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At the Monterey Company, customer satisfaction is paramount. That's why we've put together this helpful FAQ page to provide support and answers in a timely manner – no matter the question! There will always be someone on hand to assist you with accurate information so that your experience with us can bring maximum satisfaction. We strive for nothing less than excellence when it comes to serving you - don't hesitate contact us today!

Ordering is Easy

At The Monterey Company, we know that customer experience is key. That's why ordering from us should be smooth sailing all the way — no unexpected hassles or complex processes! Our expert customer service team will guide you through every step of your order journey and answer any questions quickly so you can focus on what matters most to you. You'll always have a helping hand whenever needed - let us make shopping easy for you!

About Placing Your Order

Quotes, Artwork & Common Questions

Get your project off the ground in no time! Click "Request A Quote" for a fast quote on your custom print job. With our attentive team, all of your questions will be answered quickly and design files reviewed. Plus, if you're looking to get creative with it, let us connect you with an experienced designer who can bring your vision to life - just ask!

Free graphic design with orders over $500, including unlimited revisions. A $20 art fee applies. Final image ownership and art proof provided. Please email graphics in vector format, converting all fonts to paths. We accept .jpg, .tiff, .eps, .psd, or Corel file. Vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw are preferred. Note that physical artwork sent to us cannot be returned.

The Monterey Company strives to provide our customers with the best possible product experience. We offer pre-production samples, a team review for accuracy and style, as well as design proof before production - all backed by a 100% quality guarantee along with no questions asked if any defect is discovered within 21 days of receipt. To further demonstrate our commitment to excellence. Our promise: Durable products made right – satisfaction guaranteed every time!

We make it easy for you to complete your purchase with various payment options. We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept payments through PayPal, a secure and convenient online payment; we also accept company checks. We require a 100% down payment for your first order unless you have an approved credit application. We also accept purchase orders from organizations that have approved credit. Rest assured that your payment information is securely processed, and your privacy is protected. 

Our dedicated graphic design team will work closely with you to create the perfect product for your special project. From finding just the right shape and size among a variety of options, to nailing down every detail from concept sketch to final digital proof - we'll ask all the questions necessary so that no element is overlooked in bringing your vision splendidly into reality!

The Monterey Company can provide pre-production samples for customers to review before full production to ensure customer satisfaction before proceeding with large-scale production. This service allows customers to see and approve a tangible example of the product before committing to an entire order, providing peace of mind and reducing the potential for any issues or dissatisfaction with the final product. This service is essential for larger orders where the details matter most and when the customer is unsure how to translate their ideas into the final product. 

Placing an order with the Monterey Company has never been easier! Simply request a custom quote for your project, provide the necessary details for an accurate estimate, and review and approve the proof we send you - then it's time to proceed with your order. All that is left from there is payment (unless you have opened a credit application with us), and you can start looking forward to completion on schedule!

If you need your order quickly, Monterey Company offers a Rush Order option! Our customer service team is here to help you select the best shipping method based on transit times and costs so that you can know when your product will arrive. However, as there are no digital art proofs included with Quick-Ship orders, we recommend double-checking design details carefully before approving it - our experts are also available should any questions arise. Get in touch today for more information!

Let us handle your re-order! Whether you give us a call or send an email, we'll get the ball rolling right away. Making changes? No problem - once they're finalized, we can provide an updated quote before starting production. Need it quickly? Get in touch and our team will arrange expedited shipping to make sure everything arrives on time!

At the Monterey company, we are passionate about delivering your custom orders to you quickly and efficiently. We understand that there can be unexpected delays due to factors out of our hands - like customs or carrier issues - but rest assured, knowing that we will do everything in our power to get them into your arms as soon as possible! Your satisfaction is paramount, and with us by your side; you’ll receive service above and beyond what’s expected. Thank you for choosing us!

Request a Quote

Need a custom quote? Get started by requesting a quote.

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Adding a logo Is Easy When You Use the Right Print Method!

