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Custom Race Medals

Running medals, 5k, and Spartan medallions with your logo. We offer finisher medals that can include a variety of metal finishes, custom neck ribbon colors, and enamel color fill.

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Running Medals & Medallions With Your Race Logo

The Monterey Company is renowned for its commitment to engineering excellence and customer satisfaction, crafting custom medals of the highest quality. From small 5K races to ultra marathons, we provide racers with individualized race medals that capture their accomplishments in stunning detail. Come experience our first-class service - we guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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We Make A Wide Variety of Custom Medal Styles

If you want to make your next race memorable and unique, ditch the standard medals! We can suggest a variety of custom medal styles and plating options to help set it apart. Choose from die-casting for intricate details, classic die-struck enamel medals, or special shapes with cut-outs that are sure to leave participants feeling proud of their accomplishments. 

PVC Rubber Medals

Looking for a less expensive option? PVC medals are an excellent choice for any type of event with a budget. Your art and logo colors can be matched and custom shapes are easily created. Each color is separated by a thin separation line 3D effects can be added to created a sculpted look. Add a custom ribbon to your PVC medals that match your event colors for a branded look. 

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Bronze Finisher Medal

Unique finisher medals can be made in various antique gold finishes, including bronze, silver, and gold. Raised areas can be 2dimensional or three-dimensional, or sculpted look. Adding sandblasting to the background can really give extra dimension.

soft enamel medal

Antique Silver With Soft Enamel

Soft enamel color can be added to the recessed areas of your design. Raised and other surfaces can be plated in antique silver or the finish of your choosing.  

die cut medal

Die Cut Medal

This personalized medal includes recessed areas that are cut out, adding extra dimension. Send us your own design, and we can make suggestions on how to have a similar effect made.

antique silver medal with 3d

Antique Silver With 3D

3D designs look best with antique finishes. Custom shapes are our specialty; we can create any part of your artwork with a sculpted look.

Soft Enamel

Gold Plating

Shiny gold plating will usually indicate a first-place winner. Soft or hard enamel colors can be added. 

Finisher Medal

Silver Finisher Medal

A clean and bold look and shape can make your medal stand out! Adding color is easy, and we can add up to 10 colors. Ribbons can be printed in custom colors to match your theme.

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Creating Your Custom Medals

Design a unique medal with enamel to commemorate your race! Simply send us your logo to get started and choose from a range of colors and shapes to complete your design. Custom medals are a special way to thank your athletes for their hard work and dedication to training for the event. Hosting an event can be challenging, but the satisfaction of seeing the happy and tired faces of your athletes at the finish line makes it all worthwhile. Preserve the memory of your race with a custom enamel medal. 

5K Medals

Medals can be customized for your 5k. Whether your competitors are elites or casual participants, pavement-pounding road runners, or single-track trail runners, all of your participants will surely cherish their awards, regardless of the type of runner they are. When creating your custom 5k race medals, you have the flexibility to select the plating of your choice, including options such as gold, silver, or copper. You can also opt for a sandblasted or antiqued finish, and can include or exclude colors. Additionally, these medals can be made in any size you require.

10k Race Medal Designs

When your participants cross their finish lines, accomplish the goals they had set for themselves, and feel the elation that comes from achieving something they set their mind to, you can revel that you cultivated such an unforgettable experience. And when they hear their names called and you hand them their finisher medals or custom 10k medals and medallions, you can be confident you are handing them something that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

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custom marathon medals with red ribbons

Running Medals

Celebrate your participants’ accomplishments with eye-catching medals with your design and race logo! From bold first-place awards to 2nd and 3rd-place medals we offer an array of enamel colors and custom ribbons, rewarding them for their hard work with a treasured keepsake that will bring smiles for years to come. 

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Race Medals With Your Logo

To get things started, send us your artwork, and any elements of the race you'd like to incorporate into your running medal. One of our professional artists will begin putting it all together in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing fashion. After finalizing your artwork, our staff will walk you through a variety of customization options, including the type of base metal you'd like to use, whether or not you'd like in inlay colors or textures, and if you'd like the metal to have specific shapes or thicknesses.

