Custom Flexfit Hats With Your Logo

For over four decades, Flexfit headwer has been crafting branded caps with unwavering attention to quality and detail. They have years of experience in creating comfortable eco-friendly caps and hats and we have years of experience in guiding you though the ordering process. You can rest assured that every Flexfit hat from this iconic brand will be sure to last with your unique customization decor!

Flexfit® Hats Include Eco-Friendly Technologies

Flexfit® a U.S. distributor of Yupoong headwear has revolutionized the custom headwear industry with stylish fitted caps and hats in so many ways. They weave a polyurethane spandex into the sweatband and throughout the crown. Through our extensive research, we found that they have really come up with a revolutionary stretch-fitting technology that stretches to fit any size head while providing ultimate comfort for all-day wearability.  These caps are the perfect style for adding your logo. We love their eco-friendly approach on making headwear. They use 98% less water and 30% less energy in making their caps which impresses us to know end. They have also Introduced FLEXFIT® LYOCELL, defined as a botanic textile that is known for it's comfortable fiber made from eucalyptus pulp and other trees that are biodegradable. “FLEXFIT® has also partnered with Better Cotton™ to improve their farming of cotton. For these reasons and more, we love this hat manufacture and it is definitely on our top-five styles of hats we customize. We are sure that you will love them too!

lyocell headwear from flexfit
flexfit hat logo

Flexfit® Hats Stand Out

Flexfit® is one of our best eco-friendly headwear suppliers and being environment conscientious, we love to customize their hats. These caps are perfect for outdoor sports fans and they can easily be customized to include logos via direct printing, patches that are either embroidered or woven, and they can even have sublimation print! Let us help you make the Eco-friendly Flexfit hat with Lyocell technology be your next custom logo hat.

Flexfit® offers a number of patented technologies that enable it to stand apart from other brands offering similar headwear. Best yet, these hats are available in lots of great styles that can be made in days with your logo. Our top styles incluse the Flexfit 110 (adjustable) caps, 210 (classic), or Delta™ series caps are designed specifically for athletes and sports enthusiasts and come in a variety of colors and styles to match your brand.

Flexfit Hats Have Great Technology!

The Monterey Company loves Flexfit's Technology! They use a unique blend of polyurethane-spandex on their most popular styles. These caps fit like magic - comfortably no matter how active you are. Plus, thanks to its elasticity and washability feature there's no need worry about sweat or odors during any workout activity. Say goodbye to all your headwear worries with Flexfit's revolutionary sweatband. It is built tough enough for whatever acrobatics you put this hat through!

flexfit® tech hat
hats with patches

Get Started By Requesting Flexfit Hat Quote

Get set up with a Monterey Company dedicated account manager who will make ordering a custom flexfit hat smooth and easy. Request a quote today.

6506 flexfit hat 6506 5-PANEL
flexfit 6006 trucker hat 6006 CLASSIC FLAT BILL
flexfit 6606 retro trucker cap 6606 RETRO HAT

Custom Embroidery & Printing On Flexfit Hats

Get your logo embroidered front and center with custom Flexfit hats! Create eye-catching statement pieces tailored to you for any occasion - whether it be a business event, baseball league, corporate gathering or part of a uniform. Our team makes your team's design simple so all that's left is adding the finishing touch of decoration through screen printing or embroidery on a patch. Just upload your logo and we'll handle the rest and if you don't have a logo, we can help you create one from scratch. Make an unforgettable impression today by creating unique customized cap! We offer rush delivery services and we can help you choose the right Flexfit style hat and we make ordering easy breezy! You can choose from SM, L, XL and XXL sizes for a custom fit.

flexfit-6511 6511 TRUCKER MESH CAP
flexfit 5001v 5001-V COTTON TWILL CAP
flexfit 180 180 DELTA® CAP
flexfit custom hat options
flexfit custom cap options
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What You Should Know About Flexfit® Headwear

STEP #1 – Make a statement with your style! Our expert design team is here to help you make heads turn by finding the perfect, customized hat for any occasion. Create an iconic look that's truly one-of-a-kind - as unique as you are!

STEP #2 – Ready to customize your own hat? Our custom quote form will help you get started. Upload a logo, choose the color and style of your choice, or start from scratch! Deciding on a customized patch or direct embroidery of you logo is the next step.

STEP #3 – With an easy approval process and the best designers available, you can get your own custom hat with no worries! Our quality assurance team will check that everything meets perfection before production begins—so create a design from scratch or customize one of our existing designs. The end result? An amazing look created especially for you!

Sizing Chart

flexfit sizing chart

Custom Fitted Flexfit® Hats. Stretch Fit Hats are so comfy to wear! A custom fitted hat is a great way to assert your personality and look great with embroidery. With no back enclosure on this style you are able to design the full crown, which can make your unique designs and/or company logo really stand out!

Baseball Caps: Flexfit® is the leader in providing custom hats for many different sports, but they have really taken their game to a whole new level. With so much customization and variety, Flexfit's 110m hat will exceed all expectations! They are a great way to promote your brand and show off your logo. We can add embroidery to just about any design you want on the front of this cap, but some people prefer to go for something more subtle like text or an outline that really stands out against the dark background of these hats.

