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Custom Snapback Hats

Snapbacks are a popular style of hat that has an adjustable strap closure. The main feature of this type is the back snap, which allows you to quickly put it on without dealing with a buckle or velcro. If you looking for the perfect headwear for your company, you really can't go wrong with custom snapback hats made by us.

Looking For Popular Branded Headgear?

The best way to increase brand popularity is by giving out caps with your company logo. With this, you are providing someone something they want and can wear as their loyalty towards the brand grows! Snapbacks can provide a great look for your company and are a great way to show off your company design. From color options and design elements, all of the way down t the materials used in construction there is plenty of choices.

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What Are Custom-Designed Snapbacks?

Snapbacks have been around for almost 100 years. This style of custom trucker cap date back to the 1930s and 1940s. Snapbacks have snaps on the back that allow people to adjust their sizes and can include mesh or solid back options. They also tend to have logos, which usually belong to the manufacture or sometime a team will add their logo to the strap. 

Custom snapbacks are typically customized by companies looking to use them as promotional products or branded apparel. They'll make their branded hats certain colors and put certain logos and slogans on them to promote their businesses. Custom snapbacks have become some of the most effective promotional products in recent years. If your company isn't doing it already, you should consider investing in custom hats for your business to see how useful they can be in branding and marketing. The Monterey Company can guide you through the process of ordeing and we can even send you samples prior to production. Our expertice is embroidery and adding a patch as well in helping you select just the right hat the meets all of your requirements. 

What's The Difference Between Low, Mid and High Profile Caps?

If you think that these caps might be a good option for your company, you should know that there are different profiles that you'll be able to choose from. It'll be important for you to pick the right one based on everything from your design plans to your budget.

  • Low profile crown height range between 6 1/8" to 6 1⁄4" and a 3 1/4" panel
  • Mid profile crown height range from 6 1/4" to 6 1⁄2" and a 3 1/3" panel
  • High profile range from 7" to 7 1⁄8" and a 3 1/2" panel
anatomy of a custom hat

What is a crown? The crown height refers to the distance from the bill to the top of a hat, whereas the panel height refers to the front area of a hat, usually where a design is embroidered or a patch is placed. The three crown profiles include the high profile representing the highest and the low profile representing the lowest. Many styles are available depending on the brand you select.

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mid profile cap
high profile cap
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What Are The Different Bills On Snapbacks?

Outside of the fact that they have different profiles, they also come with different bills. You will also want to decide on the hats with the right bills. Some of the bills include two-tone visors and under bills and pre-curved bills:

  • Curved Bills

For those with a more casual style, curved-bill caps are the way to go. They're great for outdoor or sports activities

  • Flat Bills

The flat bill cap is now a mainstream option for major league baseball players and is popular with the younger crowd.

Flatbill caps have become the more popular choice for many companies and breweries. With all the choices on custom caps, deciding which bills and brim styles to select can be daunting but ask your friends and customers which style they would like.

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How it Works

We have various ways to decorate and embelish your headgear. Learn more about hat sizing and the different shapes we offer.

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Which Manufacturers Produce Snapbacks?

There are quite a few manufacturers that specialize in producing custom trucker hats and snapbacks that can be customized. But not all of them have earned a reputation for supplying high-quality caps that will look great and last long. The Monterey Company has all of your favorite styles and can also source well known suppliers of blanks. 

These are a few of the brands that you might recognize and are familiar with.
  • Richardson ( Pre-Curved Bills, Flat Bills, Camo & Multicam Styles and an Awesome Beanie Manufacturer)
  • New Era ( Manufacturer of The NE400 )
  • Flexfit ( Fitted Cap Maker )
  • Yupoong ( Structured & Unstructured Unisex Flexfit and Dad Hats )
  • Decky ( California based manufacturer of stylish headwear )
  • Pacific Headwear ( Has the most customizable options provides you with a level of customization that is unrivaled in its industry )
customized hat with patch

Adding Patches To A Snapback

Patches on snapback hats are an excellent and creative way to personalize them. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can find one that matches whatever style or color preference is most important for you! Patches can allow more detail on a design than embroidery. 

Woven patches or screen-printed patches will give your hat design details not available with standard embroidery.

How to customize a snapback hat with with a patch

  1. Choose a patch style that work for your brand.
  2. Decide on the size of your patch and if your design will be a stock shape or a full custom shape that follows the outline of your artwork.
  3. Select how you would like your patches attached to your hats. Sewing them on is the most durable option and a sewing channel can be added for subtle application.

How Can You Customize Snapbacks With Embroidery?

If you create a custom cap embroidered with your logo for your company, you'll need to understand the process you must go through to get the job done. It'll help you to play a key role in the creation of the headgear that you design for your company. You will also have the option to decorate different hat parts and add embroidery wherever you want. You can embroider the back and sides and the standard front location. You'll be free to make your caps look whatever you want when they're all finished.

embroidered patch hat

Here are the steps that will be associated with customizing snapbacks with embroidery:

  1. You send whatever you would like to have embroidered on your hats so we can make suggestions on your embroidered hats.
  2. We can digitize whatever you'll be putting on your hats and create an embroidery file.
  3. Let us know how large you would like whatever you'll be putting on your custom hats to be, and pick out the place where you want it to be
  4. You decide whether you would like standard embroidery or 3D puff embroidery.

How Big Should A Logo Be On A Snapback Hat?

The crown of a hat is often the most important part when deciding what size image you should get. It can make or break your look, so it's best to choose one with care! You don't want your logo to look like it's struggling for space, so make sure that the size of this aspect fits accordingly! 

We typically do not go much larger than 2 1/2" tall for a front embroidery and 2.5" height and 3.25" in width for a patch.

Front Embroidery

Max width 4" but 3.5" wide is great overall size. Max Height is 2 1/2" but there are some exceptions especialy on larger flat bills.


2’’ wide by 1’’ tall.


3’’½ " wide by 1’’ tall.
embroidered logo
flatbil richardson 113 with screenprint logo

How Much Will A Custom Snapback Hat Cost?

You'll want to purchase them in bulk when buying adjustable snapbacks and using them as personalized promotional products or corporate giveaways. We have a 24-piece minimum however the price will be higher compared to a 100-piece order. Adding a custom patch or screenprinting a foam front cap are two great options to lower the cost compared to embroidery. Adding a patch to a snapback will add two weeks for production but worth the wait.


$21.50 ea.

  • Custom snapback with a custom patch


$17.50 ea.

  • Custom snapback with a custom patch


$15.50 ea.

  • Snapbacks with a custom patch


$15.00 ea.

  • Custom snapback with a custom patch


$13.00 ea.

  • Snapback with a custom patch


$12.50 ea.

  • Snapback made with a patch

Contact Us to Begin Creating Snapbacks With Your Logo

Are you ready to get started with creating branded headwear for your company? We provide these hats to construction companies, breweries, and many other businesses. We can also supply custom embroidered snapback hats to sports teams, bands, and other groups that believe they could benefit from them. We'll work with you to design the perfect cap for your organization from beginning to end.

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