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We have been creating promotional products designed with your logo for decades. We have a product at every price point as well.

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Custom Designed Promotional Products

The Monterey Company specializes in creating promotional products with your logo. Promotional products are a wide variety of goods, from water bottles to custom coasters to t-shirts and coffee mugs, with your brand or logo printed on them for your customers and potential clientele to use in their everyday lives. These products, although having been around for a long time, are only growing in their effectiveness as we grow more and more accustomed to fast-paced, easily-forgotten advertisements.

Thousands of Promotional Items With Your Logo

Promotional products, on the other hand, become a long-term source of marketing, as the products you are gifting (that contain your business name, brand, or logo) become a part of the consumers’ life. They use it regularly, providing consistent reminders of your business each time the product is used. With over 5 million products all sourced using the Advertising Specialty Association product search database. 

The Monterey Company Your Source For Promotional Items

Additionally, promotional items are low in cost, making them perfect for new and small businesses who want to make the largest impression for their dollar. The Monterey Company offers low costs for large orders, providing high-quality pieces without busting your marketing budget.

Company swag will also assist with brand recognition, as people are more inclined to remember the name of your company and the goods or services you provide then they have been gifted something useful or fun. Your customers will see your logo and will associate it with the positive experience that was being gifted an item. And they will remember you when they are pursuing your products or services.

custom decals stickers


Stickers and decals made in days!



Earrings designed with your logo.

custom coffee mugs with business logos

Custom Drinkware

Custom drinkware made from ceramic, glass, porcelain and stoneware.

man holding travel mug

Travel Mugs

Tumblers, travel mugs and stainless steel mugs with your logo.

custom logo keychains vw shaped


Customized keychains made from the softest rubber.

custom beanies with patches

Leather Patches

Designed for hats and beanies.

custom manufacturing guitar emblem

Metal Emblems

Emblems created for manufacturers. 

metro guy with cufflinks


Cufflinks made with enamel and plated in gold or silver.

star ornament with company logo

Custom Ornaments

Cufflinks made with enamel and plated in gold or silver.

pewter leather logo keychain

Leather Keychains

Designed with your logo.

leather luggage tags with air canada logo

Custom Luggage Tags

Luggage tags made from leather and PVC rubber

stylus logo pens

Custom Pens

Customized pens at every price point.

custom shaped magnet


Custom magnets including pins with magnet backs.

Custom made 5 year safety belt buckle

Belt Bucklles

Belt buckles designed in 3D.

company lanyards

Logo Lanyards

Polyester and cotton lanyards custom-designed with your art

Bicycle head badge

Bicycle head badges

Bicycle head badges created to match your head tube.

Why use promotional products to market your business?

Sometimes, going back to basics is just what your business needs to thrive. Don’t get us wrong, we think that digital marketing matters, and that technological advances in advertising work. But, we also believe that also promoting your business the old fashioned way can be incredibly beneficial for expanding your reach.

In a world where advertising is fast-paced and fleeting, crafting something intentional and permanent will help you stand out against your competitors. Functional products adorned with your logo or messaging are time-tested and effective, generating both brand awareness and trust in your business.

These products bring your business’ name and identity right into people’s lives, becoming woven into their day to day. Your logo joins your employees and customers on their morning commute with a custom logo travel mug and keeps them warm with promotional hats and apparel. Your branded pen is the first thing they grab when they need to make a quick note, and a magnet with your business’ name holds a picture of their family against their office refrigerator.

These moments are why small items can make the biggest difference. People trust the businesses that care about them and the ones that make them feel important. And using promotional products is demonstrating that you care, making pieces of their life, no matter how small, a little better.

two custom growlers with logos

Promotional Products as Branding Materials

Coming up with the perfect personality and voice for your business and brand takes a lot of time, consideration, and often, research. And all of that effort makes maintaining your business’ personality even more important. This is why working with the Monterey Company to create perfect products for marketing your business is an easy choice.

With your good ideas and the talented designers and artists we employ, we can explore the best products for your unique brand. Then, within each product are the many ways to customize those items to fit your business, company or cause’s personality. From a variety of materials, textures, and techniques, to the way your logo is depicted, we can create the best products for you. And by matching the colors and concepts of your existing branding, we can help you continue to tell your story in the best, most recognizable way.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Did you know that investing in promotional products can be one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business? Certain wholesale items, like custom logo pens and branded lanyards, are available at incredible prices, creating a lasting effect on the customers, clients, and employees that use them

Instead of only spending money on digital advertising, you can also put a product with your logo right into people’s daily lives. In doing so, your product will not only interact with the person who owns your product but with their network too. For every borrowed pen or shared mug, your business is connecting to new and potential customers. This expanded reach per item is valuable and exclusive to promotional products.