Design Your Own Custom Iron On Patches Today!

Custom Iron-on patches are a great way for your business to add its personal touch and creativity to an item that is easy to give away to promote your brand. You can customize any wearable, accessory or hat with an iron-on design that is sure to make you stand out. Get started today with this cost effective and popular custom promotional item.

Applying Patches To Apparel

Iron-on patches are a great way to add decor to hats, clothing, jackets, pants, backpacks and anything else that can stand the iron heat. Customizing iron on patches allows you to be as subtle or as bold as your imagination can take you. The history of patches have their roots in the military and uniformed businesses, but they have since evolved to represent all different types of events, groups and organizations. From sports teams and clubs to nonprofits, schools and festival events, custom iron on patches are all the rage. Call our designers at the Monterey Company so we can help you with your next event or if you just want to put together patches for a DIY project to give to your closest 100 friends!

Iron on Patches Are Affordable!

Did you know that custom iron on patches offer an affordable and creative way to express your personality, promote your brand or simply add some coolness and some flair to your clothing and accessories? Our customer service representatives will help you explore the world of custom patches - from their benefits, price and design options to simplifying the ordering process and tips for application and care. Get ready to unleash your creativity and design your own custom iron on patches today!

custom iron on patches for hats

Benefits of Custom Iron On Patches

Custom iron-on patches are becoming increasingly popular and trendy due to their inexpensive nature, flexibility, and ease of use. Businesses seeking an economical branding option or anyone looking for a way to make a fashion statement that is personalized through creative expression can benefit from the versatility of custom embroidered patches. What’s more, with no more minimum order requirements, they have now become accessible even in small quantities.

Four Easy Steps To Applying Your Patches!

At the Monterey Company, we are the authority in how to apply iron on patches. Custom iron-on patches are the coolest way to give your clothes a personal twist. Applying them is as easy as making a cup of instant noodles. Just follow this step by step guide:

Step One

Heat up your patch

Heat up your patch: Grab your iron and get it warmed up.

Step Two

Stick It On

Stick It On Put your patch on your hat, jacket, or even a tote bag

Step Three

Press and Cover

Pop a thin cloth like an old t-shirt or a bandana over the patch to protect it. Then, give it a gentle press with the hot iron. Hang out like this for about 15 seconds. It's like a quick high-five for bonding.

Step Four

Flip & Repeat

Flip your gear inside out and do the same thing on the other side. This helps the patch stay put. Let your creation chill for a minute. This helps the patch settle in nicely. And that's all there is to it!

sublimation hat patches

Cost-Effective Branding Solution

Iron on patches customized from the best and finest materials, are an affordable way to make sure your business, event, or organization is seen. Varying in size and level of embroidery, these can cost anywhere between $2.00 to $5.00 per patch depending on their size, quantity ordered and embroidery coverage. This makes them more economical than most other branding approaches available out there and they are convenient to hand out as give away items at events!

You also have the option of attaching a safety pin but fyi, this could poke holes in your clothing, but it does make the patch interchangeable on clothing pieces like jackets or hats as well as bags with great ease.

richardson 168 seven panel hat

Cost-Effective Branding Solution

Custom iron patches are suitable for a variety of uses due to their ability to be applied to many different materials and surfaces. The way the patch or logo is attached depends on what kind of backing it has, making that an essential element when creating these custom products. Such items can come in handy when outfitting staff with uniforms required by emergency services personnel, security firms, and trade companies.

Easy to Apply and Remove

Custom iron-on patches boast both ease and versatility. You can apply them with an iron or heat press in a few seconds to most fabrics like cotton, denim, or polyester blends. What’s more, their grip remains intact when washed and even dry cleaned – The beauty of these customized pieces lies within their effortless removal too - so if your patch outstays its welcome it will be simple enough (and swift!) to replace it.

whale patch

Preparing Your Surface and Iron

Are you looking to add your favorite patch to your apparel or hats with an iron? Here's what you need to do first: make sure your iron is hot and the steam settings are off. Protect your garment or headwear with a cotton cloth or parchment paper before you start.

whale patch

Positioning Your Patch

After gathering your supplies, select where you want to place the patch. Experiment with different areas to find the best spot. Once you decide on a placement, ensure it is in the correct angle and position because once you adhere the patch, you won't be able to adjust it. If applying the patch on shoes or hats, stuff them with towels to prevent shifting. This makes pressing easier and more effective as you can get closer to the material.

puff embroiderd patch

Applying the Patch

With your patch firmly in place, it's time to make sure the fabric is smooth and ready for adhesion. Begin by taking off the patch and carefully pressing a hot iron over its former position - don't forget to drape cloth or an old towel over top of both fabrics so as not to damage either! After about half a minute with some heat applied, replace your chosen decoration where desired. To enjoy even greater security from shifting or falling patches, take advantage of sewing around their edges too!

custom shaped embroidery patch

Why Repeating the Process Might Be Needed

The last step to applying your patch requires your full attention. Make sure to place the patch in the right spot and cover it with parchment paper or a cotton cloth. Press down firmly on all its edges as you iron it. Take your time and ensure the patch is firmly attached to your fabric. Once ironed on, let it cool. Your patch should now be firmly applied but if not, just repeat the process on the area that need a little extra attention.