 Once your customization is finished, we can send you a complimentary proof, ensuring you get exactly the product you seek. From there, your design is sent to production, and within weeks your product will be shipped to your location.

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We Offer Design & Artwork Services

You've spent hours coordinating routes, planning starting and cutoff times, booking time-keeping companies, and organizing the nearly endless facets of making up an event. The last thing you need is for building your custom pieces to be complicated. We include you in the designing process, guiding you through our customization options and bringing your ideas to life efficiently and cost-effectively. 

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Finisher & Race Medals Designed in Days

Multi-sport races are the perfect to incorporate custom finisher medals, as they celebrate a person training for and completing several disciplines. This requires dedication and resolve, making being a finisher particularly worthy of recognition. Examples of multi-sport events are; Sprint, Olympic, Ironman, and Xterra distance triathlons. These pieces have been customized by the sponsor's design and have been awarded for everything from placing to coming in the top ten. And as you work with a professional designer throughout the entirety of the production process, collaborating with us is the best way to build your medals of all kinds.

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Bike Race Medals & Custom Medallions

Bike races draw large crowds of athletes to test the limits of their physical and mental capabilities. And because of the large variety of bicycle styles, awarding participants with custom medallions is an excellent way to commemorate a specific accomplishment.

As an industry leader in producing customized awards, we can make everything from awards for mountain bike racing and criterium and stage-running awards to USA cycling races. Work with a member of our talented staff and begin designing your bike medal today!

Go above and beyond the ordinary with a totally customized medal experience! Transform your sporting event into an adventure that participants won't soon forget, complete with spears flying in midair, barbed wire fencing to maneuver through, fire jumps, and daring wall slides. All of this deserves recognition too – reward their bravery by striking a stunning commemorative medallion crafted from quality bronze or silver metals for them to take home as proof they conquered the course!

3d custom medal
custom medal with gemstones
custom race medal with mountains
half marathon award

Who Uses Custom Medals?

Users include clubs and companies who order them. Here's a short list of people that order customized medals.

  • Volunteer organizations, nonprofits & fundraisers
  • Universities, colleges, and schools
  • The military and emergency services
  • Ironman organizers
  • Biathlon and triathlon organizers
  • Marathon, half marathon, and 5k/10k organizers
  • Track competition organizers
  • Swim meet organizers
  • Decathlon organizers
  • Sports organizers
  • Horse organizers
  • Animal/breed show organizers

What Kind of Custom Medals Do We Make?

We have over ten different plating styles. A hard or soft enamel color fill will add zest and contrast to your design. You can also combine different finishing styles with your artwork.

  • Military
  • Sporting Event Designs
  • Bicycle Awards
  • 10K, triathlons, half-marathon, and 5K
  • School Awards
  • Competition award medals

Commonly Asked Questions?

Yes! Each side can even have a completely different design or logo.

Send us your design or sketch.
Our design team is happy to take even a sketch from you to create a beautiful medal that matches your vision.

Pre-Production Samples
We are happy to make a sample for you to see before final production. Please let our staff know when you place your order.

Production time
Production time varies depending on the style of keychain you choose, but it normally takes 7 to 14 working days. Rush jobs can usually be accommodated for an additional charge.

Custom Medallions Alaska Women's Gold Nugget Triathlon Video Review

"I'm doing a testimonial, I'm Jen from Anchorage, Alaska, and this is the morning at the Alaska Women's Gold Nugget Triathlon. We're super excited about the day and wanted to give a quick little shout out for putting together some fabulous Medallions for our racers. We have sixteen hundred and fifty women it's an all-women's triathlon that'll happen it's May 20th, and we're having a great time"

Customer Review: "This is our fourth year that we've used the Monterey Company for, rather than a medallion, we decided to put together a little charm that the girls can wear he does bracelet or anklet or actually even we made it as a zipper pull, so I have some great medallions that we've done in past years, and Eric has basically figured out our artwork and put it onto a wonderful little logo and a great charm for us to have a great race so thank you, Eric, highly recommend your product and you guys have delivered time and time again, thanks so much."