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52,000 Trees Planted And Counting

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Trees Planted

The Monterey Company Plants Ten Trees For Every Order Placed

This worldwide recognized promotional product-making company which started from humble beginnings in 1989 is ‘paying it forward’ in a beautifully unconventional way. Paul Stark, the founder of The Monterey Company Inc., located in Bend, Oregon, has been putting his profits to work to support the planet by partnering with The Eden Reforestation Project.

For every order completed, the Monterey Company will plant ten trees in an effort to reforest Madagascar. The company has planted 42,000 trees in the last year. This month of February, they were able to add an additional 10,000 trees (a total of 52,000 and counting). Ten thousand trees create jobs that supply 100 full workdays for the locals. It is a win for clean air, a win for Madagascar’s economy, and a big win for the endangered species living there.

The specific region in the coastal Northwest of Madagascar is dear to Mr. Stark. The trees being planted are mangroves and serve several important roles not only to Madagascar but also to our entire planet. These trees specifically contribute to sustainability efforts for 8 species of endangered lemurs. The percentage of species found in Madagascar that do not live anywhere else on the planet is 75%. Sadly, the percentage of Madagascar’s original forests remaining today is only 10% and this is posing a radical threat to the habitat and existing ecosystems.

woman holding magrove propagules

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), replanting is essential and critical. The Monterey Company is thrilled to be a part of these reforesting efforts. Mangroves promote healthy ecosystems and act as nurseries, helping to encourage fish population. Economies and communities around the world can be helped through the restoration and protection of mangrove forests.

lemurMillions of people depend on mangrove estuaries to produce and provide their
daily catch of fish. When mangrove forests are cut down, local fisheries suffer and people lose their livelihood. But mangrove deforestation is reversible. Mangrove forests are arguably the most densely packed trees on the planet. A healthy mangrove forest often consists of 10,000 to 20,000 trees per hectare (one hectare is equal to 2.47 acres). If you can visualize this, it would look very dense as a single mangrove can grow to be 80 feet tall.

But, why did this Oregon promotional product company decide to help repopulate mangrove trees? Because they recognized a world issue and felt compelled to make a difference. Mangroves, or halophytes, are salt-water tolerant trees that are particularly efficient at protecting coastlines. Studies are showing that these trees are capable of storing carbon due to their sturdy structure. Mangrove trees sequester 3 to 4 times more carbon when compared to other global forest systems. These trees have huge root systems capable of capturing and holding precious carbon charged sediment in the deep mud which makes up its estuary.

Previously limited to tropical and subtropical regions, the changing scope of the climate is enabling the mangroves to expand its environmentally corrective and beneficial reach. In areas where climate change is causing unseasonably warm spells, the mangrove’s seeds can travel via waterways and are beginning to stretch their boundaries to organically survive farther and farther beyond their typical regions. We still have a long way to go to catch up to the prior forest destruction, but replanting these trees is a step in the right direction. Every customer who orders products through the Monterey Company is taking these earth-conscious steps to promote healthy changes to our planet, one order (and ten trees) at a time. The Monterey Company’s line of custom products includes everything from lapel pins to over one-million promotional items helping businesses promote their brand.

If you would like more information on how the Monterey Company’s conservation project is helping the planet, contact the Monterey Company, Inc. at 877-290-9290