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Monterey Company Reviews For 2019

monterey customer reviews

Our Customers Are Amazing!

We really are really fortunate to have such amazing customers that take time out of their day to send us such amazing reviews! We thank every customer for their video review of the Monterey company. Reviews are so appreciated as they help our new customer get the warm and fuzzies about us. We all like to see those stars next to our company name when searching for a company to work with. But video reviews are a bit tougher to get and they tell a story and the passion our customers have about the products we make for them and the service we provide. We look forward to working with you and receiving your video of your event and we can't wait to share it!

Sharon - Gym Manager

Awesome testimonial on creating keychains for a San Diego gym.

Andrea - Artist/Business Owner

She found us after trying an overseas factory.

Brandon - Artist

Thank you for the great review, Brandon! We really like how your mural inspired the design.

Wallace's Review

Wallace ordered these PVC keychains for his real estate company for their new home buyers. These key holders were made using both sides of and came out Beautifully.

Matthew's Review

Custom metal bottle opener keychains designed with two sides


Karen - Volunteer Coordinator

These custom shaped keychains were made for the Church On The Way in Santa Clarita California. They were made using soft PVC rubber. Were are happy to hear how Karen loved the way they tuned out.


Kel - Movie Maker

What a fun project we look forward to seeing his film The Terrible Adventure.


Alexis - Oclementine

Monterey Company stands out against our competition!


Mark - Creative Director

Creative Consultant for DecoArt and a Creative Director for Eclectic Products, makers of E-6000. You can see me weekly on YouTube


Tiegan - Director

We have been working with Tigran for 4 quite a few years now and we really love making his pins. Great guy! The pins are made for the Center for Future of Places thru KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

YES: We ship Worldwide!


A wonderful event that we created a 3d charm.

President of HueCratic Society

HueCratic is an intelligent and diplomatic approach to resolving issues of inequality and injustice.



Why Order From Us?

The Monterey Company is committed to planting trees in countries where the wildlife is threatened by deforestation. We have decided to plant ten trees for every order that is placed with us. We are working with the Eden Reforestation Project to plant trees in Madagascar. Currently, the country of Madagascar has been deforested by 80%. Another reason why you should order from us is, we will be easy to work with and you'll love your product! Learn more about the Monterey Company.

Ten Trees Planted With Every Order!

Another awesome PVC Patches from the RMA Armament.

Xagmus - Video Game Reviewer

Wears lapel pins for his show on YouTube and on a twitch stream that he's been running for a few years.

Danielle - Owner of Morgue Vogue.

Danielle has a fun business! Morgue Vogue has some pretty fun designs and we love being part of her product line.



Kimmel - Author & founder Just Be

Published author founder and owner of the new Christian organization “Just Be” We specialize in providing Christian nonfiction help books as well as beaded charm jewelry.


Sara - Product Marketing

Sara works in product marketing and ordered our PVC keychains for a new product giveaway at Peloton Technologies. Peloton Technologies enables teams of professional drivers to save fuel by drafting safely and more.



Nick - Dawson Manufacturing

Thanks for the shoutout Dawson Manufacturing! Glad you like your keychains!



Organizer of an Iraqi War veterans group

These keychains were made for their reunion and were a giant hit!



Pastor Bridget

B's Girls Foundation

Bridget ordered custom enamel charms for her members and partners. They were added to bracelets and look great!


The Alaska Women’s Gold Nugget Triathlon

Custom race medals made for the Alaska Gold Nugget Triathalon. This is our fourth year they ordered medals and this year rather than a medallion they decided to put together a little charm that the girls could wear as a bracelet or anklet or actually even a zipper pull.


Girls on The Run

We made a variety of charms including 5k charms for their seasonal program. Thank you Girls on the Run!



School Spirit Charms

Custom soft enamel charms made as part of spirit wear for local high schools.  They came out great!



Organizer of a dance troop

Peggy organizes a dance group to perform 15th and 16th-century dances at Renaissance Festivals.



Texas Fallen Officer Foundation

These PVC patches were made for Texas Fallen Officer Foundation. Thanks for the awesome Review!