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Bicycle Head Badges

Custom head badges with your logo

We make customized bicycle head badges

Colorful and artistically produced bike frames can be seen on bike lanes, races, and trails all over the world. Customized bike badges can be created to fit the head tube of your custom bicycles. Show your style and promote your logo and have designed a head tube badge. Emblems for bike frames are made to order with your specifications and can be manufactured in as few as three weeks!

Bicycle head badge

Looking for metal emblems for your new line of bike frames?

Metal bicycle head badges are a great way to add value and personality to your bicycle frame. Whether creating your emblem to add brand identity to your products, or to individualize a bicycle frame of your very own, bike emblems are the best product for the job. We take great pride in customizing your design and adding the perfect curve to your metal emblem will fit your frame just perfectly. Head tube badges combine stunning design with rich and vibrant color schemes and the durability that comes from using quality materials. The first step to placing an order is to contact us and we will provide you with an estimate to create your bike emblems.

What You Need To Know About Customizing Head Badges

Ordering Bicycle Badges Is Easy

What is a Custom Bike Badge?

A bicycle badge is a metal or plastic attachment embossed with a brand or logo that is fixed to the metal tube below the handlebars on a bicycle. Often used by manufacturers, these bicycle head badges can be personalized with any design, and screws, rivets, and other adhesive methods are attached. 

Personalized Bike Emblems

Metal bicycle emblems are gaining relevance, returning to their former glory as vintage and custom bicycles become more popular. Once used to differentiate one brand of bike from another, head tube badges were functional works of art, demonstrating the quality of the bike they sit on.

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What are they made of?

Bicycle head badges are customizable in color and style and are manufactured from a wide variety of materials including metals like aluminum or bronze and plastic, and are built to fit the curve of your bike perfectly. Work with a Monterey Company Designer to create the badge you’ve been looking for.

How are They Used?

  • To brand your cycle shop
  • To brand your line of bicycles
  • To create an affiliation with a team, unit or group
  • Creating support or allegiance to a team, group, school or special interest
  • To show your individuality and personality

There are several factors to consider when you ordering a bike badge emblem, and we are here to help you every step of the way. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about ordering bicycle emblems. We also offer other unique products like custom keychains that can be designed for your bike shop or group logo.

  • frequently:
  • Bicycle shops
  • Bike Manufacturers
  • Bicycle designers
  • Bicycle enthusiasts
  • Professional cyclists
  • Mountain bikers
  • Police departments with a bicycle unit
Custom Silver Bicycle Head Badges
metal emblems

Thinline Aluminum Head Badges!

Head Badges for Your Bike Shop

You live and breathe everything bicycles, operating your shop with professional, informed staff and the best equipment around. You’re up-to-date on all the latest gear, understand the mechanics behind your bikes, and are always excited to help your customers plan their trips and rides. But, sometimes, standing out against your competition can be tough. This is where The Monterey Company can help. We manufacture custom head badges, enabling you to inject personality into your equipment and generate awareness around your brand.

Work with a professional designer to craft the perfect head badge for your shop’s bikes. Whether your business is playful and cheeky, or tough and professional, we can create the perfect design for your brand. By creating show-stopping badges, you’ll become the first shop on people’s mind when they need the quality equipment and assistance you provide. Get connected to one of our designers today, combining artwork and skill, taking your shop and your play to the next level.

Siren Bike Company Testimonial

" Had the pleasure of working with a local bike maker called Siren Bicycles. The company is a hand built American mountain bike company from Idyllwild, California, that strives to build elegant, beautiful racing frames and complete bikes ". They merge frame building techniques with cutting-edge technology to bring the customer the finest riding machines possible.

Custom Made Silver Bicycle Head Badges