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Custom Morale Patches

Custom morale patches and tactical patches are used to build morale and to inspire their recipients. Made from soft rubber as well as being stitched. Both styles can be designed in a custom shape and size.

What is a Morale Patch?

A morale patch is an item often created by the military to create camaraderie and closeness within a unit or brigade. Customized patches with a identifying insignia and often display humorous images or expressions unique to the members within a group.

Manufactured Using Soft Rubber

Morale patches created using soft rubber appearance and feel, making it the perfect material to be molded into any shape or color. As morale patch designs are often requested by the branches of the military, police forces, and firefighters, they must be made from a material that can withstand the elements. This style is waterproof, flexible, durable, and are attached by velcro, glue, or a sewn-in track.

custom military police patch patch

Police Patch & Military Patch Designs

Police morale patches are manufactured from high-quality rubber and are used to customize equipment, to identify different departments within a force, and to recognize the service and good work of officers. Built for durability and resilience to weather, sweat, and the hazards of the job, PVC rubber patches are made to last.

Custom Tactical Patches

The benefits of morale and tactical patches using a soft rubber are many, including the ability to easily add a velcro backing. Easily formed into any custom shape and we can even match most colors including most OD3 Military green colors. Some of the organizations that use a morale patch include FBI & Homeland Security, Police Firefighters, Airsoft Teams, and Swat.

  1. Step number one is to decide on the shape and size of your morale patch.
  2. Decide on how many you'll need and the colors you would like to use.
  3. Decide on the options! Options include velcro backing, adhesive backing, and a smooth back being glued to a surface. Learn how to iron on a patch to any garment.

Why use morale patches?

Often, it’s the most important jobs that come at the greatest cost to the individuals participating in them. Military, law enforcement, and fire department members are among the people who sacrifice the most to do their job, selflessly making the lives of the people around them safer.

Because these jobs can become a taxing day in and day out, taking a toll on the spirits of the members participating in them, measures are regularly taken to encourage positive morale within these fields. One such measure is awarding custom morale patches to signify various accomplishments achieved throughout the duties of service and to encourage camaraderie between members of the group. They are distributed at award ceremonies or through private individual interactions and are gifted to acknowledge jobs well done, commemorate acts of virtuosity, or to celebrate an undeniable leader.

green skull rubber patch

These patches are customized to represent the accomplishments or capture the spirit of the group, with added details of significance for that group. If patches are awarded after passing a course, the name of the course and the title achieved can be incorporated. If they are commemorating years of service, those years can be proudly displayed on the patches. If the collective group performed an act of heroism, the date and title of the event can be integrated. These details encourage pride and togetherness and boost the morale of the organization. We also offer patches with embroidery that can be customized in any shape and size.

weapons school patch design

We can design your morale patch

Ready to take the next step? We provide art services and we have designed thousands of morale and tactical patch designs over the years. The first step is to request a quote and include your design and start on your art proof. Art proofs usually only take a day to create and we offer unlimited revisions. We look forward to seeing your art and creating an awesome looking custom shaped tactical patch for your uniform.