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Custom Embroidered Patches

With our team of creative designers, we help you create custom embroidered patches that are made to your unique specifications. With many different fabrics and materials plus a large selection of vibrant, high-quality color threads, we can sew the perfect design onto your custom patch. Our computer-controlled embroidery machines can create even the smallest details so that your logo will be a real stand-out on whatever promotional apparel or headwear you decide to affix your new patch to. 

Embroidered Patches Manufactured In Days

Transform your artwork into something unique with a one-of-a kind patch from our graphic arts team. From picking the perfect backing to adding velcro for simple attaching, we can help craft you an exceptional product. We have 2 - 3 week turnaround times but if time is of the essence don't worry--we do rush orders! Plus, get added peace of mind by requesting pre-production samples so that you're sure this item meets all your requirements before it goes in production. 

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puff embroiderd patch
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Iron On Embroidered Patches

Get creative with iron on patches! Easily adhere your designs – from T-shirts and tote bags, to sneakers and backpacks - using a standard home iron or commercial heat press. Dissolvable adhesive coating applied at time of manufacture ensures an extreme bond for all affixing needs.

Customize Your Embroidered Patch

Celebrate your creativity and make a lasting statement with our extensive custom patch options. We've got it all—from metallic and glow-in-the dark finishes to 3D puff stitching, printed or woven designs, plus iron on backing for easy application. With so many choices at your fingertips, the possibilities are truly endless!

Stitches & Thread Coverage

When you work with one of our team members, we will help you determine how much coverage your image will need. Most logo designs include 75 to 100 percent stitched coverage. When you visualize your artwork, do you want to see your chosen background color? If so, then you will want to leave a percentage of the patch without any sewing so that baser color will be seen. If you can't envision any of the background color then your design will have 100 percent coverage. We provide up to 10 thread colors at no additional charge.

custom designed patches

Adding Color To Your Logo

We stitch your logo directly onto a twill background. Our fabrics come in many different colors making it a great way to incorporate vivid colors into your image.

custom patch

Stock Shapes

We offer stock & custom patch shapes for uniforms, jackets, bags and backpacks. The image above has 75% embroidery coverage.

whale patch

Choose between a Laser Cut or a Merrowed border style

If you have a more complex shape, your design will most likely need a laser cut border. This is also known as satin stitch or hot cut border. Merrowed borders, on the other hand work well for simple logos with rounded corners and non-complex shapes because. These borders are thicker and heavier because it is sewn around the outside perimeter of the patch.

How To Calculate The Size of Your Custom Patch Design

To determine the size, we use a simple formula.

Simply add together the largest height and largest width, then divide that number by two. (Height + Width & divided by 2)

We Are Quality Embroidered Patch Makers

If you're in the market for custom embroidered patches, badges and other unique merchandise look no further! Our digitizing process is unrivaled when it comes to top-notch quality. From there, you can tailor your design with a shape or base colors of your choosing. All our designs are stitched precisely then cut before adding on an optional merrow border edge. We've made sure that selecting between sew-on backing or velcro fastener will be one of the easiest decisions involved during production stages - plus if regular embroidery isn't quite what you had in mind why not try out our PVC rubberized style options?

embroidered patch design

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Design Embroidered Patches

We make personalized patches with embroidery by taking your artwork and digitizing it using a computer-controlled digitizer. From there, thread colors are loaded into the machine and, thousands of stitches later, your artwork is transformed into a company patch. These are the biggest steps to consider when creating custom embroidered patches or badges. We provide fast artwork with every order.

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How To Embroider a Patch

From a signature logo to intricate artwork, embroidered patches let you showcase your unique creative flair. Utilizing various shapes and sizes as well as custom colors and stitching styles, these stylish accessories can be personalized for any occasion or purpose - making them the ideal choice if you're looking for an attractive way to market your business or organization! You also have several backing options such as iron-on and Velcro available so that each patch is comfortable yet secure.

Explore all of the different options available, and choose which type works the best for you.

  • Sew-on patch options
  • Woven & clothing labels
  • Velcro / Hook and Loop
  • Embroidered iron-on
  • Merrow borders and hot-cut borders

There is no right or wrong size and shape for a personalized patch-it's unique for every customer and varies depending on needs and preferences. With nearly 30 years of experience, we can help you calculate the dimensions. The length and width will impact your pricing.

After you've decided on the size, we will decide on the right percentage of thread coverage. Every logo patch we make is stitched directly on twill fabric, and our fabrics come in several styles. Different twill backgrounds are perfect to display all of the elements of your logo and make amazing contrast. Most images fall between 75 and 100 percent coverage. The amount of coverage you choose will also have an impact on your final price. The price is also determined by how many stitches are included in your finished product.

Choose the right order enhancements or embellishments. Here are some enhancements we offer that make a big impact on your product:

  • Metallic Threads: This is a great way to make your custom details stand out.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark: See the detailing of your custom design, even at night.
  • Custom Three-Dimensional: Add a sculpted and puffy look.
  • Printed Patches and Woven Patches: A great option for adding textural elements and impressive detail.

We offer several different attachments to suit your needs. Iron-on backing have strong adhesives.

  • A custom-made patch can be sewn directly onto clothes, making it a permanent and secure way to attach your custom patch.
  • They have a heat adhesive to attach to clothes or accessories. Once positioned, place a cloth over  to protect it. Then, position a hot iron briefly (for 20 to 30 seconds or less) on the cloth to melt the glue onto the garment and fix it into position. This is one of the easiest methods for permanently attaching a custom patch to your custom products.
  • Adhesive Backed: Similar to the iron-on backs, it helps you attach them easily. However, it only works with smooth, non-fabric surfaces.
  • Velcro backing is made up of hook-and-loop fasteners. One part of the attachment is on the patch, and the other is sewn onto the garment. This lets you quick and easy removal. This style is ideal for uniforms
  • Plastic Backs: Giving them added support so that they will maintain their durability through wear and tear.
    Button Loops: This style is a simple loop that allows it to hang from a button or lapel pin. They can be easily removed or moved to another garment quickly.

100% Embroidered Patch Pricing

Patch size may make a difference in font size and price includes merrowed border.

Price List
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Have a project in mind for custom patches? Connect with our passionate team of account managers today and receive an unbeatable quote! Our commitment to quality is key, as we guarantee full satisfaction with every purchase. Should you ever find that your patch does not meet standards, we'll provide a free replacement - making us the go-to spot for all of your patch needs!

Order Quality Patches Wholesale

We offer a wide selection of custom embroidered patches to fit the needs of businesses and organizations alike! Our high-quality designs are perfect for creating memorable merchandise, awards or commemorative memorabilia. With years of experience in patch making, you can trust us with your next project:

  • Biker and motorcycle clubs
  • Military and security
  • Custom Police Patches
  • Fire, and EMT
  • Clubs & Business Organizations
  • Boys and Girls Scout
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