Custom Medallions

Looking for a company that makes the best Custom Medallions? The Monterey Company has the experience to create the quality Medallions you need. Since there are many reasons for customizing a Medallion, know that we can bring the exclusive image and/or text you have in mind come to life. Make your Custom Medallions even more special by adding your choice of metal finish, enamel color fill, and ribbon colors!

Medallions Made In Days

Custom Medallions are fantastic mementos to remind recipients of their special accomplishments. Winners will cherish the decorative pendant they receive forever, making it essential for those in charge of creating these irreplaceable honors to create it in a way that best symbolizes their accomplishment. That’s why we offer 100% Free Design Services, which are based on your ideas and made in days. We can add to your design, or we can come up with a completely new one, as we’ll follow your lead because you're in charge.

copper medallion

What is the Difference Between a Medal and a Medallion?

So what’s the difference between these three custom options?

Medallions tend to be larger than Medals and are more often than not added to a chain so they can be worn around the neck as a personal ornament. This is why Medallions use a higher quality of materials, as they're used as a way to recognize someone for their outstanding achievements. Because this lifetime token is one that’ll be treasured forever it needs to be well made using the best materials, which includes the enamel as well as the plating style.

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Custom Award Medallions

Looking to design a Custom Medallion for accolade reasons? Just imagine how your choice of Custom Printed Medallions will look once your unique design and/or words are added. Now imagine how excited award winners will be when receiving the Custom Medallion you specifically designed! If you require a distinctive honor to reward victors for winning their chosen type of race, etc., you simply can’t go wrong when choosing our established company as your custom products online store.

Finisher Medals are one of the more popular custom products we sell!

walking stick medallion

Walking Stick Medallions

A Walking Stick Medallion is a great idea for those who need assistance to help them walk, as well as for those who use a stick or cane when going on a hike. This type of Medallion is one that’s created and then curved so it can easily be attached to a Walking Stick or Walking Cane. Walking Stick users are encouraged to use any images and/or text that mean something special, i.e. special images, logos, family-related. Creating custom decoration souvenirs is one of the best ways for hikers to keep track and thus remember all of their hiking adventures.

How do you attach Hiking Stick Medallions? All you need is small brass brads, a strong adhesive, and a small hammer to attach your custom ornament.

antiques silver medallions

School Medallions

Wondering if you should create a Custom Engraved Medallion to give to a homeschooled student? Home School Medallions are available, as well as Preschool Medallions for young ones who are graduating from this first phase of school. No matter the age, every child wants and deserves to be recognized for their hard work.

graduation medallion

Graduation Medallions

Thinking about adding a Custom Medallion to a necklace to give to those who are graduating? Great idea! While you could choose to buy a premade Graduation Medallion that includes basic design elements, like a graduation cap, choosing to create one makes this gift one that’s unique, making it all that more special. You can even choose to add your unique image and/or words to both sides, giving you more space to design!

We also offer Valedictorian, Salutation, Honor, and Honor Roll Medallions.

How Much Do Custom Medallions Cost?

Contact us now to find out what factors into your overall costs. We can also send you one or more free quotes. Our team of professionals is always available to answer your questions, offer expert advice, and/or create a custom design, as we’re not happy unless you're 100% satisfied with your custom products. Require a speedy delivery? No problem. We offer expedited shipping options so you can receive your custom order in one, two, or three days.

Ask us about our Custom Medallions no minimum options!