Custom Race Medals

Step up your race day excitement with our custom-made medals, tailored to celebrate every runner's triumph! At our studio, we're passionate about crafting unique, eye-catching medals that symbolize victory and perseverance. Whether it's a local 5K, a challenging Spartan race, or any other event, we bring your vision to life with custom award metals featuring your logo, motto, or special theme. Our medals are more than just awards; they're cherished keepsakes that honor each participant's journey and success. 

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custom 5k race medal

Running Medals & Medallions With Your Race Logo

Transform your race into an unforgettable experience with Monterey Company's custom medals and these are not your average, run-of-the-mill cheap custom medals! Our dedicated service reps guide you from start to finish, ensuring your medals are not just awards, but masterpieces.

Whether it's a vibrant 5K fun-run or a demanding ultra-marathon, we specialize in crafting medals with intricate designs and exceptional detailing, making each finish line uniquely memorable. As leaders in engineering excellence, we promise medals that truly honor your racers' accomplishments and also help you save money.

Experience unparalleled customer satisfaction and let us help celebrate every stride, sprint, and sweat. Join us today and let's make every finisher's moment shine brilliantly!

custom race medals

We Make A Wide Variety of Custom Medal Styles

Elevate your race day with our custom award medals, designed to honor each runner's remarkable journey! Our diverse range of styles and plating options adds a touch of sophistication, making every achievement shine.

Choose from intricate die-cast designs, die struck medals, classic enameled metal, or unique cutout shapes to create a medal as special as the victory it represents. We also handle things such as laser engraving, on antique silver which with our medals, you're not just rewarding effort; you're celebrating personal triumphs in a memorable way.

Let us help you make every finish line a moment of pride with a keepsake that runners will cherish. Order now and turn every victory into an unforgettable token of success!

PVC Rubber Customized Medals

Maximize your event's impact without breaking the bank with our vibrant PVC medals! We create custom medals that look great for your next half marathon without breaking the bank.

Perfect for any event, these budget-friendly medals bring your art and logo to life in custom shapes and colors. Each medal, separated by sleek lines, can feature stunning 3D effects for a sculpted look. Elevate the experience with custom ribbons, tailored to match your event's theme for a cohesive, branded feel.

Durable, waterproof, and full of color, our PVC medals and custom enamel medals are a favorite among organizers and participants alike – including us! Choose these eye-catching, cost-effective medals and watch your event's spirit soar. Order now and celebrate success stylishly yet affordably complete with a custom ribbon if needed.

pvc rubber race medal
finisher Medal

Bronze Finisher Medal

Unique finisher medals can be made in various antique gold finishes, including bronze, silver, and gold. Raised areas can be 2dimensional or three-dimensional, or sculpted look. Adding sandblasting to the background can really give extra dimension.

soft enamel medal

Antique Silver With Soft Enamel

Soft enamel color can be added to the recessed areas of your design. Raised and other surfaces can be plated in antique silver or the finish of your choosing.

die cut medal

Die Cut Medal

This personalized medal includes recessed areas that are cut out, adding extra dimension. Send us your own design, and we can make suggestions on how to have a similar effect made.

antique silver medal with 3d

Antique Silver With 3D

3D designs look best with antique finishes. Custom shapes are our specialty; we can create any part of your artwork with a sculpted look.

Soft Enamel

Gold Plating

Shiny gold plating will usually indicate a first-place winner. Soft or hard enamel colors can be added.

Finisher Medal

Silver Finisher Medal

A clean and bold look and shape can make your medal stand out! Adding color is easy, and we can add up to 10 colors. Ribbons can be printed in custom colors to match your theme.

people with race medals

We Offer Design & Artwork Services

We're here to make that part of your planning simple and straightforward with our customized options and free artwork and design. Let us bring your vision to life quickly so you can relax knowing this last and very important trophy piece is taken care of. 

spartan race medal

Creating Your Custom Medals

Celebrate your achievement with a custom-made medal made by our team of experts! Recognize hardworking athletes who dedicated their time and effort training for your event. Make each medal unique and special, choosing from an array of colors, shapes and finishes; plus don't forget to add in that personal touch by incorporating your logo into the design. Preserve those amazing memories of race day - let us help you create something truly memorable they can take away once it's over!

5K Medals

Make your 5k an unforgettable event by customizing medals for all of your participants – elites, casual runners and trail enthusiasts alike. With a range of plating options from gold to copper, sandblasted or antiqued finishes plus limitless sizing possibilities; you can create awards that everyone will treasure no matter their running background! 

