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Custom Logo Pendants

We are proud to make custom logo pendants worthy of all of your occasions. Taking an artistic and approach to everything we create. We use quality materials and work with you to personally design your logo. We will work with you to come up with creative designs made from high-quality metals.

Our expert artists and designers will help you at every step of the way in making custom pendants. There’s no need to know how to work with metal, or even know how to draw. We’ll help you design and create a high-end, beautiful metal pendant that you’re sure to love.

How to Make Custom Made Pendants

Custom logo pendants are made using your artwork as a template. They are die-struck into a base metal like copper or bronze. Color filled with enamel and plated. Depending on the logo, some images may need to be cast into a mold. Logos with small cut-outs or 3D areas would lend themselves better to the casting process.

custom pendants
enamel pendant

Transparent Enamels using soft and hard enamels.

logo pendant with tiger

3D logo design is our specialty in silver and gold pendants.

enamel charms
With or without enamel and textured backgrounds enhance your logo.
heart shaped pendant with paw prints

Adding color in soft or hard enamel. Custom shapes include heart shapes.

Designing a Pendant

Custom pendants can be designed with a club or organization’s logo. They are also used to commemorate a special event or cause. Used in fraternities and sororities and can be designed with the Greek letters. Personalized pendants are popular for groups and teams, like sports organizations and clubs. Crafting beautiful custom jewelry with your brand, logo, is the perfect way to say thank you. We create designs with and without enamel.

Custom Pendant Maker

We create gold pendants with symbols or phrases that are unique, adding details like engraving, semi-precious metal finishes, and enamel color. We are dedicated to creating the highest quality products We want to be your source if you are looking for a pendant maker. We will save all of your order details, making reordering easy.

Adding Gemstones

We can even create metal pendants using precious metals. We can even add semi-precious or synthetic gems and CZ stones to your design. We include jump rings with ever order. You will be able to attach your product to your purse, pet collars, stitch markers, and more!

Your finished product will look like a high-quality piece of jewelry. Custom jewelry is our specialty. Our artists will help you choose all of your options, including metal finishes. We guarantee you’ll end up with a stunning product. We also are able to make solid 925 silver pendants.

Custom jewelry pendants are some of the longest standing forms of jewelry. Uniquely crafted pieces hanging traditionally from a loop or sterling silver chains around the wearer’s neck. Casting sterling silver pendants allow for a jewelry-like finish. They can be made into any shape or size.

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make custom pendants

Personalized with your logo

Although the reasons people order customized silver jewelry designs are nearly endless, there are a few trends in the types of occasions for which these pieces are particularly perfect.

Developing a clothing line or a personal brand? This can be an endeavor. Trusting in outside businesses to assist you on your journey to bring your vision to life is something that we don’t take for granted.

We have been an industry leader making custom charms for nearly 30 years. Our professional artists can work with you to conceptualize a design. 

Add enamel color, customized shapes, gold or silver plating, and engraving. We can even help you create a hip-hop pendant for your brand! 


Fundraising Opportunities:
Special occasions

Silver and gold plated jewelry designs

We give all our customers the best quality custom logo pendants and all of the personalized jewelry we make. You’re also going to love our low prices, fast production times, and top-notch service. We provide world-class artwork at no charge. We also have low minimum quantities as well. We can add your logo, enamel, and gemstones to any logo. We create solid sterling silver or gold plated jewelry designs.

Plating Options Include:

  • Shiny Gold
  • Shiny Silver
  • Antique Copper
  • Antique Bronze
  • Antique Gold
hard enamel charms

Questions about getting started? Request a quote to find out more!

Silver & Gold Pendant Design Options

custom silver pendant

Silver Pendant Designs

Designs can either be plated or made using sterling silver as a cast pendant.

custom pendant design

Copper Plating

We can plate our in a variety of plating options including copper.

silver pendant

Antique Finish

Antique finishes include antique silver, gold and copper plating.