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Custom Minted Coins & Silver Coins

There are countless options for creating a minted coin. Adding a diamond-cut edge can create the perfect frame for your design. Sequential numbering or engraved names are a great way to personalize each design Sandblasting and other textures can transform a simple background into a perfect depiction of a desert landscape or ocean floor.

Designing coins and the best options

One of the most important decisions you will make with regard to creating your minted coin is to plan on all the awesome options that can be added to your logo. Your logo may lend itself to a particular plating style (ie: we find that silver works best for logos with a lot of white), or you might choose to use more than one metal finish (we call this “dual plating”) to create a truly spectacular and unique look for your item. Choosing a textured background can really enhance your coin.

Minting a coins vs. stamped coins

What is the definition of minted coins? A mint has normally been known as a facility that makes coins that could be made into currency. And now, it refers to stamping coins or to get them made along with the original definition. As a manufacturer of coins, to us means having them hydraulically pressed. Hydraulically pressed coins have a mirror-like finish with almost no imperfections. Stamped coins normally do have imperfections in the metal because of the die used to strike them. Normally are struck but in some cases, they are created and the price per piece is substantially higher than die stamping or striking.

How are hydraulic presses used in coin minting?

Minting is different than casting and die striking because a hydraulic press is used to achieve a luxurious, glass-like finish. To choose which style is best for you, understanding how the process works can be critical. Because of the pressure used in pressing a logo, the material is dense, durable, and without blemishes, making minted coins a high-end option. Here is how we make them with a hydraulic press:

  • Begin with a base metal or the material. Popular metal varieties include bronze, copper, or silver
  • The surface of the metal is heated and hardened in preparation for the introduction of the hydraulic press.
  • The material is inserted into the hydraulic press, wherein the blank round metal is pressed out of the base metal, through extreme force.
  • The metal is pressed again, with each side being imprinted into the metal.
company coins

Four Uses for Event Coins

Commemorative Coins: When events are worth being commemorated, custom coins act as the perfect memorabilia, inciting the emotion and gravity of the event when carried by the recipients. Graduations, fundraisers, galas, grand openings, and more can be remembered for a lifetime when commemorated with a custom-minted coin.

Award or Incentive Coins are the perfect items for encouraging employees or members within your organization to do their best work. They can be awarded for jobs well done, exceptional performances, perfect attendance, and more, or can be used to accumulate and “cash in” for other incentive prizes and experiences.

Membership Coins: To celebrate new membership within a group, department, or company, custom minted coins are perfect for encouraging camaraderie and for representing the overarching principles, values, and expectations that membership entails. Designed with the logo or insignia of the group, these pieces can be used to recognize other members or to demonstrate pride of affiliation.

Milestone Coins: Anniversaries, promotions, tenure, and other important milestones can be celebrated through a minted coin. These pieces can act in place of a trophy while achieving the same effect. Dedications of years, time, and energy are best recognized with unique and thoughtful pieces that can be cherished for a lifetime.

  • To commemorate an event
  • As awards or incentives
  • To acknowledge membership
  • To celebrate important milestones

Minted & Hydraulically Pressed Coins

Our Three Most Requested Finishes

Antique Copper Coins

Law Enforcement Coins

Custom Silver Coins

logo coins with 3d horse
coin with two elk

Bronze Coins

historical monument 3d coin
raytheon eagle coin
custom made corporate pin

2D vs 3D coins

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is about the difference between two-dimensional and three-dimensional coins. Two-dimensional images really have two layers, a background and a raised surface which makes it perfect for a text-only or silhouette piece.

Three-dimensional images have a sculpted look and can include details that just aren’t possible with 2D. We recommend using 3D to depict nature scenes, humans and animal figures as it can provide the kind of detail that makes it look almost real.

3d club coin
event coin in silver
event coin in silver

Minting Coins With Your Logo

3d logo coin with a phoenix

Adding Texture to Your Design

Adding texture is an excellent way to add dimension and contrast to your logo. And when talking about an image which is rarely larger than 2″ in diameter, it is easy to understand how essential contrast can be. The texture is an inexpensive way to add another dimension to your minted coin. It works especially well with landscapes that depict nature.

coin texture options

Often our clients will request a design without any color whatsoever. With these types of designs, it is critical to add some texture to distinguish the raised metal areas from the recessed metal areas. Sandblasting is our favorite and most commonly used texture, but we offer fun and distinct options from very fine sandblasting to checkerboard patterns and everything in between. Take a look at the texture wheel to the left to help you decide what might be the perfect enhancement for minting your logo.

antique silver 3d coin rocket design

Minting Your Design

Oddly shaped coins follow your insignia. No matter what shape it is, we can make it, even if it includes cut-out areas. Usually, these minted coins are struck into brass or bronze metal and can be cast if your logo is predominantly three-dimensional. We can also adjust the thickness from one side to the other, or even make the design follow an arch. Create a distinct image by using spot epoxy on individual colors, and leave other areas without epoxy.

If you’re looking to create a product that’s handy as well as unique, we can help you create your specialty shape to be a bottle opener. Just speak to one of our talented and experienced artists to get started on creating your logo.

The minting process, also known as coinage or coining, is achieved by using a hydraulic press to stamp the desired patterns and designs into the metal, creating a clean, smooth logo.

Silver & Gold Plated Coins

Shiny Gold Plating

gold veterans anniversary coin

Shiny Silver Plating


Silver Coins Minting

Our custom silver coins can also be made with a sandblasting or a texture can be added to create a dimensional look and making the foreground stand out. We offer real silver plating as well as nickel silver and antique silver.

Gold Coins Minting

Gold coins are normally die struck just like our silver coins. Plating is how we create our finishes and we double plated so the gold plating is thick and will last. We currently do not make solid gold coins as the cost of gold change hourly and a solid gold coin is normally made by coin mints.

Sandblasting The Background

Sandblasting is a great option when you are looking to create a two-tone effect. Adding sandblasting to the recessed areas can add an amazing dimensionality to your design. This will give your design the contrast and an inexpensive way to add complexity to your image. It works especially well with landscapes that depict nature.

Minted Coins Options

Transparent Enamel

Custom Coins

Special Shapes

gold custom shaped coin

3D Sculpted

custom coin design
department of defense coin

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy gives your piece a smooth glass-like coating that can be applied at varying thicknesses. It makes a coin durable, clean, smooth, protecting the color and metal from fading, scratching, and tarnishing. We love it because whether it's a super thin tight fitting layer or piled on thick to create almost a dome over your coin or medallion, it always makes the design look GOOD. Really good!

custom coins


Engraving can be added as well as sequential numbering, serial numbers, words, phrases or names. It’s the perfect way to individualize and personalize your minted coins. In some cases, engraving can save you hundreds of dollars in die fees. Be sure to ask us about pricing and options for creating engraved coins. Engraving is a nice added option when it comes to adding consecutive numbering and minting a logo.

printed design

Minting Printed Coins

If you would like to have your design free of the metal borders separating the colors, this style might be the right choice for you. We can print directly on the surface using any Pantone color. Printed coins can have as many colors added to the surface by either offset printed your design or screen printing the colors are great minting options.