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Custom Military & Tactical Patches

Custom military patches are used to build morale and inspire their recipients and are made from soft rubber or embroidered. Both styles can be designed in a custom shape and size.

What is a Tactical Patch?

Custom Tactical patches are utilized in the military and law enforcement industries. These patches, made from materials, like rubber or embroidered fabric are highly versatile. Serve a multitude of purposes. They can represent unit insignias ranks, accomplishments. Even convey information such as blood type or allergies. Attaching these patches to uniforms, vests, gear or backpacks adds a touch while aiding identification in the field. These patches can be designed in camouflage colors to seamlessly blend with uniforms. Tactical patches play a role in enhancing functionality, identity and morale, for individuals serving in these demanding professions. Tactical patches identify a person's rank, unit, or other important information and are used by military, law enforcement, and other organizations that require clear identification of personnel in the field. Both types of patches can be embroidered or printed and come in different shapes and sizes.

PVC Patches are available in 2D or 3D

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Military Patches Backing Options

Military patches, can be made from rubber or they can embroidered and serve a variety of purposes, in the armed forces. they are used to customize equipment, distinguish departments and honor the service of officers. When made from rubber, they are designed to last able to withstand weather conditions, and the challenges that come with the job.

Military patches include your choice of incorporating an adhesive or hook and loop backing for effortless attachment. These patches can be shaped made into any shape or size. They can be matched with a wide range of colors like OD3 Military green shades. They find applications across organizations such as the FBI, Homeland Security, Police departments, Firefighters units, Airsoft Teams and Swat units. Learn how to iron on a patch to any garment.

Customization Options

These patches serve a crucial role in the identification and recognition of officers and departments. You have the flexibility to choose from a range of elements to create a truly unique patch, including selecting the base material, choosing a suitable backing, and opting for various border styles like heat-cut or merrow.

Law enforcement agencies, in particular, rely on these patches not only for identification but also for building team cohesion and representing their organization with pride. The customization process ensures that the patches meet the specific style and quality requirements of each agency. Whether it's showcasing rank, years of service, or unit insignias, these patches play a vital role in fostering camaraderie and conveying the professionalism of law enforcement personnel. More about police patches.

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How Are These Patches Used?

Military patches indicate rank, years of service or specific mission affiliations. This helps foster a sense of pride belonging and camaraderie among personnel. Additionally they may include information such, as blood type or allergies which is vital in emergency situations.

For law enforcement agencies these patches they serve as officer identification. Also convey professionalism and unity within the force. Morale patches are often used to boost team spirit with humorous elements.

Furthermore these patches have applications beyond their roles. They can be utilized for branding and promotional activities during events. This versatility makes them tools, for representing and commemorating the dedication of military and law enforcement personnel.

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We can design your tactical patch

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