Custom Medallions With Your Logo

Are you looking for a company that can create custom medallions with your logo? Well your search ends here at The Monterey Company. With our experience, we guarantee to provide you with the high quality graduation medals and medallions you've been dreaming of. Whether you have an image or text, in mind our team of experts will bring your artwork, logo and design to life. You can further enhance the distinctiveness of your custom honor medallions by choosing your preferred metal finish including shiny or antique finishes, enamel color fill and custom ribbons. Let us make them truly special, for you!

We Design Medallions 

Custom Medallions are fantastic mementos to remind recipients of their special accomplishments. Winners will cherish the decorative pendant they receive forever, making it essential for those in charge of creating these irreplaceable honors to create it in a way that best symbolizes their accomplishment. That’s why we offer 100% Free Design Services based on your ideas and made in days. We can add to your design or come up with a completely new one, as we’ll follow your lead because you're in charge.

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The Difference Between an Award, Medal, and a Medallion Explained By The Monterey Company.

So what’s the difference between these three custom options?

Medallions tend to be larger than Medals and are often added to a chain or glamorous ribbon so they can be worn around the neck as a personal ornament. This is why medallions use a higher quality of materials, as they're used as a way to recognize someone for their outstanding achievements. Because this lifetime token is treasured forever, it needs to be well made using the best materials, including the enamel and the plating style. Medals and custom medallions have some differences, in terms of their size, purpose and design. Custom medals are relatively smaller. They are usually worn around the neck with a colorful ribbon or attached to a pin. They are commonly used to acknowledge and commemorate achievements in areas like sports, academics, festivals, the military or even corporate environments. Medals typically showcase designs with engravings or relief sculptures on both sides symbolizing the importance of the accomplishment they represent.

Furthermore in regards to custom medallions, they are larger and more substantial in size. They are usually designed as pieces rather than being meant for personal wear. Medallions serve as decorations and symbols of commemoration; you'll often find them displayed on walls in buildings or as part of monuments and plaques. Because of their size custom medallions often feature elaborate designs that include detailed artwork, text or inscriptions that emphasize the historical, cultural or symbolic significance associated with what they represent. To summarize briefly; custom medals are items used for individual recognition while custom medallions are bigger decorative pieces intended for display or commemoration in various settings. The choice between the two depends on factors such as intended purpose, desired size specifications, and design preferences.

How Are Medallions Made

Medallions come in thicknesses usually ranging from 1/8 inch, to 1/4 inch depending on their size and purpose. These decorative items, crafted from materials such as brass, bronze or zinc often undergo plating to enhance their appeal and protect them from corrosion.

When it comes to brass medallions the plating process involves immersing the medallion in a bath with finishes like gold, silver or nickel. Brass medallions can be manufactured using casting techniques (where molten brass is poured into molds) or stamping techniques (where shapes are cut from brass sheets).

  • Bronze medallions also undergo plating. They can be adorned with finishes like bronze, gold or silver. The manufacturing process for bronze medallions typically involves casting bronze into molds.
  • As for zinc medallions, they are often chosen for their cost effectiveness. They can be plated with finishes like nickel or chrome. These medallions are typically created through die casting by injecting zinc into molds.

Following the plating and manufacturing stages, medallions undergo polishing to achieve an shiny surface. The choice of material, plating technique and manufacturing method depends on factors such, as desired appearance, budget constraints and your individual specific requirements. It seems like a lot, but our customer service reps will make this fun and easy for you.

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Custom Award Medallions

Looking to design a personalized custom medallion for accolade reasons? Just imagine how your choice of custom Printed Medallions will look once your unique design and/or words are added. Imagine how excited award winners will be when receiving the customized medallion you designed! If you require a distinctive honor to reward victors for winning their chosen type of race, etc... you simply can’t go wrong when choosing our established company as your custom products online store.

Finisher and Race Medals are one of our more popular customized products!

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Walking Stick Medallions

For avid hikers, investing in a special Walking Stick Medallion is the perfect way to remember their adventures! These medallions can be customized with images and/or text that have any kind of personal significance - whether that's logos or family-related. It’s not only practical – it makes for an attractive souvenir too. So why not add some extra character to your hiking memories by crafting your own unique piece of walking stick jewelry?

How do you attach Hiking Stick Medallions? You only need small brass brads, a strong adhesive, and a small hammer to attach your custom ornament.

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Custom School Medallions With Neck Ribbons

School medallions hold value as symbols of accomplishment and commitment. These beautiful keepsakes are often presented to students during graduation ceremonies serving as a reminder of their work and achievements. They hold a place in the hearts of graduates and their families encapsulating years of dedication, perseverance and acquired knowledge. Custom medallions come in finishes such as Shiny Gold, Shiny Silver, Bronze, Antique Gold, Antique Silver and Antique Bronze and can include ribbons. This allows for customization that matches the style and preferences of each graduate. Whether proudly worn around the neck or displayed with pride, these medals represent a milestone, in ones journey.

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Custom Graduation Medals Die-Struck With Your Logo

Let us help you celebrate school graduation and make a special memory with custom medals! Give your recipient the gift of something unique to them - design one side with their favorite hobby, school logo or photo; then add an inspirational word on the other side such as 'journey', 'success' or anything else that motivates them in life. With this thoughtful gesture they'll always have something close at heart to remind them of all they've accomplished during their time spent graduating! We also offer die-cast Valedictorian, Salutation, Honor, and Honor Roll Medallions.

How Much Do Custom-Made Medallions Cost?

Create your medallion with the help of our expert team! We will guide you through the process of crafting a one of a kind piece. The cost, for your personalized medallion will range between $3.00 and $6.50 depending on factors such as quantity colors and size.