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Custom Keychains

Make an impact with custom keychains made from metal and rubber – these are the perfect way to promote your brand and give potential new clients something they will love to carry and use daily when they grab their keys. Unique shapes, colors, and metals with fun mottos or pictures are a sure way to have everyone remember your company!

Company Keychain Manufacturer

Take your personalized keychain creation up a notch with custom-made designs made from scratch! We bring your ideas and sketches to life in just three simple steps. 

Need help? Don't sweat it - our team is here for you from conception, through production all the way until delivery of flawless results. Get creative and let us handle the rest; forget about waiting around as we get those personalized keychain pieces out into the world in no time!

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Types of Keychains

When designing a customized keychain, you need to take into account various aspects including your preferences and budget. Metal Keychains will give it more weight but also longevity whereas opting for acrylic creates lightness without compromising on affordability or quality production overall, both are great choices if utilized properly! Rubber offers is an affordable option that makes a perfect promotional item.

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These rubber keychains, crafted from PVC plastic, are ultra-flexible, bursting with color, and built tough. You can customize them in various shapes and sizes, with color matching your logo. They're weather-resistant and add a playful touch to events or giveaways. And here's the cool part – they can also be two-sided or three-dimensional to really stand out!

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Custom metal keychains offer a quality, long-lasting look with the option to customize using laser engraving. These personalized keychains can be designed with intricate details and logos that create an impressive finish for upscale gifts. They are durable while providing plenty of enamel colors available for even greater customization possibilities in marketing efforts.

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Acrylic keychains are light in weight and can be printed with die cutting of any shape including square and round stock shapes or sizes. These personalized keychains permit the screen printing of vibrant designs that can easily reflect your image or event’s identity. Not only this, but these cost-effective promotional items come to you in bulk packaging, making them the ideal option for giveaways.

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Leather keychains make an ideal and luxurious choice, with the option to be embossed with logos or personalized text. Providing a high-end feel that is sure to charm and leave its mark on your recipients, They are also extremely sturdy, perfect as everyday accessories. Suitable both aesthetically and practically for any occasion, leather keychains offer a sophisticated take on promotional products.

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Designing Custom Metal Keychains

Custom Keychains can be shaped into anything, from bottle openers to unique forms. Mix it up with leather, and why not toss in an emblem for that special touch? Choose from different chain attachments and keyrings to match your vibe, and give them any finish you fancy.

custom cast logo keychains


Casting keychains in metal is where the magic happens – especially for big cutouts! Casting offers the ability to make standout designs with larger openings. They their made using zinc and casting them traditionally take a bit longer than printing or die-struck options. So, let your imagination run wild and craft custom keychains with your logo that make a bold statement!

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Three Dimensional

Give your keychain a 3D makeover that pops with your logo and brand. These personalized creations bring depth and character to your design. Plus, they can even be two-sided, doubling the awesomeness. Get ready to show off a keychain that's uniquely branded! Three-dimensional logos are our specialty and look best when antiqued in bronze or silver.

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Bottle Openers & Cutouts

Searching for the perfect company gift? A custom bottle opener keychain is a great way to show your appreciation. Our team can design one of any size with strength and style in mind – crafted from either brass or bronze, then plated in silver, gold, or black finishings. Plus we can also add colorful enamel that’ll perfectly complement your artwork, logo colors, and brand!

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Leather & Metal

Kick your custom keychain up a notch by mixing leather and metal. This duo brings an extra touch of class and individuality to customizable keychains, transforming your brand into a hip fashion statement. Take your pick from various leather and colors to make it unique and choose your customized shape.

Printing, Plating & Enameling

Custom keychains are tiny canvases that can showcase your style! You can jazz them up with printed logos, or go for a sleek feel with soft or hard enamel designs. Want something more eye-popping? Try 3D sculpting for an awesome effect. And if you're into adding some extra flair, cutouts of photos can give your keychain a unique edge. It's all about turning these little accessories into mini works of art!

