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Custom Charms

Custom charms are made by hand with your logo in vibrant colors. We have many kinds of plating choices. Send us your design and we will create a unique customized charm for your necklace or bracelet. We even offer logo jewelry in sterling silver, silver plating, and gold plating.

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Order Your Customized Charms with The Monterey Company!

Whether you are looking for corporate logo Jewelry or simply remember something momentous, working with us in creating a beautiful addition to a bracelet, necklace or stitch marker design, we make the order process easy. It all starts with your special idea, and with a bounty of materials and styles available to you when you work with us, the possibilities are nearly endless.   We've been making custom-made charms for customers for nearly 30 years. We also offer a full line of logo pendants.

We Will Create Your Design In a Few Easy Steps

Charms by us are manufactured with the highest quality custom metals and with our expert art team. Nothing is more sure to adequately commemorate a special event, an important moment, a business' brand or logo, or to show appreciation for a loved one, than something designed with the personal touches only you could craft.

Logo Charms Made In Days!

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Creating The Highest Quality Charm Designs Since 1989

The Monterey Company has been in the industry for nearly 30 years and has honed in the skills, materials, equipment, and process to make working with us seamless. Additionally, we have the best staff, committed to quality above and beyond the production process. When you work with a member of our team, collaborating in building a design you love, you will feel the dedication and how much they care in each and every interaction. And with every type of customization, from different enameling option to precious metals. We have a variety of plating options, different shapes, and even semi-precious and synthetic gems. Our experience and expertise of our designers will help you navigate the process in an easy, fun way.

How To Get A Custom Charm Made

What is the price of a custom charm? The cost ranges depending on what type of material you want it to be made from, quantity and the size. For example, a one inch charm with your logo can range in price from $2.00 to $4.00 depending on the quantity. 

They can be made in many different shapes and sizes, and can be made from brass, bronze or cast using zinc alloy.The manufacturing process normally takes around ten days depending on the image that is be produced. 3D logos are usually cast and this process can take ten to fifteen days. Charms can be enamel with soft or hard enamel as well as the could include cloisonné. They can be engraved with text or years of service. Gemstones can also be added for extra bling.

How do you add enamel to charms? The answer, and the process, is simple. Enamel is injected into the recessed metal areas of a charm. Soft enamel is usually only partially filled into the recessed areas of a design vs hard enamel is over filled. Hard enamel will include an additional step where the enamel is polished to the same level as the metal.

Custom charms are a great way to show your company's logo or personalize jewelry. Here is how you can add a custom logo to metal charms:

- Step 1 - Select the charm size, shape and thickness that best suits your needs

- Step 2 - Your logo will then be struck into metal or cast

- Step 3 - Logo colors are then matched, the charms are then plated in gold, silver or copper and then polished, packaged and shipped.

Our customized charms can also be made out of PVC and can be made in a two- or three-dimensional designs. They make the perfect shoe charms. Send us your sketch, and we will send you a proof with a life-like rendering of the final piece.

We are happy to make samples for you to see before the final production. Let our staff know that you'd like a sample when you place your order.

Absolutely not! Our expert artists and designers are there to help you every step of the way. To order custom charms through the Monterey Company, there's no need to know how to work with metal-or even know how to draw. We'll help you design and create a high-end, beautiful metal charm that you're sure to love. Our artists will help you choose every element of your design, including the metal finish. We guarantee you'll end up with the perfect final product.

Your Artwork and Design

You can add any logo or sketch to your charm, and they can also be engraved with letters and numbers. Our design team will happily create a charm from your original sketch. We will make the whole process for creating your customized charm fun and easy.


We can cast your logo and cut-out the areas of your design and this is a great option for tiny details in your art. Casting normally takes an extra week to manufacture.

Single or Double-Sided?

Yes, each side of your metal charm can have a different design or logo. Since our custom jewelry is hand-stamped, we can make your charm using sterling silver or silver and gold plating. Logo jewelry is what we do best, which is why we can create your double-sided design in just days.

