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Custom Enamel Charms

Enamel charms are made from brass or bronze and are designed with your logo. Made to order with soft or hard enamel color and plated in gold or silver. We can create customized designs in any shape or size. We offer soft and hard enameling as well as cloisonne.

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Custom Made Enamel Charms & Pendants

Give your design that extra "something" it needs to be truly eye-catching. With the quality of materials and careful attention paid to details, adding a splash of color can create an unforgettable logo with dimension but without changing its shape or feel. At by us we provide various options for incorporating custom colors into two-sided designs – each specifically designed for achieving desirable results! Let's bring life and vibrancy to your enamel charm creation together!

Creating Designs With Your Artwork

We will work with you every step of the way, from receiving your sketch to walking you through the various materials, sizes, colors, and attachments available to you. From there, we provide you will a complimentary proof, ensuring that your vision for your creation is adequately represented. We are dedicated to providing you with the service and quality. Then, once your artwork is approved, we get to the good stuff - production! The overall cost is dependent on your desired quantity, the materials you select, and what you choose to add on. You can also rest assured because we promise you are getting the best quality for your dollar when you work with us.

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Hard Enamel Charms

Hard-enamel is a popular option for a higher quality product. Instead of the color filling into the lines of the exposed base metal of your creation, the color covers the entirety of your product, leaving a smooth, hard, and glass-like finish. In both styles, multiple colors can be added into your creation, with as many colors as you can imagine available for you to choose from. Hard Enamel has a smooth surface similar to cloisonne and logo colors can be matched, unlike cloisonne charms. They can be plated with any of our standard metal plating. They can be made in any shape or size as well. Both styles can be engraved with numbers or lettering. 

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Hard Enamel

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Soft Enamel

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3D With Color

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Soft Enamel Designs

Custom soft enamel charms are filled into the recessed metal, leaving the thin line detail of the raised metal edges. This technique leaves your creation feeling embossed, and when properly incorporated into your logo, it can have a truly stunning effect. Consult with one of our talented artists if you think this style could fit your idea. Color can be added to one or two-sides. This style has a raised metal surface and recessed color creating an embossed feel to the surface. They can be designed with 2D or 3D and can be plated in gold, silver, copper and antique finishes. Jump rings can also be plated to match. We offer a large variety of customized charms that can be cast for larger orders. We also create custom logo jewelry tags in different metals including copper and stainless steel.

Send Us Your Design!

Unlock the elegance of custom enamel charms today! Take your business to new heights with a beautiful piece of art that's unique and impactful. Reach more customers or employees through wearable pieces crafted from the highest quality materials, sure to bring smiles all around. Contact us for ideas on how you can make an unforgettable difference in your outreach - start now and see results sooner than ever before!

Work with a member of our talented team to create your perfect logo, bringing to life your brand in a fashionable, elegant, or fun way. We have a professional staff dedicated to providing you with the quality you, your business, and your clientele deserves.

Custom Jewelry Charms with Gemstones

Say thank you to your employees and volunteers with a personalized piece of jewelry. Our custom jewelry charms, made from silver, gold or copper plated metal through die cast or struck processes, can feature any name or logo in vibrant colors. These pendants look great on necklaces and bracelets and can include real or synthetic gemstones. Make it even more special by choosing an original charm bracelet attachment to commemorate the hard work of those who have dedicated their time to your cause. Request a free quote today!
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