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Custom Leather Keychains

Custom leather keychains are the perfect way to display your company brand with classic ease. These key holders stylishly promote your business and uniquely shaped to complement your design. Customize your design with embossing or laser engraved elements. Plus get it from design to your doorstep in just a few days with our quick shipping.

Leather Keychain Design

Take your business's promotional products to the next level with custom leather key chains. Achieve a classic look to represent your business and distinguish itself from a boring keyholder. Whether your company is seeking more creative branding, a custom leather key chain is a great choice.

When using leather to promote your business, it's often assumed that you're limited to simple design details. When you work with us, you're never limited in your options to ensure your product can always stand out. We offer a wide variety of custom keychains, so you'll never get lost in the crowd.

Imagine how your business name, tagline, and brand info will look when imprinted onto a cool leather keychain. Most people use a key ring to keep their keys organized, and using leather will let recipients know that your business chooses to use a high-quality promo key holder. We even offer different shades of leather, allowing for even more personalization.

custom leather keychains
  • Every project is custom designed and made with your artwork.
  • Designs can be lasered and made to have a darker recessed area.
  • We can color-fill any debossed image.
  • Enamel can be added to metal emblems.
  • Printed designs can include your artwork without lines between the colors.
  • Not sure what style to choose? Ask us for a free design consultation.

Personalized Embossed Leather Keychains

Embossing your business name or personalized artwork into a personalized leather keychain is a subtle, stylish, and effective way to generate awareness for your brand. Press your design into the strap to create raised and recessed areas. This creates an elegant and subtle detail with a timeless finishing touch.

Leather is a great option for brands whose style speaks for itself without being flashy to grab the attention of customers and clients.

What Are The Options?

  • Logos can be lasered and made to have a darker recessed areas.
  • We can color-fill any embossed image.
  • Enamel can be added to metal emblems.
  • Printed designs can include your logo without metal between the colors.
  • Not sure what style to choose? Ask us for a free design consultation.
  • Color-filled and finished using either a soft or hard enamel
  • Leather key fobs with metal emblems, a sophisticated combination of materials
  • Full color printed with a leather attachment
  • Custom-shaped
  • Gold plating or silver plating finish
  • Real leather or leatherette 
  • Laser engraved or embossing imprinting method
personalized leather keychains oval shape

Customized using real and leatherette styles

The Monterey Company makes handmade designs using real leather or tanned leatherette and stitched borders. We are your perfect source if you create bulk high-quality, genuine USA-made leather keychains. Work with our talented team to create your custom design. We're happy to work with companies of all sizes and will work closely with you to accommodate any order size and budget.

Consider adding a hint of color with a color-filled finish to make your design unique. We offer various shades to help you bring your ideas to life.

color filled keychain

Color-Filled With Leather Key Fob

Add a pop of color to your leather key fob to brighten it daily. Add a hard or soft enamel finish to your design to make your logo or other details stand out. The enamel helps make your design eye-catching and ensures that people will take notice of your business.

  • Full-Color Custom Leather Keychains
  • Custom Shapes
  • Engraved
  • Embossed

High-End Emblem Keychains With Your Logo

There are few better combinations than finished metal and leather. The sophisticated combination is a wonderful way to represent your brand or business. Using this classic combination, you can also portray your design in two or three dimensions and create a look your customers and employees will love. Choose an antique or shiny finish to personalize your emblem further to show off your brand's personality.

custom metal emblem leather logo keychain

More Popular Styles

Three of our most popular keychain styles

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