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Custom Firefighter Patches

We've been crafting customized firefighter patches for over three decades to exceed expectations! Our quality-driven production process and long-lasting materials ensure reliability with fantastic detail - delivering firehouses nationwide with water-resistant pieces that stand the test of time. We offer a variety of styles to choose from as well as shapes and sizes.

Custom Fire Dept Patches Made In Days

Monterey empowers firefighters with custom-designed patches crafted using the latest technology. The process is twofold: either embroidered onto fabric or made of soft PVC rubber and hardened in a mold, depending on preference. With each patch inspected for quality before shipping to its proud wearer, Monterey's approach ensures that no firefighter insignia falls short of excellence!

fire rescue patch

Monterey offers custom firefighter and EMS patches that are designed to make your department look great, build morale, and complete any uniform. Our expert designers can get you a high-quality logo in just days - no matter if it's from scratch or already exists. 

We understand the importance of quality materials so our customer service team is here to help with getting PVC patches featuring an unbeatable rubberized feel plus color matching for insignia accuracy! All this comes with easy sewing channels making these patches perfect for hats or jackets too.

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Firefighter Patches Customized  With Your Logo

Get the firefighting and EMS patches you need that won't wear out! Our superior material is completely waterproof and ultra-flexible, allowing us to craft it into any shape or size. And with our advanced manufacturing techniques, your patch will stand proud in vibrant colors full of life plus precise details that'll never fade away. Easily attach these patches however you want; velcro stitching gives a sturdy hold while 3M adhesive ensures they stay put when needed most. Ready for long-lasting durability? Get firefighter and EMS patches from us today!


Fire Department Patch Design 

Firefighter patches are customized with symbols and insignias. These are attached to firefighter uniforms through a variety of attachment systems, and often display a department's location, date of establishment, and a relevant slogan or tagline.

Members of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) departments, like EMTs, paramedics, and first responders, are identified by the emblems attached to their uniforms. EMS patches are designed with the name of their department, a logo or identifying information unique to their organization, and symbols, mottos, and personalized insignia that represents the membership to their profession. They are attached through stitching, velcro, or other adhesion processes, and are worn on the sleeve of uniform shirts.

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The typical insignia used by fire departments on their patches varies, but often include symbols and imagery related to firefighting and emergency services. Some common elements include:

  1. A fire helmet or firefighting equipment, such as an axe or hose.
  2. A shield or badge shape, representing the department's authority and protection.
  3. A flame or fire, representing the department's primary mission of fighting fires.
  4. A Maltese cross, a traditional symbol of the fire service that represents protection, courage, and bravery.
  5. A ladder or tower, representing the department's ability to reach high places and rescue people.
  6. A star or other symbol of rank for different levels of firefighters.

Some department's patches also include their city, town or station name, numbers or other elements that are specific to their department.

It's worth noting that some departments also use their patches as a way to represent their area, city or state, thus they might include elements such as landscapes, landmarks, or state symbols.

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Custom Embroidered Firefighting Patches

Our made to order embroidery firefighter patches offer a classic representation of your logo at a cost-effective rate. Our designers can help you create a logo or use your current artwork to create a digitized copy that is used in our state-of-the-art machinery to tightly sew your badge with the best quality thread. Because we use the latest technology and the best materials, our firefighter patches are long-lasting and durable. Our custom patches transform your image into a lasting emblem that you can easily share with your team or throughout your community.

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Made To Last

We have a lot of respect for the members of our society who have dedicated their lives to serving others. They are a great way to show support, comradery, and pride - and we can create a proof that will best represent your department. Hand-crafted with the latest technology and the highest quality materials, our custom firefighter patches are built to last. And when going to work means facing the worst mother nature can throw your way - from ice storms to blazing flames - the uniform patches need to be as durable and hearty as the people wearing them. Whether you're scaling walls, operating heavy machinery, running into burning buildings, or dousing flames, we think your firefighter patches should work as hard as you. Start today by requesting a quote, and one of our designers will work closely with you to get your art proof in just a few days.

Need A Firefighter Patch For A Fundraiser?

At The Monterey Company, we feel lucky to make products that serve those dedicated to serving others. Our firefighter patches can be customized to promote events and fundraisers, generating awareness around causes we all believe in. In a collaboration with your event organizer and our talented design department, we can craft the perfect patch.

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Things to Consider When Ordering

Firefighter patches can be used in any number of contexts - from community outreach events to engine crew identification. Where your patch will be used will help you decide on the other elements of the design.

What are they used for? When you choose to add any appropriate patches to your uniform, you're choosing to share personal stories that are important to you. This type of patch is also one that firefighters often use to commemorate any brothers they've lost in the line of duty, as well as to show their utmost appreciation for the brave work of first responders.

They are used to identify volunteers for a specific firefighting station. Allowing anyone who sees them instantly understands their position when working or volunteering at a fire station.

Worn while attending local events, allowing those lucky enough to be a recipient always to be reminded of how important their local fire department is to their community's safety. Nice!

When it comes to PVC patches, the possibilities are almost limitless. With 30 years of experience in the field, we can provide you with tailor-made recommendations for whatever shape and size best suits your application. Whether they're intended to adorn hats or backpacks; need a 2D or 3D design; be sewn on material, ironed onto fabric or stuck using Velcro - our broad range of thicknesses (2.5mm being standard), ensures that no matter what patch style you choose there'll always be an ideal option available!

Our minimum order quantity starts at 100, but if you need a smaller quantity - just ask! The larger your order, the lower your cost per patch, so keep that in mind.

We offer free design services and free design proofs so that you can see a sample of your firefighter patches before your order is fulfilled. We are dedicated to providing a product that you love - so we will make unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with the final product. You can send us a completed logo, a sketch of an idea, or just give us the basics and we can create a great design for you in a matter of days!

Made to be removable, or that are secured permanently. Depending on the material you choose, you have the option to add mvelcro, 3m adhesive, iron-on adhesive, or a sew-on backing.