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The Monterey Company offers free art services with your order. You will receive a professionally created image within one to two business days (more complex logos can take longer). Our professional designers have many years of experience in the industry and have an excellent understanding of what will work best for you. Send us your simple sketch, or simply speak with one of our customer service representatives to convey your vision and we will transform it into a beautifully crafted lapel pin, coin, medallion, keychain or any number of other products.

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Free Art Proof

When we produce an image for you (or work with one you have given us) that is used in an order placed with The Monterey Company, you own the artwork and the image. Feel free to use the logo in any way you want — in a brochure, on a website or a T-shirt. We are in the business of selling lapel pins, not graphic art services, so any logo that is produced and used in the production of any items for your company will belong to you from that point forward. Our graphic services are completely free with the purchase.

We can work with sketches or just a verbal idea that you have in mind. Your designer and salesperson will work with you to create a virtual sample of your product. You can make as many changes/improvements to the proof until you are 100 percent satisfied. Once that occurs, and you sign off on the artwork, then you’re ready to create a sample.


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