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Custom Shaped & Designed With Your Logo

Create a unique, lasting impression with custom rubber keychains! Longlasting and waterproof, these flexible accessories can be molded into any shape or design - from two-sided visuals to 3D logos. Plus, vivid colors ensure your logo stands out for years of brand recognition. Get creative today; your customized masterpieces will be ready in just days!.

Add life to your logo with the Monterey Company's custom PVC keychains! We offer a range of services like color-matching and design shape creation, as well as options for the size and number of links in your chain. To make sure no detail is missed, we can split up colors within each design by adding thin gaps. Got some creative ideas? We'd love to hear them and we are ready bring any designs or drawings you have in mind into reality...even if they're two different ones on both sides of the chain!

Why Use PVC keychains?

While both metal and rubber keychains are durable, functional, and are a fun promotional item, using PVC is softer and often less expensive to manufacture. Metal keychains have classic look and are perfect for corporate give-a-ways. Whereas PVC is more playful and a great promotional gift. They created with your design ideas and we do the rest. Shapes and sizes can all be customized to two your specifications. We can create double-sided designs and the attachment chains can be created in any size as well. Prices are based on the quantity ordered and the size of your design. Our current special includes a 1.5" keychain.

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Custom Logo Keychains Created Using PVC in 2D or 3D

PVC rubber is a versatile material for creating designs and logos. Whether you need to craft something two-dimensional, like an image with flat layers or one with multiple levels, or go the three dimensional route and create a rounded sculpture - there's always room for creativity! No matter what design dimensionality you choose though, everything starts with mold creation in any imaginable shape/size that can then be filled up as desired by using various shades of colors. To make it even more eye catching: all logo tones are distinguished from each other when placed side by side while single-sided images may easily become double sided if needed!

Custom Keychains Made From Soft Rubber

Show off your brand with 3D Rubber Keychains! Constructed from soft PVC rubber, these keychains can take any logo or mascot to the next level. With vibrant colors and multi-dimensional designs available for that unique touch - you’re sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees them. Whether it be employees, customers or clients – make sure they remember you in style!

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Glitter Colors

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6 Colors Included

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Custom Shapes

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Soft Rubber

How Are Rubber Keychains Made?

We create rubber keychains for companies using their logo by first creating a mold based on the design provided. We then use a rubber injection machine to inject liquid rubber into the mold. The rubber is then cooled and hardened into the desired shape using the colors from your design.

The Monterey Company custom makes each design based on your logo and pricing is based on the size, the number of colors and whether or not you would like a 2D or 3D mold. Our pricing will include a one-time charge for the initial mold and repeat order will not include this charge. Many companies offer a free mold but as we know, the cost is built-in and we choose to offer you the best wholesale per piece price instead of including the mold in the cost of the product. This works out well if you plan on repeating your order in the future.

Using PVC rubber allows your shape to be custom. Chains can be created to any length and normally are plated in silver.

Choose between a sculpted look or a simple two-dimensional look is one of the biggest decisions you need to make. 3D keychains normally cost a bit more and the mold charges are also a bit higher than a 2D image.

Double-sided keychains allow you to have double the real estate! Both sides can include the same image or they can be completely different. If ordered as a one-sided design the backside will be smooth and blank.

Customizing rubber keychains is simple and we start by sending you a proof. We offer free proofs and unlimited revisions.

We will send you an order approval and art to also approve prior to production. We can create most orders in 10 working days plus shipping time. 

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What Are They Made Out Of?

Made using a flexible material known as Poly Vinyl Chloride also used in creating our PVC patches. We offer phthalate-free keychains that are water-resistant and includes brilliant color reproduction. They can be used outdoors and make awesome fundraising and promotional gifts. Logo can easily be reproduced and spread awareness for a particular cause or concept.

Promotional Rubber Key Tags are small, customizable pieces made from the softest material to attach to a variety of keyring sizes and chains. Promotional key tags are designed with the logo, name, and contact information of a business or organization in a variety of shapes, colors, and dimensions. These products are distributed internally and at events and fundraisers, and once attached to a set of keys, act as free advertising for the business. 

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Custom Rubber keychains can be designed into any shape!

    Find the perfect keychain to showcase your logo with us! You can customize metal and PVC rubber designs in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors. With our thickest rubber thickness at 5mm offering maximum durability and an art proof review for approval - you'll find surefire satisfaction that meets all your needs today.
  • Soft PVC labels
  • PVC luggage tags
  • PVC lapel pins
  • Soft rubber zipper pulls
  • PVC fridge magnets

Promotional Flashlights made From Rubber

Make your next promotion shine! Our custom flashlight keychains feature built-in LED lights in any shape you choose. Pick from a variety of colors and watch as these stylish, affordable accessories light up the room when squeezed or activated with just one touch - perfect for souvenirs or promotional giveaways. If that's not enough to get your guests excited, take a look at our other customizable options made with soft enamel, hard enamel and cloisonne designs.

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