Custom Leather Keychains

The Monterey Company manufactures high quality custom leather keychains with your logo – the epitome of classic elegance and practicality! These aren't just key holders; they're a sophisticated way to showcase your company's brand and make a lasting impression. Tailored to fit your unique style, our handmade keychains can be crafted into shapes that perfectly complement your design, ensuring your brand stands out in the most stylish way.

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Why A Custom Keychain?

Elevate your branding further with our customization options. Choose from elegant embossing or precise laser engraving to add a touch of personalization that speaks volumes about your attention to detail. And the best part? You won't have to wait long to see your vision come to life. Thanks to our swift shipping, your custom-designed leather keychains will go from concept to your doorstep in just a few days.

Ideal for corporate gifts, promotional items, or a classy way to keep your brand in the hands of your clients, our leather keychains are more than accessories – they're a statement. Order now and let your brand unlock new doors with unparalleled style and sophistication!

Do you have an idea for a great keychain design? Our great customer service coupled with years of experience will ensure that the idea materializes into a brand asset.

custom leather keychains

We Make The Best Looking Leather Keychains!

Metal Emblem Keychains

Leather Keychains With Your Logo In Metal

Give your brand a classic, sophisticated look with our combination metal & leather. Add some tasteful pizzazz to the mix by having us laser or die strike your logo in either 2D or 3D. These keychains can be plated any finish – from vintage antique plating to shiny silver or gold finish. This style is perfect for iconic logos that you want to stand out but still have leather as the base of your design. We consider this a two-piece keychain and the emblems can either free floating or attached to the leather.

Color-Filled Custom Emblem With Leather Key Fob

Make your brand unforgettable with our personalized leather key fobs, featuring a custom enamel finish emblem! This isn't just a key accessory; it's a statement of style and success.

The vibrant splash of color on each key fob ensures that your logo catches every eye, adding a bright touch to everyday routines. These key fobs aren't just practical; they're mood lifters, keeping you and those around you in high spirits with their cheerful hues. Perfect for business promotions or as a unique corporate gift, our custom key fobs are designed to make your brand stand out in the most memorable way.

Order now and bring a pop of color and a dash of joy to your daily life!

color filled keychain

Die-Struck Emblem With Enamel Color

Enamel color fill can be done to match your logo colors. 

  • Plated in gold or silver
  • Printing on metal emblems.
custom metal emblem leather logo keychain

Metal Emblem With Antique Silver Finish

Antique plating is a way to make your design really stand out.

  • Custom shapes
  • Engraving & embossed logos

Leather Keychains Branded With Your Logo

Take your business’s promotional products to the next level with a touch of classy luxury. Custom leather keychains can be engraved by laser and color-filled with your design and logo in days. Give your clients something truly memorable. Your branding success is guaranteed when it stands out from competitors - make sure they remember who you are! Imagine how your business name, tagline, and brand info will look when imprinted onto a cool leather keychain.

When using leather keychains to promote your business, it's often assumed that you're limited to simple design details. When you work with us, you're never limited in your options to ensure your keychain will stand out. We offer a wide variety of other custom keychains options including metal and rubber keychains as well.

black leather keychain with white stitching

What Are The Best Customization Options?

  • Your logo can be lasered and this is a great option for intricate logos.
  • Printed designs can include your logo without metal between the colors.
  • Designs can be lasered and made to have a darker recessed area.
  • PVC rubber emblems can be added just like a metal emblem.
  • Enamel color-filling in either a soft or hard enamel
  • Leather key fobs with metal emblems, a sophisticated combination of materials
  • Custom-shapes emblems and custom shaped leather shapes
  • Gold plating or silver plating finish on metal emblems
  • Real leather or leatherette keychain styles
  • Laser engraved or embossing 
customized leather strap keychain with lexus logo

Personalized Embossed Leather Keychains

Show off your creativity and knowledge of good design with a personalized leather keychain made from high quality material and meant for every occasion. Give the classic item an upgrade by embossing it with your business name or artwork for stylish, understated flair that is sure to generate recognition for your brand. Owing to its raised and recessed features, this timeless accessory brings added elegance to any set of keys even if it is with your initials.

Leather is a great option for brands whose style speaks for itself without being flashy to grab the attention of customers and clients.

What's Difference Between Embossing, Debossing & Laser Engraving?

Step up your branding game with our custom medals, where elegance meets precision! Choose between the classic charm of embossing and debossing, creating a tactile experience with raised or recessed designs, or opt for the sharp sophistication of laser engraving, perfect for etching intricate details, especially on darker leathers.

Tailor your choice to fit not just the desired aesthetic but also your budget. Can't decide? Let us send you samples! Experience firsthand which personalization method resonates with your vision. Elevate your awards with a touch of luxury and make every recipient feel truly special.

Order now and discover the perfect blend of style and distinction for your medals!

leather key holder with engraved logo
personalized leather keychains oval shape

Personalized Leather Keychains With Real and Leatherette Leather

The Monterey Company offers real leather or faux leather keychains. Branded with your design and logo. Our design team will craft you a quality keychain made of genuine leather or a leatherette and you can trust us for unparalleled craftsmanship and personalized customer service every step of the way. All of our leather keychains and faux leather keychains can be embossed with your design.