Jump RIngs

We include jump rings-or small loops fashioned from metal-with every order, and you can also have them plated to match your design. To compliment your custom charm, we also offer charm bracelets and necklace chains. If you want to display your charm in a special way, we'll work to match your design with our wide range of products.

Charms can be used to celebrate big events or to commemorate important moments. These big events could be anything from graduation ceremonies, weddings, anniversary celebrations, birthdays, or even the birth of a new baby.

Your custom charms can also be given away as a part of a business or nonprofit's marketing campaign, event promotion, or brand-awareness initiatives. With the personal touches, you can add to your design, there is no better way to say "thank you" to your customers or to attract new clients than by gifting a Monterey Company product.

A personalized charm or pendant could also represent your club or organization in a fun and unique way. You can also use your customized charms to represent your camp at Burning Man. Pick your friends and fellow village members out from the crowds by designing the perfect charm to represent your group and wearing them proudly in the desert. We've created designs featuring everything from a flying rainbow unicorn to a happy slice of watermelon-you are only limited by your imagination.

The type of metal you use can affect the look and feel of your end product, so discussing the different options with our designers is a great idea. Bronze is our most popular option, as it is compatible with our many color and style addition options. Other base metals offered include copper, brass, iron, zinc, stainless steel and pewter, each adding a unique flair to your design. 

Minimum orders are 100 pieces, but, depending on the type of custom charms you order, we often work with our customers on any size order that fits both your price point.

Production times also vary, depending on what sort process and materials are being used to bring your designs to life. Standard production time is 21 to 30 days. We are dedicated to providing the fastest production times without sacrificing any of the quality. So allot for mere weeks between your complimentary proof and shipping your finished products. Standard shipping rates also apply and will vary depending on the size and materials encompassed within your order.

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Your Source For The Best Quality Logo Charms

Custom made charms are as unique as the people, groups, and companies who have them manufactured. They're so versatile, they can be used for many applications.

  • Build your brand
  • Charms can spread awareness for your favorite cause.
  • They can be given out as gifts at your fundraiser.
  • Weddings & Anniversary Gifts
  • Graduations

You'll work one on one with a designer!

And with every type of customization, including sterling silver to a variety of plating options including 24K gold plating, from different shapes and molds, and even from semi-precious or synthetic gems, tapping into the experience and expertise of our designers will help you navigate the process in an easy, fun way. Our corporate logo jewelry can be created using your logo on one or two sides!

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As a custom charm maker we can design In any size

The first thing to consider when you begin working with our designers is the desired size of your creation. Should it look delicate or should it really pop with 3D? Being thoughtful about sizing is important. Additionally, consider your budget and the quantity you're hoping to order. Work with a member of our staff to determine the best shape for your design and pocketbook today.

Looking For A Burning Man Design?

We can make a Burning Man charm for your camp or village in any of our popular styles. It's a great way to recognize each other in the crowd. Just send us your ideas, and we'll create a custom metal charms for you and your fellow burners to enjoy!

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925 Solid Silver Charm Jewelry?

We offer precious metals including 925 silver and then add semi-precious or synthetic gems to your charm jewelry. We offer gift boxes every order includes jump rings. We offer different attachments including charm bracelets, necklace chains and more… We make custom shaped charm bracelets with and without color. Rush orders are welcome, but please allow time to create the artwork.

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3D Designs

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3D Die Struck

As a charm maker, we can create a 3D design from almost any logo you wish to create. The die-struck process involves the use of an automated stamping press, during which your logo is pressed, or stamped, into your selected base metal. This pressing process creates both raised and recessed details in your art.

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3D Casting

The second way to create a 3D image is through casting. The casting process is made by fashioning a custom mold, with designs incorporating smaller cut-outs or tiny sections made easily through the use of either zinc or pewter. Casting often adds up to a week of production time. The quality, of course, is well worth the wait.

Send Us Your Artwork For A Free Proof

The Monterey Company has been in the industry for over 30 years and has honed in the skills and process to make working with us seamless. We have the best staff, committed to quality above and beyond the custom production process.