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Custom Metal Ornaments With Your Logo

Our service representatives are standing by to help you create custom ornaments made with your logo. Whether to hang in a window all year long or on a tree at special times of the year, The Monterey Company can help you create custom metal, glass, or plastic ornaments and customize them with enamel color or even gemstones.

Custom Logo Ornaments

At the Monterey Company, we think holiday cheer is something worth spreading. By printing your corporate insignia on a custom logo ornament, you are sharing the joy of the season with everyone around you. Help your business stand apart by investing in the little things that make the biggest impressions - this season and all year long.

Customized Christmas Gift For Your Business Events

The holiday season is a time of gathering, of not only coming together with friends and family but with coworkers and clients, too. Company parties are a way to say “thank you” to the people behind your business’ curtain driving your continued success. They are a way to celebrate your customers and to maintain the connections that fuel your entire year. Make an ornament that says something special that your customers and employees will be inspired by. This doesn't need to be your business name or logo, but perhaps your motto or positive message. People who receive this gift will know that it came from you and will be more inclined to hang it in their window or on their tree in appreciation.

By working with our artists and professional designers, you can create a custom logo ornament for your business, adding a special touch to your workplace holiday party decor. Adorn your Christmas tree, Hanukah bush, garland, and faux-snow scenes with stunning glass or classic shatter-proof plastic pieces, each displaying your business name. Decorate your holiday snack and drink table with lights, holiday foliage, and the colored or clear ornaments, made especially for your event. Ornaments are great year round, but especially during the holidays!

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Cast Metal Ornaments

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Pewter Ornaments

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Stock Shapes

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Custom Shaped Ornaments

Corporate Christmas Ornaments

The only thing better than sharing the gift-giving spirit with your customers, clients, and corporate employees is promoting your business at the same time. Give the gift of Christmas joy while generating awareness around your company’s cause with a logo Christmas ornament.

With every product you gift, you create an opportunity to express gratitude and to establish yourself as a business that cares. And with eye-catching designs from our professional artists, your business will gain the increased exposure that only quality promotional products can afford.

Promote your annual annual events

Celebrate your unique holiday events with specially-designed logo ornaments catered to your image. In addition to your logo or business name, expand your custom design to include the name and year of your event or a special message your employees and customers will want to feel inspired by all year round. These collectible ornaments will help you celebrate milestones, commemorate themed parties, and reflect on the events of years passed.

For your company’s annual events, create a custom logo ornament line, choosing from the bounty of colors, styles, and looks and feels of the glass or shatterproof plastic pieces. Each year, modify your design to best represent the theme of your event, creating a line of ornaments your clients and employees can’t wait to collect.

custom enamel logo ornaments

Metal Ornament Styles

From classic spheres to holiday simbols, we can bring your ornament design to life. With nearly unlimited color and finishing style options, your design can be as unique as your business. Choose from antique, shiny or matte finishes and even from printed ornaments and cast pewter ornaments, we have options for eveyone. Whatever the style of your event, we’re equipped with a design to match. Contact us, and begin the process of crafting a custom logo ornament perfect for your event today.