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Custom Fitted Hats

Create the perfect first impression with headgear that is as unique and stylish as your business is! From classic, elegant looks to fashion forward designs - no matter what your style or branding needs may be – we have a wide selection of custom-fitted hats available from New Era, Richardson, Decky, and more. Show off your logo in every hue imaginable!

What are fitted hats and who makes them?

Fitted hats (also referred to as baseball caps) have a design that consists of six fabric panels carefully sewn together to create a crown often topped with a button. What makes these hats stand out from headwear is their approach to sizing. Fitted hats are meticulously crafted to match the wearers head measurements perfectly offering a comfortable fit without the need for snaps or straps. This precise sizing is what defines fitted hats and makes them popular among those who value both comfort and style. 

While we at The Monterey Company can certainly supply quality fitted hats from brands like Flexfit, Otto and Richardson, they can be a difficult choice because of how individualized they are to each person. Along with sourcing custom hats we also offer customization services such as embroidery and customized patches.

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Fitted caps with patches

Fitted caps with patches bring together the timeless charm of baseball style caps with an individual sizing touch. These caps offer a snug and custom fit eliminating the need for straps and creating an streamlined appearance. What sets them apart are the patches that can be uniquely designed and seamlessly integrated onto the caps panels to add an eye catching and distinctive element. Whether its a logo, a beloved team emblem or a personal statement, fitted caps with patches give individuals the opportunity to express their style and affiliations with individuality. This makes them incredibly popular, among those who want to make a fashion statement with their headwear.

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What are the adjustable differences between fitted hats and snapbacks

Now lets delve into the differences between fitted hats and snapbacks. The main distinction lies in how they conform to your head shape. Fitted hats are designed specifically for a personalized fit without any adjustability. They are tailor made according to your head size ensuring a comfortable experience.

On the flip side, snapbacks have a closure at the back of the cap with plastic snaps, for adjustments. While snapbacks provide flexibility, fitted hats excel in delivering an customized fitting experience. This is especially advantageous for individuals who struggle to find snapbacks that comfortably accommodate their head shape.

Fitted hats vs snapbacks in construction quality

Those with unique head sizes, higher foreheads or prominent crowns may find snapbacks less accommodating. Additionally, fitted hats are usually made from high quality materials like wool or cotton renowned for their durability. In contrast snapbacks often incorporate materials such as mesh or nylon. Cotton is commonly used in the fitted style and offers breathability, softness, sustainability and moisture absorption. Polyester is frequently the common material used in manufacturing snapbacks. We think both styles are great choices and we love that they both offer a flat brim option in design choices.

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Fitted hats are made for comfort

When it comes to comfort, fitted hats stand out because they lack straps or buckles while ensuring an secure fit. These hats smoothly wrap around your head without causing any worries about tightness or shifting. On the other hand, snapbacks can sometimes be uncomfortable, due, to their snaps, which may lead to hair getting caught in the closures. Moreover, if worn backward snapbacks might have components that dig into the forehead causing discomfort that isn't usually associated with fitted hats. The appeal of fitted hats lies in their customized fit and ease of wear which provide both style and comfort when it comes to headwear.

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Fitted Caps Customized With Your Logo

Show off your style and make a statement with custom fitted caps! Our company is the leader in manufacturing high-quality fitted hats for any occasion. They are easy to personalized with patches or stitch with an embroidery design of your choice so you can proudly display your logo. Look great today—get fitted now!

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Our micro-mesh fabric cap is designed for year-round comfort and performance. Whether you're out in the summer heat or hunkering down from winter's chill, it will keep your head cool and dry so you can enjoy any activity!

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Richardson PTS50 Matrix R-Flex

nike logo

For golfers looking to top off their look, Nike Golf caps are the perfect choice. Featuring a stylish and flexible mid-profile design that moves with your head for an exceptional fit – these hats will keep you comfortable on or off the green!

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Nike Dri-FIT Mesh Swoosh Flex

Adding Patches to Hats

Learn more about all the choices on adding a patch to your cap.

Cap Pricing

Our real-time calculator gives you a price for your project.

Design Options

We have lots of choices when it comes to hat customization.


View our gallery loaded with popular Richardson hat styles including the 112.

Richardson R-Flex Technology

Make a bold statement with Richardson headwear! From loud and vibrant colors, to sophisticated patterns, or even something understated yet elegant - they have the perfect piece for you to showcase your unique style.


The best-selling Richardson on-field cap is designed with PULSE, breathable and poly fabric that fits any player. It has R-ACTIVE tech for performance capabilities in all levels of play

richardson 865 R-FLEX MULTICAM

The MULTICAM camo pattern on this cap is perfect for those who want to maintain their anonymity when out in the field. The NYCO water-repellent ripstop material keeps you comfortable and dry.


The construction of this cap is designed with a wool blend material that provides comfort and versatility and sports a grey under visor. The sizing ensures comfort for all levels.


The lightweight and breathable Pro Mesh fabric will keep you cool while providing comfort for players at all levels. Plus, with sizing its versatility allows every athlete to find their perfect match!

