro backing is flexible and can follow the shape of your design. We have everything you need to ensure your patch remains safe and secure.

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Embroidered Patches

If you want to take your brand one step further, we can embroider patches and apply them to hats.

Patches On Hats

One of the many customization options is to add patches on caps and apparel with your logo.


Our large quantity pricing and bulk discounts will help your company save money on every order!

Embroidered Patches vs Woven Patches

Embroidered vs. Woven Patches: What's The difference?

Woven patches and labels are the perfect choices when you need detail and clarity to make your design pop - think intricate mottos, logos, photos, or contact information! These patches offer details that will stand out significantly with an ultra-sharp graphic style that won't fade over time and look great on a custom hat.

Create something extraordinary with custom woven patch designs! Bring your design to life in a new way, utilizing fine threads that seamlessly stitch together for an incredible look. Let these tiny details transform the overall feel of your finished product and stand out from traditional embroidered patches.

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Woven Design

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Embroidered Design

Is Embroidery Better Than a Woven Patch?

Embroidered patches and woven patches offer two distinct looks for your custom design. Embroidery is best for simple designs with bold lettering, while woven patches provide intricate detail perfect for multi-colored motifs that create a unique aesthetic feel! Both types of patch are secured to the garment using stitches and feature raised or recessed detailing - making them an ideal choice to express your logo, message, or brand in style.

How do you know which design to choose? Custom woven patches use a thinner thread that is woven together instead of embroidered onto material like twill; they are ideal when a design is too complex to be achieved with the embroidery process. They are also a great way to give your photos a life-like effect. They also capture intricate designs without losing detail.

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Creating Your Design

We do our best to ensure you know and love exactly what you will be getting by first creating proof for your approval. We are happy to work with you on any edits and adjustments needed. Once you approve the artwork, your woven patch creations will move into production. They will be professionally placed onto your hat or other apparel items if ordered.

How Are These Patches Made?

In addition to the colors in your design are the shades of fabric backing. With a nearly unlimited selection to choose from, you will be able to create a patch woven for perfection. It will have the exact effect you’re looking for.

Woven patches are made from continuously stitched threads intricately incorporated onto a material backing. These threads are tightly woven together to create a seamless image or logo. On the side of the fabric opposite the thread is an adhesive backing or a Velcro strip. This allows you to securely attach them to the material of its new home.

If your logo needs to match perfectly, try our sublimation patches.

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Looking for patches woven with pizzazz? If your logo requires more depth of color, then we can weave together multiple shades of string. This creates a dynamic, vibrant look. Multi-color designs can create an eye-catching appeal that is sure to be noticed. They can match the colors of your business or complement the colors of the apparel they will accompany. Our staff will help you coordinate colors to achieve the best overall product.

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How Are They Applied To A Hat?

Applying your woven patches is as simple as any other style of application. Whether they will be sewn into your apparel item or ironed on, the first step is considering the best placement for your unique piece. They can be applied to shirts, bags, and other items; they can hug the corners or sit near the shoulder in a classic name tag position. Once you’ve chosen the perfect placement, follow your selected attachment style instructions. We have several options. From iron-on to sew-in, or Velcro adhesion, you will be confident that they are secure wherever they are placed.