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Custom Commemorative Coins

Commemorative coins are popular not just among coin collectors, but with corporations, organizations, and associations too. Commemorating events with coins are one of the best ways to ensure the continued memory of a particular event or occasion. Recognizing a company anniversary, achievement or a public figure is what we do best.

Commemorative Coin Designs by The Monterey Company

There are several factors to consider when you design and order a custom commemorative coin. The Monterey Company will help you every step of the way.  We design event coins in a variety of sizes, shapes and enamel options.

People order commemorative coins to provide their employees, teammates, or customers with a tangible memento that captures the feelings, pride, and memories of a specific moment or event. They are designed to hold significance well beyond the day on which they’re awarded, but rather, becoming pieces people will cherish for a lifetime.

Made from quality materials and designed by professional artists, custom commemorative coins bring people back to the feelings associated with a celebration each time they examine them. They remember the speech that was given upon their receiving the coin, the atmosphere in the room during the ceremony, the feeling of accomplishment, and the pride they felt from being recognized. And through incorporating details of the coin’s significance right into the design, commemorative coins can be made for a wide variety of occasions and benchmarks, becoming important pieces within a larger collection.

At the Monterey Company, helping you create those pivotal moments is what we do best, creating commemoration pieces worth cherishing.

Memorialize an Event, Anniversary or Occasion

Personalized for your event

Because we provide all design and artwork at no charge and have low minimum quantities. We give all of our customers the best quality and the best prices, with fast production times and top-notch customer service. Commemorative coins come in all shapes and sizes to memorialize any celebration. Better yet, they are hand-crafted with a design of your creation, colors of your choice. Whether you are dedicating an event, achievement, person or otherwise. Custom commemorative coins prove that memories don’t have to end with the celebrations. In fact, they perfectly coin the phrase, “go down in history.”

One fun way these coins can be used is in sports. Though most popular with businesses and organizations, these coins are also perfect for remembering wins and games. These coins can be made for sports, events or other team practices. Designed with your custom team logo or image to commemorate an event. Whether you give them to members or players, they are sure to feel rewarded and important. These coins are sure to take the plate. Celebrate achievements and wins with custom coins.

Commemorative coins and medallions are also popular with organizations. They can easily be designed with a founder's face or an organization's goal. Made to last and can be designed with very fine detail. Because of their meaning, they make it easy to keep the dream alive. Coins are great ways to keep memories. Since they are made out of durable metals, they will last a very long time.

Looking for a custom coin to commemorate your next event?

3d Cast Coin

3D Antique Bronze

We offer 3D and antique finishes for all of our custom souvenir coins and memorial coin designs.

soft enamel coin design

Soft Enamel Design

Soft enamel and silver plated designs can include years engrave our struck into the metal.

antique silver 3d coin rocket design

3D Antique Silver

Designs can include amazing detail especially when the design icludes a sculted 3D mold.

soft enamel coin style

Gold Plated

Adding gold plating and memorializing the event date or year as part of the design is an option to engraving the date.

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Ordering Options Include Engraving & 3D Design

Why should you order coins from us?

  • Our process is designed to work create a custom coin that will memorialize your special event. 
  • Our experienced staff will give you suggestions to enhance your design. We will make suggestions like engraving and enamel options.
  • Adding 3D or custom engraving to your design can make your event date stand out is what we do best. Request a quote and free proof today!
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Which commemorative coin style should you choose?

Our die makers can replicate faces, landscapes, architecture, artwork or any design you can dream up, all in impressive three-dimensional detail. We can truly bring a scene to life in a 3D sculpted form and help you choose the best style and options for your design. Today, custom commemorative coins are being produced for a plethora of reasons and can help bring popular stories and events into an age-old tradition that will last a lifetime.

Quoting / Design & Planning


Art Design & Proof Approval


Production & Delivery


Stages To Ordering Commemorative Coins

The first step in our process is to give you a quote on your coin design. We make sure we have a complete understanding of your event so we can design your artwork with all the best design options. Our commemorative coins are designed in days and we will send you a proof that includes your anniversary in your design.

Production & Delivery

Producing your coin in-time to commemorate your special event is our specialty! We make sure to manufacture your design with time to spare so you receive your coin prior to your event.

Production times vary depending on the style of the coin you choose, but it normally takes between 2 to 3 weeks. Rush jobs can usually be accommodated for an additional charge. Ready to order? Step one is to contact us and we will provide you with a quote for your custom commemorative coins and we will also create a proof for your approval.

What are Commemorative Coins?

Commemorative Coins are customized coins designed to celebrate or recognize a particular event, person, or movement, without the intention to be circulated as currency. They have been used for decades but gained the most traction after 1960, designed with themes and notations of specific moments in time or after various monuments.

The art of Collecting Commemorative Coins is nearly as old as producing them and is not a way to remember a period of time or a particular event, but also to engage in conversations and demonstrate enthusiasm around a piece of history. Today, custom commemorative coins are being produced for a plethora of reasons and can help bring popular stories and events into an age-old tradition that will last a lifetime.

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