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Photorealistic Key Chains

Showcase your company event, or original art with a photo keychain! Our photorealistic designs are crafted from aluminum and stainless steel for lightweight artistry on the go. Whether you select an image, upload a photograph, or an illustration, we guarantee that these pieces will make heads turn - without breaking the bank.

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Personalized Keychains can be enameled using either soft or hard enamel and both options can include the plating of your choice including gold, silver, or a black finish. Soft enamel brings a textured, dimensional look, while hard enamel offers a smooth, polished finish. Both options let you create vibrant, detailed designs that stand out and can match your design colors.

CYMK keychain


With CMYK printing, the full spectrum of colors can be achieved to create vibrant designs on everything from promotional keychains and photo key holders. This subtractive color model starts with a digital file which is then divided into Cyan, Magenta Yellow & Black channels before being printed using special four-color presses – resulting in eye-catching products that truly stand out!

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Finish & Plating

Find the perfect base alloy for your product from our range of choices - brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, pewter, and more. Then take it to the next level using one or a combination of four stunning plating options: gold, silver, antique bronze true black. Plating is an easy way to add unique touches with elegant finishes like antique and shiny metals and much more!

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3D Rubber Key Chains

We customized ruberized key holders in 3D

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Custom Logo Keychains

Our cool die-struck technique uses a stamping press to create awesome business logo designs on the surface, giving them a raised or lowered effect that catches the eye.We've got ready-made shapes like squares, two-sided, rectangles, ovals, custom shapes, and rounds, ideal for larger orders. But if you're after something funkier, our casting brings smaller cutouts to life in funky forms. And for that wow factor, go 3D!

Your custom ideas have no bounds here – let's make them real!

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Background Textures

Give your custom keychain a boost by adding a textured background. It's like magic – adding depth and a touch of pizzazz and it especially looks great with a transparent enamel thinly covering it. Your keychain goes from ordinary to extraordinary with a unique background, and you're the artist behind it all. Let's add some wow to your keychain game!

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We're the go-to crew for crafting top-notch custom logo keychains using durable cloisonné hard enamel. This technique involves making these cool accessories with intricate designs using colorful enamel, which is like a special type of glass. Imagine wearing a key ring with a piece of colorful glass art right on your keyring – we've got that magic touch!

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Printed in CYMK

CMYK is like a printer's cool trick. It's short for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black – mix them, and voila! Your prints turn into a rainbow. Ideal for jazzing up your key chain. It's the magic touch for colorful prints! In the CMYK process, your design gets printed on a sticky label. It's slapped onto your photo keychains or tags, and sealed with tough epoxy for that sleek, shiny look.

custom made keychain in 3d

Two-Sided in 3D

Double-sided promotional keychains made from metal are like your personal mini billboards – they can flaunt any custom shapes and sizes you fancy and even go 3D for that extra pop. Imagine having your favorite design on both sides, making a cool statement from every angle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Personalized Keychains

Is this your first time ordering a custom design?

They can be made from different materials – casting zinc for that cool vibe, die-striking metal like brass, bronze, or aluminum for a touch of class, or even stainless steel for printed keychains with a modern twist. Your keychain, your rules! Whether it's rugged or sleek, there's a keychain material waiting to show off your personality.

The timeframe usually spans 10 to 14 days, but it can vary based on your choice. If you're going for a snazzy printed keychains, you might be flaunting your keys in just 10 days. But if the uber-cool 3D cast is your jam, give it about 14 days. So, whether you're into quick or crafting, we've got you covered with custom keychains that match your speed! Please allow time to create your proof and shipping. Providing Design Files

For your keychain to turn out as you envisioned, it is vital to present design files with photos in the right format and resolution. A PSD, PNG, EPS, AI, or high-res jpg file in CMYK color mode that has at least 300 dpi of quality. We can help you with design creation if you do not have artwork.

Crafting your own custom keychain is a smart move that won't break the bank. Imagine a 2" soft enamel keychain made from metal, rocking a custom shape – it's yours for just $3.60 per piece, and we're talking 300 units here. Certain options may include an additional cost. This pricing lets you seamlessly add your unique touch to branding and promotions. Level up your corporate image without blowing your budget – hit us up for a free quote today!

