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The Monterey Company creates custom keychains featuring your logo or design. Using your artwork and specifications, we can craft them from metal, leather, or PVC. Keychains can be made in a range of sizes.

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Metal Keychains With Your Logo

Custom keychains can be designed to reflect your brand in various styles. We specialize in custom-shaped metal keychains using enamel color, and your logo can be made as a one or two-sided logo.

custom keychains

What Are The Design Options On Metal Keychains?

Our options include 2D or 3D die-struck keychains from durable bronze, zinc, brass, and iron. We can also cast keychains with soft or hard enamel finishes in custom shapes. Additional features include two-sided designs, photo-realistic printing, and cut-outs that make your custom keychain unique and tailored to your specifications.

custom made keychain in 3d

Two-Sided Keychains

Need a full custom product replica? Our two-sided keychains can be cast using zinc or pewter on both sides.

cast keychain

Cast Keychains

Casting is an excellent option for artwork with fine lines or cutouts.

custom made keychain

3D Sculpted Keychains

3D logos are what we have years of experience crafting. Submit your artwork and we will generate a digital proof for your approval.

keychain with enamel

Enamel Keychains

Embossed and color-filled with soft or hard enamel. Available in all plating options.

Enamel & Printing Options

Some options for customizing keychains include printing, soft enamel, or, if you prefer, a smooth finish; hard enamel provides a sleek touch as the enamel is level with the surrounding surface area. Finally, cloisonné keychains, an enameling process that has been around for thousands of years, offer a timeless, smooth finish that looks like colored glass.


Printed keychains are lightweight, can be made using aluminum, and can be printed with a photo.

3d keychain with octopus logo

Soft Enamel

Soft enamel is added to the recessed areas and the ridges are raised and polished. There are unlimited combinations of colors.

Hard Enamel

Choosing hard enamel will give your key holder an upgraded look. Smooth to the touch and made to have the perfect balance of elegance and affordability.

cloisonne keychain


Imagine an enameling process that's been around for a mind-blowing 2000 years. This style also is smooth to the touch.

Finish Plating & Options

Choose between shiny finishes or antique plating for your custom key holder. Since your logo is unique, we can create a keychain in any shape or size, including options like cut-outs or three-dimensional sculpting (3D) that best reflects your brand.

antique logo keychain

Antique Finish

Recessed areas are darker, and the surface area is polished. This plating is durable and looks best on 3D images.

keychain with gold logo

Gold Finish

Gold plating is one of the most popular finishes, and add a sandblasted background for a two-tone look.

Silver Finish

Polished silver or shiny nickel is our second most popular style, and it's a great choice for jewelry-making projects.

epoxy coated keychain

Epoxy Coated

Add a durable epoxy finish to protect the enamel color.

Finish Plating & Options For Your Custom Keychain

Choose between shiny finishes or antique plating for your custom key holder. Since your logo is unique, we can create a keychain in any shape or keychain size, ranging from 1.5” to 4+”, including options like bottle opener cut-outs or three-dimensional sculpting (3D) that best reflects your brand.

keychain with custom background


We can add a texture to create a unique looking background.

Bottle Openers

We can add a specialized cut out that is not only strong enough to open a bottle but is just the right shape to so.

Printed Color

Printing in color can be done on one or two sides. Full-color logos can be made by using an offset press.

Hard Enamel

Choosing hard enamel will give your key holder an upgraded look. This enamel is on the same level as the metal.

PVC Rubber Keychains

At The Monterey Company, we specialize in making custom 3D PVC keychains tailored to our clients' needs. It all starts with you sending us your artwork in a format. Our skilled team then creates a mold based on your logo to ensure reproduction. With a range of colors and finishes at your disposal, we can achieve the appearance you envision for your custom keychain. The process involves techniques like injection molding.

2D two sided PVC keychain

Two-Sided Designs

We specialize in creating lightweight custom keychains with both a front and back image, using two pieces of artwork to bring your vision to life. Utilizing the Pantone matching system ensures that your logo colors are accurately replicated and set to your exact specifications. Unlike printed acrylic keychains, PVC is the perfect material to customize your company message and make excellent tradeshow giveaways.

custom 3d pvc keychain

3D PVC Keychains

Tone-on-tone is a great way to subtly show off your logo.

360 degree logo rubber keychain

360 Degree Designs

360 designs represent a product miniature or a fully 3D replica.

2d pvc keychain

2D PVC Keychains

Can be made in 2D with customized shapes and a fun way to carry your keys.

3D PVC Keychain of a spaceman

Custom Shapes

The ability to add colors anywhere on your design sets PVC apart from a printed keychain, making a custom shape stand out.

Leather Keychains

Real cowhide leather keychains can be made with a carabiner or our standard keyring and chain attachments. They are also available in faux leather, which looks similar to cowhide but is less expensive. 

custom leather keychains
custom emblem leather business logo keychain

Real Leather & Metal

Leather keychains with a metal emblem offer an unmistakable premium look. We have a variety of authentic leather materials, including natural and dyed options. An emblem can be added to any finish, including enamel colors or a three-dimensional look.

leather keychain with emblem

Faux leather With Emblem

Faux leather is cost-effective and generally easy to maintain. It can be made in various faux colors, and your logo can be embossed or added as an emblem to make your artwork stand out.

leather key holder with engraving

Leather Keychains With Color

Make your embossed logo stand out by color-filling the leather with any color under the rainbow.

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Branding FAQ's

custom metal keychains

The Monterey Company has over thirty years of experience crafting personalized leather patches. We're here to help promote and infuse personality into your business while ensuring excellent quality and a minimum order quantity to fit any budget.

Get creative by adding vibrant enamel colors and sparkling gemstones. Add the fun of spinning centers, two-sided designs, and 3D effects that add depth. Transform your key holder from mundane to magnificent—whether charming, bold, or elegant, your keychain can be personalized with your branding message. Additional options include engraving, glow-in-the-dark enamel, moving parts, or adding an Airtag to help find those keys!

Q; How do bulk orders work?

We provide discounts for orders, making keychains ideal for events, seminars, or promotional activities.

Q; Are custom keychains pricey?

Pricing depends on the material used, design intricacy, and quantity. Nevertheless, personalized keychains are generally budget-friendly. Request a quote for detailed pricing.

Q; Can any image be utilized for my custom keychain design?

Utilize artwork or images for which you have permission. We can use your ideas to create a design just for you. It's always a good idea to exercise caution regarding using images that might have a copyright.

Here are the steps to placing your order.

Step 1: Pick Your Keychain

Choose the type of keychain you want and decide how many you need.

Step 2: Customize Your Design

Personalize every detail of your keychain, from color and keychain shape to the materials used.

Step 3: Approve and Receive

Upload your artwork or use our free design services. Review the mockup or sample we send you, make any necessary changes, and then enjoy your custom keychains delivered to your door.

We assist businesses in creating custom-designed products from scratch with a quick turnaround time. With low minimum order quantities, you can order as many or as few keychains as you need, making it ideal for small businesses. Need help with the design process? Our team of experts is always available to assist you. 

Sample Pricing

Pricing includes a one-sided, four-color soft enamel keychain with a standard finish. Hard enamel may incur an additional cost. Pricing includes a one-sided, four-color soft enamel keychain with a standard finish. Hard enamel may incur an additional cost. If applicable, a shipping charge will be included in your quote. We use FedEx for most shipping destinations in the States. Bulk shipping of orders larger than 300 pieces will be shipped via ground unless you have a deadline.
SIZE 50 100 250 300 500 1,000
2" Metal Keychain $6.68 $4.99 $4.33 $3.90 $3.63 $3.31

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