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At The Monterey Company, we believe in making your order experience a breeze. We get it; nobody likes unexpected hassles or complicated processes. That's why our dedicated customer service team is here to walk you through every step of the ordering journey—Do you have any questions? We've got quick answers. We're here to lend a helping hand whenever needed so you can stay focused on what truly matters to you. Let's keep your shopping experience as smooth as possible!

Company Video on Patches On Hats

Learn about how we have lots of cap decoration methods, including direct stitching and patches. These patches come in various types like embroidered, woven, PVC rubber, and leather. Each has its unique qualities. 

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Get your project off the ground in no time! Click "Request A Quote" for a fast quote on your custom print job. With our attentive team, all of your questions will be answered quickly and design files reviewed. Plus, if you're looking to get creative with it, let us connect you with an experienced designer who can bring your vision to life - just ask!
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We're all about turning your ideas into reality! Whether you've got your own artwork or a finished logo, we're here to work our magic. Different products require different setups – like for t-shirts, we use screens, while our lapel pins need a die and mold, and our leather patches get the laser treatment. We've got thousands of products under our belt, and we're experts at creating and designing them. But it all begins with you sending us your artwork or logo, so we can whip up a quote and craft a proof that's just right for you. Let's get the ball rolling on your awesome project!

Getting your order rolling with us is a piece of cake! Once you've given the thumbs-up on the proof we send your way, we'll shoot over an invoice for your review. Once that's settled and paid, it's all systems go for production. Now, the time it takes to whip up your goods can vary depending on what you've chosen. But don't stress, we'll keep you in the loop every step of the way!

Production Time: When it comes to production time, it really hinges on the custom product you opt for. On average, most of our items take about 3 to 4 weeks to come to fruition. If you'd like to see an actual sample before we kick off full production, just let us know. In many cases, we're more than happy to offer this service. It's all about making sure you're totally content with your choice!

Multiple Location Shipments:You can split your order and have it shipped to multiple locations with ease.

International Shipments: Shipping internationally is a breeze with us; we've got you covered!

Reorders: When reordering the same item with identical artwork, you won't incur any additional set-up charges, and once we've digitized your logo for embroidery, there are no extra tape or digitizing fees for embroidering it on different items.

We have a knack for finding almost any cool promotional product you can imagine. It's like having your product-finding genie! Our new website has thousands of searchable items so that you can browse to your heart's content. Whether you've got a specific product in mind or are up for some inspiration, we're all about making your brand look awesome. So, let's dive in and start turning those promo ideas into reality!

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We've got you covered with a complete quality guarantee. If there's anything not quite right within 21 days of receiving your order, don't sweat it – we'll fix it up, no explanations needed. We're totally focused on delivering top-notch quality that stands the test of time – your happiness is our commitment, every step of the way!

Glossary & Production Methods

Ever wondered how they make those snazzy metal keychains and pins? Well, they use Die Striking – it's like stamping a cool design onto metal. For clothes and things, there's Screen Printing, an old-school technique that makes colorful, long-lasting designs. If you want a fancy mug, they can blast a design onto it using Etching, either with sand or laser magic, and it'll stay put even in the dishwasher. Need custom designs on clothes? DTG Printing is the way to go, quick and easy. Embroidery, on the other hand, involves sewing colorful designs onto clothes and hats – it's super tough and lasts ages. Sublimation is perfect for vibrant sports gear, but not for 100% cotton. Pad Printing is great for tricky shapes like mugs and keychains, and it's affordable and durable. Lastly, there's Laser Engraving for precise designs on various materials. It's perfect for awards, keychains, and unique gifts, but keep in mind, results can vary depending on the material.
mug printer
Die Struck technology is a unique and intricate process used to create metal products like keychains and lapel pins. It involves crafting a raised design onto an impression die, then forcefully striking it down on the material's surface – creating detailed impressions that are sure to impress!
Screen printing is a distinct art form that has existed for centuries. This popular procedure may create eye-catching and long-lasting graphics on garments or other objects by pressing ink through stencils onto various surfaces with a squeegee. Screen printing could be the ideal solution if you want brilliant colors or long-lasting images! It is less expensive for large orders and enables for the use of special inks, but it has color and design detail limits.
Embroidery is an artful way to add logos to apparel and headwear. By using a machine, needle and thread, a skilled designer can stitch colorful designs onto clothing or accessories like hats with ease. With this technique they are able create logos, text-based messages or vibrant artwork that will stand the test of time since embroidered pieces are much more durable than designs printed on top of fabric! Get creative - give any item in your closet some personalized flair with beautiful embroidery!
Laser engraving is a precise and accurate method of creating intricate designs on various materials, such as metal, glass, wood, or plastic. It quickly vaporizes the material using an intense laser beam – resulting in stunningly detailed works that have unparalleled clarity and longevity. From awards to keychains to personalized gifts - there are endless creative possibilities with this cutting-edge technology! However it's important to note that not all materials respond well when undergoing laser engraving so results may vary depending on your chosen item.
Pad printing is an attractive, reliable option for branding and promotional materials that require a custom design. It uses silicone pads to transfer ink from etched metal plates onto surfaces with complex shapes or curves – such as swag items like mugs, pens, keychains and more! Versatile enough to print on plastic, glass or metal substrates; it offers superior quality at remarkably low cost — even suitable for small-medium runs of products. Plus the process ensures accuracy in detail while lasting multiple washes without fading away!
Etching: Personalize your favorite mug with a unique etching! You can achieve this through either sandblasting or laser engraving. Sandblasting begins by applying the logo stencil onto the surface of the mug - then, a fine layer of sand is blasted to create an etched impression that won't wash away. Alternatively, opt for laser engraving and watch as a beam vaporizes ceramic material from its surface to permanently form your chosen design seamlessly. Enjoy long-lasting results while keeping it dishwasher safe!

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