10k Race Medal Designs

When your participants cross their finish lines, accomplish the goals they had set for themselves, and feel the elation that comes from achieving something they set their mind to, you can revel that you cultivated such an unforgettable experience. And when they hear their names called and you hand them their finisher medals or custom 10k medals and medallions, you can be confident you are handing them something that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

custom enamel medal
custom marathon medals with red ribbons

Running Medals

Celebrate your participants’ accomplishments with eye-catching custom medals with your design and race logo! From bold first-place awards to 2nd and 3rd-place medals we offer an array of enamel colors and custom ribbons, rewarding them for their hard work with a treasured keepsake that will bring smiles for years to come.

custom running medal

Race Medals With Your Logo

Custom medals can be taken to the next level with vibrant colors, intricate designs and 3D sculpted effects. Transform your medal into a stunning piece of art by adding splashes of enamel color for an extra pop, integrating interesting textured backgrounds that give off depth and dimensionality, or creating cutouts for unparalleled creative freedom! Dare to stand out from the ordinary – let creativity shine through these pieces like never before! Let us make your vision a reality! Our talented art department will bring it to life, and you'll be able to review the proof before we send it off into production. Within weeks of approval, your custom design with ribbon colors made-to-order is headed right to you – making every occasion extra special.

custom race medals

We Offer Design & Artwork Services

After spending what feels like endless hours crafting the perfect event, you don't need extra stress when it comes to creating custom pieces. We're here to make that part of your planning simple and straightforward with our customized options - all while keeping costs in check! Let us bring your vision to life quickly so you can relax knowing this last and very important  trophy piece is taken care of.

customized medal

Finisher & Race Medals Designed in Days

With multi-sport races (like Sprint, Olympic, Ironman and Xterra triathlons) come custom finisher medals to celebrate participants for their hard work and dedication. These awards demonstrate remarkable feats of determination - from coming in first place to finishing within the top ten or just finishing at all! Get creative with your designs by partnering up with one of our experienced professionals who will guide you every step of the way through production - making it easier than ever before to produce one-of-a-kind medal prints that’ll truly commemorate each competitor's achievements.

bike racer holding a meddlion

Bike Race Medals & Custom Medallions

Bike races draw large crowds of athletes to test the limits of their physical and mental capabilities. However, with the large variety of bicycle styles, awarding participants with custom medallions is an excellent way to commemorate a specific accomplishment.

As an industry leader in producing customized awards, we can make everything from medals for mountain bike racing and criterium and stage-running awards to USA cycling races. We invite you to work with a member of our talented staff and begin designing your bike medal today!

Go above and beyond the ordinary with a totally customized medal experience! Transform your sporting event into an adventure that participants won't soon forget, complete with spears flying in midair, barbed wire fencing to maneuver through, fire jumps, and daring wall slides. All of this deserves recognition too – reward their bravery with a stunning custom commemorative medallion crafted from quality bronze or silver metals for them to take home as proof they conquered the course!

3d custom medal
custom medal with gemstones
custom race medal with mountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of our customer that order customized medals.

  • Volunteer organizations, nonprofits & fundraisers
  • Universities, colleges, and school awards
  • The military and emergency services
  • Ironman organizers
  • Biathlon and triathlon organizers
  • Marathon, half marathon, and 5k/10k organizers
  • Track competition organizers
  • Swim meet organizers
  • Decathlon organizers
  • Sports organizers
  • Horse organizers
  • Animal/breed show organizers
  • Military Challenges
  • Sporting Events
  • Bicycle Race Awards
  • Competitions

How are they made? Medals can be made by casting in a zinc metal or by die-striking your logo in to a base metal like brass or bronze. Both are great options and there are a few reasons we may choose one metal over the other. Casting allows for small cut-outs and better 3D sculpting of your design. Die-struck medals are perfect for simpilar design but can still offer close to the same 3D look a cast medal offers. Both options can be color-filled.

Plating: We have over ten different plating options including gold, bronze, copper, and silver and a antique finishes for 3rd or forth place medals. You can also combine different platings for a two-tone appearance.

Adding Color: Hard or soft enamel color-fill are the two best options for adding color.

Do you make double-sided medals?
Yes! Each side can even have a completely different design or logo.

Creating your design.
Our design team is happy to take even a sketch from you to create a beautiful medal that matches your vision.

Pre-Production Samples
We are happy to make a sample for you to see before final production. Please let our staff know when you place your order.

Production time
Production time varies depending on the style of keychain you choose, but it normally takes 7 to 14 working days. Rush jobs can usually be accommodated for an additional charge.

half marathon award

Custom Medallions Alaska Women's Gold Nugget Triathlon Video Review

"I'm doing a testimonial, I'm Jen from Anchorage, Alaska, and this is the morning at the Alaska Women's Gold Nugget Triathlon. We're super excited about the day and wanted to give a quick little shout out for putting together some fabulous Medallions for our racers. We have sixteen hundred and fifty women it's an all-women's triathlon that'll happen it's May 20th, and we're having a great time"

Customer Review: "This is our fourth year that we've used the Monterey Company for, rather than a medallion, we decided to put together a little charm that the girls can wear he does bracelet or anklet or actually even we made it as a zipper pull, so I have some great medallions that we've done in past years, and Eric has basically figured out our artwork and put it onto a wonderful little logo and a great charm for us to have a great race so thank you, Eric, highly recommend your product and you guys have delivered time and time again, thanks so much."