Creating Your Patch

Crafting the perfect patch is your first step to success! Whether it be an iconic symbol or a meaningful blend of text and imagery, finding the right design that embodies your organization's spirit - one which will last throughout time - can truly make all the difference. With iron-on patches available in various sizes, shapes, and colors you're sure to discover something wonderfully unique for any purpose.

It’s also important to choose the type of patch that works for your specific needs. Transfer paper, embroidered patches, and woven patches all have a different look and feel, as well as different application processes. We can help teach you the differences between them and select the one that makes the most sense for you.

custom iron on patches

Iron on hat patches

Design Your Unique Patches

Custom iron on patches can take many forms, offering an array of possibilities for design. Every aspect from material to thread color and shape to the border should be considered in order to produce the perfect patch that truly conveys your message or brand identity. With all these decisions ahead of you, there is endless potential for creating a custom patch tailored specifically toward your needs!

Materials are one factor when designing unique patches, think about which materials will make them stand out best. Thread colors have just as much power too: matching different hues with shapes creates depth and interest within each individual element of the garment, and the overallll design. Finally, borders offer another opportunity to show off creativity. Picking something eye-catching ensures a fully realized personalized product at its finest!

Material & Design Selection

When it comes to custom iron on patches, selecting the base material based on your desired outcome is a critical first step. There’s an array of choices that allows you to make the perfect patch that meets both your vision and budget requirements. Factors such as look & feel, strength, and price all need consideration in order to create effective. Popular options include twill cloth, canvas fabric, or felt-like materials - each one offers its own unique characteristics making them individually suited to different needs & styles when crafting patches related to any brand image.

In summary. Determining what type of cloth or textile works best for your project will be key in producing successfully made pieces!

Thread Colors and Patterns

When it comes to crafting custom iron on patches, the selection of thread colors and patterns can make a world of difference in terms of how they look. From every shade imaginable to multiple interesting patterns - you have many options when creating an eye-catching patch design! You can even use up to 9 free colors so experimentation is not as costly as one may think. Through careful choice of threads, anyone has the ability to create unique patches that best represent them or their brand while also showing off creativity at its finest.

custom patches
embroidered patch design

Shape and Border Options

Creating a personalized patch for yourself is easily achievable by customizing the form and border of your iron-on patches. Choose from various shapes such as classic circles, squares or something more intricate, all with their own unique look! When it comes to borders, decide between heat cut laser cut or merrowed. Each provides an individual style so you can craft the ideal design that reflects your goals exactly. Customization allows crafting Iron on Patches that will be unmistakably unique compared to any other patched creations out there.

Backing Options

Custom iron on patches can be created with various backing options including heat seal, hook and loop, sew-on, and adhesive backings. Each type of option brings its own unique advantages in terms of reusability and convenience. Heat seals are durable for mass production while velcro allows easier removal or attaching the patch to another piece of clothing at any time without sewing it permanently into place. On the other hand, a sew-on backing provides permanent attachment so users don’t need to worry about having their custom creation slip off easily when washing clothes. Lastly, an adhesive backing is useful if someone wants more flexibility than what they would get from traditional methods by being able to attach the patch onto any kind of fabric quickly and simply whenever desired as well as remove them just as conveniently once needed changes arise later down the line.

By selecting one that meets your specific requirements, you can ensure maximum functionality combined with attractive visuals creating just about anything possible out there!

custom designed patches

Let Us Guide You Through The Ordering Process

Submitting Your Design

The custom iron on patch design process is painless and easy. Every step from submitting your design to receiving the finished product via reliable delivery services has been designed for optimal simplicity. We will take you through each stage of ordering, to review & approval all the way up until they are shipped out! We make it a priority that creating these patches be stress-free so follow along as we provide guidance in producing your personalized Iron ons with ease. In order to start the process of creating your patches, you will have to submit your design idea or artwork in a PNG or JPG format. 

You will need to decide on the type, size, and backing option that will work best for both appearance and function for your project, this will guarantee that you create an effective patch that looks great at the same time.

Review and Approval

During assessment, a prototype or physical sample of the patch may be supplied allowing you to make any changes before giving permission for manufacturing in full swing. In this way, we can guarantee excellent quality as well as satisfy expectations regarding your custom patches at every step of the uniform creation process.

Delivery and Shipping

Once the design process is finalized and production complete, your patches will be dispatched with a delivery option and shipping amount of your choice. With varied shipping methods to choose from, you’ll receive them quickly and securely. Shipping times may differ depending on what selection best choice was made. It takes 15-21 business days before receiving orders at their destination. Using the tracking number provided by the order confirmation email sent out upon purchase allows you to keep updated as to when to expect these one-off patches.