Glossary Of Printing Terms

Understanding the printing methods available for promotional products is helpful when ordering. With our comprehensive glossary, customers gain the knowledge to make an informed decision about which method best fits your unique requirements. Dive into a variety of possibilities and find out exactly how each option can help you get your message across!

Die Striking

Die Struck technology is a unique and intricate process used to create metal products like keychains and lapel pins. It involves crafting a raised design onto an impression die, then forcefully striking it down on the material's surface – creating detailed impressions that are sure to impress!

Screen printing

Screen printing is a distinct art form that has existed for centuries. This popular procedure may create eye-catching and long-lasting graphics on garments or other objects by pressing ink through stencils onto various surfaces with a squeegee. Screen printing could be the ideal solution if you want brilliant colors or long-lasting images! It is less expensive for large orders and enables for the use of special inks, but it has color and design detail limits.


Etching: Personalize your favorite mug with a unique etching! You can achieve this through either sandblasting or laser engraving. Sandblasting begins by applying the logo stencil onto the surface of the mug - then, a fine layer of sand is blasted to create an etched impression that won't wash away. Alternatively, opt for laser engraving and watch as a beam vaporizes ceramic material from its surface to permanently form your chosen design seamlessly. Enjoy long-lasting results while keeping it dishwasher safe!

DTG Printing

Create custom designs in no time with the Monterey Company's Direct-to-Garment printing! This modern process uses inkjet technology to spray design right onto fabric, and is especially great for short runs. Plus, you get all the benefits of 4 color process printing without needing a long setup - making it simple to print smaller runs.


Embroidery is an artful way to add logos to apparel and headwear. By using a machine, needle and thread, a skilled designer can stitch colorful designs onto clothing or accessories like hats with ease. With this technique they are able create logos, text-based messages or vibrant artwork that will stand the test of time since embroidered pieces are much more durable than designs printed on top of fabric! Get creative - give any item in your closet some personalized flair with beautiful embroidery!


Sublimation is a process of printing detailed, colorful designs onto fabrics and other items. Special transfer paper with sublimation ink containing pigments that become gas when heated are first printed on the design, then transferred to the fabric using heat and pressure. This creates durable prints that won't crack or peel over time - perfect for athletics wear and performance apparel! However, it's important to note this isn't suitable for 100% cotton materials.

Pad Printing

Pad printing is an attractive, reliable option for branding and promotional materials that require a custom design. It uses silicone pads to transfer ink from etched metal plates onto surfaces with complex shapes or curves – such as swag items like mugs, pens, keychains and more! Versatile enough to print on plastic, glass or metal substrates; it offers superior quality at remarkably low cost — even suitable for small-medium runs of products. Plus the process ensures accuracy in detail while lasting multiple washes without fading away!

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a precise and accurate method of creating intricate designs on various materials, such as metal, glass, wood, or plastic. It quickly vaporizes the material using an intense laser beam – resulting in stunningly detailed works that have unparalleled clarity and longevity. From awards to keychains to personalized gifts - there are endless creative possibilities with this cutting-edge technology! However it's important to note that not all materials respond well when undergoing laser engraving so results may vary depending on your chosen item.

How The Ordering Process Works

customer design sketch

Step One: Send Us Your Design

Kickstart your creative journey today by requesting a quote from our team. We understand that every project is unique, so no matter what inspires you—be it an existing logo or something from the depths of your imagination—we’ll be there to bring it all together and make sure you get exactly what you are looking for!


Step Two: We Create A Proof

Once you've given the thumbs up to your final design, get ready for a flurry of activity! From our end, we'll move fast and furious to craft every element exactly how you want it. The production process may take anywhere from 10-15 business days depending on what product is being made - but rest assured that when it's finished, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with the results.

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Step Three: The Finished Product

After the fulfillment of your order, we take extra steps to ensure it's safe delivery. With FedEx as our preferred carrier, you can rest assured that your package will remain secure throughout its journey—no matter where it’s headed! We ship worldwide so anyone from Canada and beyond can access our products with ease.


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