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Custom Metal Emblems With Your Logo

Custom emblems made from metal and customized with your logo. Manufactured with and without enamel color and adhesive backing for easy application.

Custom Emblems & Badges for Your Business

Promoting your business requires innovation, market knowledge, and the ability to make the choices your competitors won’t. At the Monterey Company, we create the products necessary for making you and your business stand out in a crowd. We have over 30 years of experience helping companies create custom metal emblems with their logo or custom design.

One of our highest quality, attention-grabbing products for your business are custom metal emblems or billet badges, designed to adorn all of the equipment that helps you do what you do. These badges are made from durable materials and are designed by industry-leading artists, creating emblems unique to your brand.

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Customized Emblems and How They're Made

mblems are made from custom shaped pieces of material, most often brass or bronze on which designs are die struck. Art designs are created using a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine. Creating a customized emblem with a CNC machine is achieved through the input of custom design into a computer, after which the design is carved and then pressed into the material, creating raised and recessed areas, leaving behind a unique symbol or logo. These raised and recessed areas can be filled with color or detailed with various plating and finish varieties.Often, emblems are protected with specialized coatings, enhancing the natural durability of the product. Custom emblems are designed to display a logo or design, with the specific aim of promoting and recognizing a company or business.

Wholesale Emblems Manufactured For Your Custom Product

Whether you're in the business of producing industrial-grade equipment bike badges, or need speaker emblems, using metal emblems and custom billet badges is the perfect way to attach your company's logo to the products you create and use.

Metal logos are professionally designed with your company in mind, creating the branding necessary to your business' success. When you use high-quality material and aesthetic design, you are representing your product and your work in an appropriate way. You are demonstrating the foundations of your business, like attention to detail and customer experience, when you attach a logo that is built to last.

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Aluminum Emblems vs Cast

Don't have much skill when it comes to coin design? No problem! Work with our artists to request a quote and begin your digital proof. First, send us your artwork or use an existing logo. Then, we will send you a free proof made to your exact specifications. Our customer service team is available to walk you through the entire process. We will provide recommendations to bring your design to life.

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Durable And Made To Last Custom Badges

The Monterey Company prides itself on producing the highest quality badges and emblems on the market today. With years of industry experience in working with metals, forms, and translating concepts and designs into incredible products, you're guaranteed satisfaction. But beyond creating beautiful, cohesive, and thoughtfully designed badges, they are also made to last. Because let's face it, we live in a world where our products and equipment are frequently exposed to the elements, making anything on them susceptible to wear and tear. Because of this predisposition, extra measures are taken to preserve the quality, with weather-grade materials that would otherwise rust, chip, or fade over time. With proper care and maintenance of the badge, it should last as long as the equipment itself.

Specifically, when working with the Monterey Company, you'll work with a designer to create the appropriate design, deciphering which materials, colors, and finishing will best represent your business. You'll determine the number of pieces you need, and discern how all of your choices can be met within your budget. From design to production to shipment, you'll be involved in the creation of your custom design. Manufactured at wholesale prices, the we offer industry-leading quality badges and budget-friendly prices, making the process of purchasing custom made emblems easy, affordable, and effective. If you need a more affordable option, try our metal decals.

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