Flexfit® Headwear

Transform your style with FlexFit caps! Our top-selling brands feature innovative polyurethane spandex material for a truly customizable fit and feel. Take on every day in comfort, confidence & undeniable edge - no matter how much you sweat. Plus, customize any look even further by adding your logo via patch or embroidery - the ultimate finishing touch.

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The Delta® cap is a game-changer in the world of headwear. This innovative design has been leading exposure by being lighter, sleeker, and smarter since its inception. The cap is designed to keep you sweat-free with its patented stain blocking technology and 3-layer band.



The Kryptek camo cap is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast and will keep you warm during those chilly fall or winter days. The iconic custom Flexfit hat tech can still be seen throughout the design of this product, which features Kryptek® camouflage patterns.



The 210® Premium Fitted flatbill brim cap is equipped with an on-field baseball style and moisture-absorbent sweatband. It's a stylish, high-quality fitted baseball hat that will keep you cool during those hot all-star games!


The best-seller cap is now available in an exciting new design. The 6 panels are structured with the silver underbill, flexfit fitted hat for style and comfort--8 rows of stitching on top!

Custom Embroidery On Otto Caps

Are you searching for the perfect cap? Look no further than fitted hats! With many stylish designs in a variety of size ranges- from small/medium to large-extra large, it's easy to find one that fits snugly and comfortably. We offer top-quality caps like Richardson or Yupoong that are designed with stretchable fabric for an optimal fit every time.

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5511UP Unipanel Cap with Embroidery

Otto Embroidered Hat Features:A personalized 5-panel, structured, mid-profile, Closed-back, stretch fitted, Permacurv® visor, Silver under visor, 8-row stitching on visor. UniPanel front

97% Polyester, 3% PU Spandex

Otto flex fit 1169

6 Panel Low Profile Embroidered Baseball Cap No 11-1169

Otto baseball Hat Features: Front: 100% Cotton Back: 100% Polyester Mesh, Structured, Firm Front Panel, Flexible, Seamed Front Panel with Full Buckram, 6 Sewn Eyelets, Pro Stitch on Crown, 6 Rows Stitched on Visor, Matching Color Undervisor

OTTO CAP "OTTO FLEX" 6 Panel Low Profile Baseball Cap

Embroidered 6 Panel Low Profile Fitted Baseball Hat No. 11-1165

This Otto Cap. Utilizes 97% acrylic and 3% spandex, it offers supreme structure in the form of a 6-panel baseball hat sewn together for durability. Its design also features 6 eyelets as well as stitching on both its crown and visor - all topped off by an undervisor that matches the color perfectly. And what's more? It has advanced technology built into its sweatband for superior moisture wicking!

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6 Panel Low Profile Custom Baseball Cap with Embroidery

The Otto Flex Fit Cap, a perfect combination of comfort and style. Constructed with 97% cotton and 3% spandex for all-day breathability, this structured firm front panel cap offers an adjustable fit. Plus its seamed front panels featuring full buckram add extra durability. Finish it off with Pro Stitch on Crown and 6 Rows stitching on Visor to round out your look in style.

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Snapback Trucker Hats vs. Fitted Hats

Snapback and fitted hats are two popular styles for the modern headwear enthusiast. A snapback hat, with its adjustable back panel made to stand out from a classic baseball cap look gives it extra pizzazz seen at an angle or when viewed from above or below. When it comes to personalizing headwear with your logo, snapback trucker hats and fitted hats are choices, among companies and teams. Snapback hats, known for their look and a twist to the classic baseball cap and bring an extra touch of style that stands out from cap styles. On the one hand, fitted hats do not offer adjustable features but come in various sizes to ensure a perfect fit while proudly displaying your favorite team logo. Deciding between snapback trucker hats and fitted hats with your logo ultimately depends on preference and the desire, for a look that complements your style and branding.

High-Quality Customization Including Embroidery & Patches

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The Monterey Company Specializes In Customizing Headwear!

Your logo can be easily added to name-brand manufacturers like New Era or Richardson to show off your business brand. We can create a patch or embroidery by creating a sample on any of our hats including the most popular New Era 39Fifty Fitted Caps. How do we do it? We begin by listening to what you want. We offer a wide selection of caps and provide customizations that will meet your exact specifications with the finest craftsmanship, and the quickest turnaround time possible. What more could anyone ask from their favorite hat company?

New Era Flexfit cap

New Era® Interception Cap

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Fitted Hats With Patches

Get your brand noticed with custom-fitted hats made to stand out! With a wealth of experienced designers at Monterey Company, you'll find the perfect look or logo for any hat. Whether you are adding leather or woven patches or an intricate embroidered design - each piece is expertly crafted until your satisfaction is achieved. So make sure to express yourself with a unique style through our high-quality fitted hats!

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round woven patch
embossed leather patches

Get the perfect fit with this easy-to-follow hat size chart! With just a few simple measurements, you can find your ideal hat and enjoy maximum comfort.

Customer Favorite Hat Styles

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Richardson 112 Hats (Most Popular)