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Custom Printed T-Shirts & Printing Methods

You can be sure that your custom tee shirt project will turn out great with our high standards for print quality and the multiple printing technologies we use. We combine techniques like embroidery, rhinestones, foil printing and 4-color process printing on T-shirts to create custom designs; no other company has this ability to create!

Top T-Shirt Brands Printed With Your Logo

At The Monterey Company, we know that a t-shirt is more than just an article of clothing. It's the perfect way to show off your personality and style! Choose from our extensive collection for something custom made specifically with you in mind—whether it be logo designs or funny messages on them; there are no limits when working together with us

We make sure every order has top name brands like Gildan, Hanes, Anvil, Bella Canvas, Next Level Apparel and more. We pay attention detail so each customer gets their own individualized experience which includes innovative decorating techniques

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Why Are Bella Canvas Shirts So Eco Friendly?

Choose Bella Canvas shirts for your next event to make sure you're doing the right thing. The eco-friendly company is located in Los Angeles, California where they use less water and harmful chemicals than most other shirt manufacturers so their customers can feel good about themselves without sacrificing style or quality!

bella canvas

Bella Canvas 3001 - The Perfect Shirt!

UNISEX JERSEY SHORT SLEEVE TEE - 100% No Sweatshops & Eco-Friendly

This updated essential t-shirt is designed with the perfect blend of comfort and style. It features a crew neck, short sleeves in order to keep you cool during those warmer days as well Combed cotton fabric acts as your blank canvas for printing!

Features: Sideseamed. Retail fit. Unisex sizing. Shoulder taping.


What's The Best Printing Method

Custom tee shirts can often times be a bit tricky to print them. There is more than one method to choose from, with each coming at a different price point and having their own unique pros/cons depending on what you're looking for in your design and style of shirt you select. We offer a variety of printing services that will suit your needs. From DTG and 4 color process, to water-based inks with glow in the dark or reflective pigments - we've got you covered!

Custom Printing Options

Innovation is our middle name! We like to think outside the box and create custom shirts with your logo in unique ways. If you want an design that's entirely printed around a shirt or has reflecting ink, we can do it for ya real quick-like, just give us some details about what kind of design you are thinking of and we will send a customized quote for your project.

distress printed shirt

Distress Printed Tees

Distressed prints are nothing new, but there is a range of types and degrees you can choose from. Cracked or stamped for example! This technique can be used to give an aged, retro or antique look and make the logo more interesting.

metalic ink printed shirt

Foil Printing

A special thin layer of metal foil is added after printing and then heat pressed. This innovative process can be used as an accent or bold, iconic statement in your design work!

jumbo printed t-shirt

Large Prints

We can print shirts in any size up to 18" x 22", depending on the style and artwork you choose. Designs are available with 6 colors or more, which will be printed using water-based/plastisol techniques for an even distribution of ink coverage across your image!

4-color process printed shirt

4-Color Printed Shirts

4-color Process uses spot color inks (solid, opaque colors) and half tone to achieve a photo realistic look. Generally requires the use of an under base for brighter more vivid hues.

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Water Based Inks

Water based inks are typically softer feeling and more flexible than plastisol prints. They also have an advantage plastisol inks when it comes to stability; since these inks will be absorbed by its fibers rather then sticking onto the surface of a garment.

wrap printed t-shirt

Wrap Prints

Wrap printing is a unique and popular way to create an eye catching design on your shirt. It involves wrapping the artwork around the shirt itself, like it's trying not fit inside of whatever space you're using for printing!

screen printed bela canvas t-shirt

Screen Printing

The process of creating a custom t-shirt is called silk screening. It uses brightly colored ink that's dragged across the fabric to create design, and it can be done manually or with an automated machine!

screen printed tee shirt

Sleeve Prints

We offer custom sleeve printing on short sleeve and long sleeve shirts. We are able to print multiple colors on light or dark color shirts. 

full coverage printed t-shirt

Full Coverage Prints

You can't go wrong with full coverage prints! These all-over shirt prints will have your art beautifully printed on top of every seam, so no matter what you're doing or where in life - this is one shirt that'll never fail to impress.

mixed media printed shirt

Mixed Media Prints

Create a variety of unique designs with sparkly glitter, foiled or metallics that are perfect for making logos pop. You can also use bright colors printed in various ways to promote your business's branding power!

foil print shirt

Foil Printing

A special thin layer of metal foil is added after printing and then heat pressed. This innovative process can be used as an accent or bold, iconic statement in your design work!

custom distress printed t-shirt

Vintage Prints

Your design can be made to look like a vintage print in the same way create our distress prints. This is a great way to give your logo an interesting touch and make it more than just another boring old-looking design.

full color printed t-shirt

Full-Color Prints

4-color process printing is an ideal way to print complex images onto white, black and colored garments. Due the complexity of your artwork it may require additional charges for production which are applied at checkout depending on what type you choose from our vast selection!

foil printed shirt

Foil Prints

foil printing is a great way to make your design stand out from the rest. With many different colors available, you can find one that will match any color scheme or style preference for both visual appeal and durability!

4 color process tee shirt

Printing On Dark Shirts

To ensure that your design stays bold and bright, we first print a white layer in the shape of it. This "flash" helps prevent peeling or fading when printed on top of darker colors like black ink for instance!

all over printed shirt

Full Wrap Printing

Water-based ink is the preferred printing technique for this process because it produces a soft to touch feel wrap around print. This type of inking can be used with 1 -2 colors only but combining other types will give you an overall screen that looks great!