lapel pin with magnet attachment

Magnetic Pins

There are so many options to choose from when creating your design. Magnet backs, deluxe clutches, safety pin backs are great enhancements to your finished product.

custom back lapel pin attachments

Magnetic Lapel Pins

We specialize in making custom magnet back pins. They can be plated in a nickel safe plating. They come in a variety of sizes and are extremely magnetic! The first step in order is to send us your design and we will create a proof of your design. Once approved, we can create an actual sample if you like so you see your design prior to receiving your full order. Rest assured, we will not overwhelm you with choices but we will suggest options we think will enhance your design. Don't forget to ask about the other attachments we offer and all the different sizes we offer as well take a look at our full line of lapel pins.

Lapel Pin Backs

Monterey Company offers the perfect combination: custom-made items with an attention to detail and quality that stands apart. We are passionate about providing our clients with a product they can be proud of, so we use only top tier materials coupled with cutting edge creativity and unbeatable customer service – setting us as industry leaders in excellence.

From the moment you reach out to us with your ideas, we will walk you through the nearly endless customization options, taking your design and adding the dimension, color, plating, and backing that works best for your vision and utility of your creation. One of our favorite customization options is turning your creation into a magnetic lapel pin, by selecting our premium magnets, instead of the traditional safety pin or clutch-styles as your attachment options.

custom fridge magnets

Custom Fridge Magnets

We can design and make custom fridge magnets in any shape or size. The magnet follows the shape of your logo. Made from soft rubber, these refrigerator magnets can be personalized with your company logo and design.

Options Include One or Two Magnets

There are a few options to choose from when you order custom magnetic pins. We have a variety of options including boxes, plating options, shapes and sizes, and everything is custom so there is no limit to what your finished logo can look like.

lapel pin with magnet attachment

Magnet Attachments

Available in different sizes.

lapel pin attachment with two magnets

Duel Magnets

Available in different sizes.

Single Magnet 

Let a powerful magnet be your go-to choice when crafting round or custom shaped lapel pins. Not only are they strong and sturdy, but their sleek design ensures that whatever you attach the pin to will hold it firmly in place.

Dual Magnet

Upgrade to a dual magnet backing for lapel pins that are heavy, long, irregularly shaped or just plain difficult to manage! This powerful material provides extra security and prevents your pin from spinning around or becoming detached due to its weight and size.

Great Option For Not Poking a Hole in Your Apparel

With new and exciting ways to customize your pins for any event, business or brand, it can be challenging knowing what type of backing will best suit you. Magnetic backings boast a strong hold without the uncomfortable poking sensation that comes with traditional styles - so why not make choosing between them easier than ever?

Magnetic pins are an excellent alternative for those looking to add flair without sacrificing the integrity of their belongings. Customers appreciate magnets because they can be used with a variety of materials, from expensive couture fabrics that might otherwise tear easily when pierced, to tough leather or denim jackets. Consider your customer's style and wardrobe needs before deciding on which type of backing you'll use!

custom lapel pins

For light, delicate fabrics typical in fancier attire, like chiffon, silk, satin, lace, and more, a single-backed magnetic pin is a far more appropriate choice than a standard backed piece. The same considerations are appropriate if the wearers often choose high-end and expensive clothing, like men's' suit coats, and women's business attire. And of course, tough materials like denim and leather are better suited to double-magnetic backs, as repeated use can be difficult to manage with piercing pins, causing damage to the backing in some cases.

With magnetic-backed pins, wearing them frequently for a variety of occasions no longer needs to be an issue. Thanks to their clever design and strong durability, these pins can stylishly keep up with your ever-changing wardrobe choices--while also holding up against any fabric or material you attach them to!

Popular Options

Keep your clothes, hats and other delicate items secured with style using these superior magnetic pins. Boasting top-notch materials for maximum durability and strength, you can be sure that whatever lapel pin or accessory you attach will remain firmly in place - no matter what!

Need help designing your magnetic lapel pin? Look no further! Our experienced design team will work closely with you to ensure we make the perfect selection for both aesthetic and size as it relates to a single or dual magnet backing option. Let us provide expert guidance so that together, we can create something truly unique - get started today!

standard pin back attachments

Dual Posts

We offer two clutches on larger images.

deluxe flat clutch pin attachment in gold

Deluxe Clutches

Available in gold or silver.

Are you looking for a reliable partner to bring your creative visions to life? With thirty years in the industry, we have unparalleled insight into getting the job done right. Our commitment is always completing every project with ultimate efficiency and effectiveness- guaranteeing function meets form without breaking your budget!

lapel pin safety pin back attchment

Safety Pin Attachment

Plated in gold or silver

double screw back lapel pin attachment

Nut & Screw Post

Screw on backing

blinking light pin attachment custom pin with loops connecting second lapel pin

We Offer Everything From Rubber Clutch Backs to Electronic Blinking Lights

Our custom pin creations come in all shapes and sizes to suit every need! Our collection comes with a variety of backings including magnet, screw or deluxe clutches. We also offer safety pins for those who prefer added security; these feature two posts that hold your pin firmly in place without spinning. Choose from our selection of round, square or rectangular designs - each crafted for maximum quality and strength! Discover what style works best for you today – let us make the perfect combination between design elements and finishing touches to create an item as unique as YOU are!

Add chain loops to a separate design below the main design. A military clasp is the most common type of clasp. It uses two small prongs that can be squeezed while pulling to remove the clasp. If poking a hole in your shirt does not appeal to you, we suggest creating your product using iron and add a magnet back. Super strong and capable of holding firmly even on a sweatshirt.

Butterfly Clutch Backing: Need an inexpensive way to attach your pin? Look no further than the Butterfly Clutch Backing! It fastens easily with two 'butterfly' clips that open when pressed, making it a great choice for those seeking affordability and convenience. Now you can show off your pins in style - without breaking the bank!

Locking Pin Backs are the go-to choice for secure applications due to their reliable internal locking system. Unlike other, less protected options which can be easily lost or misplaced, Locking Pin Backs stay securely attached even when jostled or bumped in transit - a must have feature for securing items of great value!

Plating Options

Not sure which plating you like best? We offer a variety of plating options. You can mix and match plating colors within the same order.

antique copper lapel pin

Antique Copper

satin pin: 50 year award

Satin Gold

antique bronze custom lapel pins

Antique Bronze

shiny silver metal pin with stones

Shiny Silver

three ruby gemsone service pin


silver magnetic pin

Antique Silver

Don't leave your design to chance – request a proof and know exactly what you're getting! Our team of professionals ensures that every pin looks just right, so there won't be any surprises. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed when you contact us today – let's get started on making sure everything goes perfectly according to plan!