Custom New Era Hats With Your Logo

This famous hat company was founded over 100 years ago back in 1920 and to this day continues to be a leader when it comes to designing hats with style, including their famous custom 59fifty hat. These hats are a winner for us and we are sure they will become a favorite for you and your business as well.

New Era Caps Include Baseball, Fitted, and Snapbacks

Customizing New Era Caps allows you to showcase your style whether you're a dedicated baseball cap enthusiast or prefer the laid back snapbacks. These iconic baseball caps, from New Era act as canvases ready for you to express yourself thanks to their timeless design and comfortable fit. The custom 59FIFTY hats, known for their snug and tailored appearance provide both comfort and unbeatable style and several fun back stories on how this cap got it's name.

New Era snapbacks cater to preferences with their adjustable fit. The true beauty lies in the customization options these caps offer. You can choose your colors. Elevate them with personalized details, like embroidery or patches. Whether you proudly display your teams logo or showcase an emblem adding a woven embroidered or leather patch can transform these caps into statement pieces that reflect your individuality and passion. Customized New Era Caps go beyond being accessories; they embody your identity and personal fashion sense.

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New Era Caps Include Baseball, Fitted, and Snapbacks

Connecting with a top hat brand is one of the best things you can do as your unique message will instantly be associated with a leading Hat Brand, allowing you to stand out from the rest. The caps New Era makes are especially popular amongst sports fans. This means if your company and/or target market has any association with sport style caps, then choosing to connect with this famous brand is a great way to get your message out there for all to see.

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How To Make Custom New Era Hats with Patches

Ready to see how your unique design or logo will look once placed on your custom New Era hat? How about adding a custom patch? Whether you are looking to order caps for an upcoming event, to give away to groups, resell on your website, or as a donation to a local sports team, we can make your vision come to life by adding patches or custom embroidery! We understand the need for ordering customized caps for marketing reasons and because many people choose to personalize caps on an ongoing basis, we recognize the importance of making the custom ordering process one that’s both straightforward and uncomplicated to perform.

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Get Started By Requesting A Quote

Speak to your dedicated account manager by requesting a quote!

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New Era® Hex Mesh Cap

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New Era® Ballistic Cap

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New Era® - Stretch Mesh Cap

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We made the designing a customizing these caps one that’s super simple

STEP #1 – Choose the Right New Era Hat. Need help? Contact us and our experienced customization team can help you make the right selection.

STEP #2 – Get a Quote. How many do you would like to order? What size your logo will be? If you have a design or logo ready to go, it needs to be attached so our design team can approve. Need help finishing a design or a brand new logo? Our design team can help and at no additional cost.

STEP #3 – Approve Your Design, Logo for Placement. Please be sure to double-check everything for accuracy. Once approved, you can then pay for your order so we can start production. It really is this easy to order and receive high-quality New Era Custom Hats!

Back in the day, leaving stickers on a headwear showed authenticity, manufacture and style of hat. Today, it is more of a fassion statement and no longer just seen on New Era hats. 

New Era Hats are always trending, so you’re always a winner when adding this popular brand to your marketing plan!

Below is a list of some of this brands most popular styles:

59FIFTY – This is New Era's flagship style, which includes a front panel structure, making it a classic shape. A perfect choice for those who play sports, as well as for those who like to wear street culture attire.

Low Pro 59FIFTY – Another popular style that’s commonly worn by athletes all over the world. If you're looking for a promotional Cap that offers a true fitted style and has a pre-curved visor.

9FIFTY – This option offers an open back that closes with either a strap or snapback closure. This classic selection is a great option when selecting a durable cap.

39THIRTY – Created as a stretch-fit option using special fabrics, making this another classic style. The front panel is structured for stability, making it one that’s extremely sturdy and thus a long-lasting.

9TWENTY – Looking for a comfortable personalized cap? This style is for those who are looking for a casual hat that sits low when wearing. No need to break it in as New Era’s technology created this ready to wear style to be comfortable the first time it’s worn. And you even get to choose the back closure option. Cool!

9FORTY – This structured cap is another great choice for those in need of a classic shaped Promo Hat. This one size fits all also offers different back closures, giving you customized options.

Since there are a few different types of Caps to choose from, learn now about the differences that make each Cap type distinctive.

Custom Fitted New Era Hats. Stretch fits are a great choice that fits snugly around the wearer's head. Because there's no back enclosure on this style you're able to design the full crown, which can make your unique design and/or company logo really stand out.

Custom Baseball Hats. New Era turned the classic baseball hat into one that's a little more unique, with the 59FIFTY being a prime example especialy wth MLB players. If you're looking for an easy to design baseball cap that’s popular amongst all sports enthusiasts, this is it.

Custom Embroidered New Era Hats. Direct logo embroidery can be done on the front, side and backw. Embroidery is a classic choice and a perfect way to have your design stand out.

Custom New Era Snapback Hats. Snapback Caps are one of the more popular Cap styles people wear. This style began trending in the ’90s and is happily worn by sports players as well as those who enjoy pop culture fashion.

To keep your New Era han in great condition, it's important to wash them by hand. The effective way to clean a cap is, by using a soft bristled brush and mild cleaning soap. Start by wetting the brush applying an amount of soap and gently scrubbing the surface to remove dirt. Afterward rinse the cap thoroughly with water gently pat it dry to remove any moisture and then set it aside to air dry completely. Placing the cap over an object can help maintain its shape during drying. If you're looking for a drying process you can use a fan. Set your blow dryer on low speed.

Now what, about washing your custom New Era hats in the washing machine? Yes you certainly can! Just make sure to use a detergent and consider using a hat protector to preserve its shape. However before tossing it in the machine spot cleaning any stains beforehand is recommended.

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Custom Fitted New Era Caps With Embroidery

The custom-fitted hat is a great way to show off your style and personality. The 39FIFTY® and 59FIFTY® have been around since the beginning of the company when it first became popularized by athletes in fields. Baseball players who wanted their own unique caps to help them stand out from other players on field loved customizing this particular hat. 

Is This The Right Hat Choice For You?

Have you decided if New Era custom hats are the right option for you? If you want to connect with a top Cap Brand that specializes in baseball-style Caps, you can’t go wrong when choosing this US-based hat company. As a major supplier of personalized caps, know we’re able to offer many styles, colors and customization options. We can also deliver many of our quality customization products in a matter of days, and offer Rush Delivery Services for those who need their promo items now. Contact us to ask us about our 100% quality guarantee, because yes, we’re that confident. Remember, The Monterey Company is your go-to custom manufacturer!

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