Embroidered Flexfit® caps will give you additional ways in which showcasing how much pride you have in what makes up who we are as individuals or companies through today's society - our logos! Our custom-embroidered flexfit headware make it easy for us consumers nowadays because they're available at affordable prices

These hats have a soft, lightweight six-panel construction that makes it perfect for all types of weather. And with the flex fit design you can just pull them on and off as needed!

Snapbacks: The popularity of these Snapback Hats began in 1990s when they were first produced by FlexFit®. These caps are worn not only by sports players but also those who enjoy pop culture fashion. The unique style is great because there's no need to adjust them.

The 110® cap dares to satisfy even the most selective crowd. Integrating personalized fit with the original Flexfit® Tech and adjustable back, the 110® cap is the all-around player you need when heading out.

  • HI-Tech and adjustable back
  • Hard buckram. Structured
  • Matching plastic snapback
  • Silver undervisor
180 DELTA® CAP: Lighter, sleeker, and smarter, the Delta® cap has been revolutionizing the headwear industry since its birth with its innovative mechanism and progressive features. The cap maintains its sweat-free status with the patented Stain-Block material and the 3-layer sweatband while offering a luxurious yet sleek appearance with the seamless bonding finish, pleasing even the most active athletes.

  • Lighter, sleeker, smarter cap for performance
  • Hard buckram. Structured
  • Closed back. Stretch fitted
  • Black undervisor, 1-row stitch The Trucker Mesh is our answer to the ever-trending custom headwear. With stretchable Mesh providing a responsive fit while maintaining its classy shape, it’s a go-to headwear for anyone who wants both comfort and style.

6511 TRUCKER MESH CAP: The Trucker Mesh is our answer to the ever-trending custom headwear. With stretchable Mesh providing a responsive fit while maintaining its classy shape, it’s a go-to headwear for anyone who wants both comfort and style.

  • Elastic panels
  • Structured
  • Closed back. Stretch fitted
  • Silver undervisor

5001 V COTTON TWILL: The V-Flexfit® Cotton Twill offers a classic look and all-day comfort with its standard baseball cap shape.

  • Baseball hat with cotton twill fabric and looks great with embroidery
  • Structured
  • Closed back. Stretch fitted
  • Silver underside

Your marketing campaign will be well-received by your customers.

6606 YP CLASSICS® RETRO TRUCKER CAP: Travel back in time with our Yupoong Classics® Retro Being part of the YP Classics® collection, the nostalgic shape is ramped up with our craftsmanship and quality honed for over 45 years. The result is a top-seller style that is beloved by many regardless of time.

  • Premium mesh panels the best option for screen printing your logo
  • Structured shape
  • Matching plastic snapback closure
  • Pink has a white snapback
  • Matching under visor, 8-row stitch
6006 YP CLASSICS® CLASSIC CAP:The Yupoong Classics® Classic Trucker gives you a room to breathe even during high-sweat activities. Offers maximum ventilation and sweat control with premium mesh panels for ultimate comfort.

  • Premium mesh panels and look great with embroidery
  • Hard buckram and structured
  • Matching plastic snapback closure
  • White plastic snapback closure for pink
  • Matching underside

6506 YP CLASSICS® 5-PANEL RETRO CAP:Featuring the fabric panels for ultimate breathability, the YP Classics® 5-panel Retro cap offers the finest look and max breathability. It is designed to boost your activity.

  • Retro styling and ideal for screenprinting
  • Hard buckram. Structured
  • Matching plastic snapback closure
  • Matching under-visor

The Technology Behind Manufacturing Custom Flexfit® Hats

WATER REPELLENT TECH: Provides water repelling features to stay dry under given circumstances.

STAIN BLOCK TECH: This patented technology features a 3-layer multifunctional sweatband that effectively absorbs, stores and diffuses sweat to the undervisor where it evaporates.

FLEXFIT® TECH: Is the revolutionary fusion of tech and performance. It defies the conventional mechanics of fitted caps by weaving polyurethane spandex into the sweatband and throughout the crown for added elasticity. The world’s first patented stretch-fit and is shared among our core product brands, Flexfit 110, 210 and Delta®, to provide the best that we can offer. Innovative until the end, they are the fuel behind the performance and unparalleled technology taking you to the next level.

HYPER TECH: Conquers all elements: thermal regulation, cool & dry, anti-bacterial, and UV protection.

HYBRID TECH: ;Cmbines Cool & Dry’s moisture-wicking ability with water repellency to keep you dry and fresh at all times.

ULTRAFIBRE: Featuring super synthetic fibers, Ultrafibre caps are versatile — they are robust, lightweight, and wind and water resistant. The fibers also have a natural shine that emanates strength.

ECODRY: The EcoDry treatment is an environmentally friendly way of adding water repellency to our products without the use of hazardous chemicals.

FLEXIBLE VISOR: Made with a Flexible Visor is lightweight and can be bent in any way and still keep its shape.

Custom Flexfit® hats are designed with a tight-fitting, semi-rigid crown and a preformed bill. The hat is available in several different colors and sizes to suit your needs. With Flexfit®, you can be sure that the design will not change after being washed or worn for a long period of time because the material is specially engineered to stay shapely even after years of use!


Flexfit 110

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