Custom shapes & sizes are just the start! Get playful with mini charms, mix and match vibrant colors, or add a touch of glamour with sparkling gems. But wait, there's more! Dive into the excitement of spinning centers that add a dynamic twist, embrace the versatility of two-sided designs for double the impact, and bring depth to your creation with eye-catching 3D effects. Your keychain becomes a canvas for self-expression, reflecting your style and personality. So, let's take those keys from mundane to magnificent – whether you're looking for charming, bold, or elegant, your custom keychain is ready to make a statement!

Adding a pop of color to your keychain design is a breeze! Think of it like painting your masterpiece. Choose vibrant shades that match your logo. You can play with contrasting colors to make your design stand out. If you're feeling artsy, go for gradients that blend hues seamlessly. And hey, don't forget about those cool enamel options – soft or hard, they bring an extra punch of color and texture. Whether you're going bold or subtle, adding color to your keychain design is the key to making it unique!

Here is a list of the most popular choices:

Soft Enamel Keychains:

The more cost-effective of all of our metal key holders. Soft enamel is added to the recessed areas and the ridges are raised. There are unlimited combinations of colors.

Hard Enamel Keychains:

Hard enamel can be matched using the Pantone matching system and is smooth to the touch. This style has a higher perceived value.

Cloisonne Keychains:

Imagine a process that's been rocking for a mind-blowing 2000 years. It's like a fiery dance – heating sand to a whopping 1600 degrees, and boom! You've got this mesmerizing glass called cloisonné. it comes in a whopping 200 colors and we are experts in the process. So, when you're crafting your masterpiece, you're not just limited to a few shades. From vivid reds to deep blues, this ancient method adds a touch of pure magic to your design.

Printed Keychains:

Printing is a great option when you need to match your artwork without metal lines between colors. A great option to show off gradations and to reproduce photos. 

Choosing the perfect custom keychain starts with your design! Think embossed metal for a timeless touch or soft enamel for vibrant pops of color. But if you're into that chic and polished look, go for hard enamel. Want something unique? Cloisonné brings a jewelry-like feel with cool color separation. And here's the secret sauce – 3D designs are the real game-changer, adding that extra wow factor to your keys. Whether it's artsy shapes or bold prints, your personalized keychains are your canvas to rock!

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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Wondering how satisfied folks are with our service and quality? Check out our customer reviews and testimonials – they're like windows into happy experiences. With an impressive 99% positive review score, it's clear we put customers first, from start to finish. These voices vouch for the top-notch quality, meticulous craftsmanship, speedy production, and overall TLC that goes into every custom lapel pin. And hey, we've got a whopping 360+ glowing reviews to back it up! 

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Kristi Buck

Josh assisted me with custom rubber key chains for one of my clients. The process was so easy and the key chains exceeded my expectations! Great price, great quality and each one was individually packaged. I will definitely work with Josh & The Monterey Co. in the future! - Kristi Buck (Blue Aqua Gear)

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Super easy to work with! From the first contact to the final delivery, they really follow through and seem to actually care about their customers. The design process was simple. The keychains turned out exactly as we envisioned. Great quality too.

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Neighborly Ventures

I worked with Eric Turney at Monterey Company to order custom die cut key chains for our company, Neighborly Ventures. We were very pleased with Eric's service and the quality of the final product. Eric walked us through the process in designing the key chain and had a quick turn around time to share the artwork. Their email system made it easy to approve artwork and pay the invoice online. I highly recommend working with this company. Great product, service, and ship time.

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Share your design for digital proof – no limits on changes, and we'll give you a precise quote. Our expert designers tweak it till it's spot on. Once you give the thumbs-up, mass production kicks in, taking around 10-14 business days. Need lightning speed? We offer rush orders and speedy shipping. Got questions? Our friendly team's got your back anytime. At Monterey Company, we've got years of know-how, making your custom pins a breeze. Request a Free Quote