Custom Challenge Coins

For decades, Monterey Company has crafted challenge coins of the highest caliber for military personnel. Carrying unique insignias and hewn with pride to commemorate impressive achievements, these are keepsakes that last a lifetime!

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We Are A Skilled Challenge Coin Company Maker

For over 30 years, The Monterey Company has been a leading challenge coin maker. We specialize in bringing your custom designs to life using our advanced equipment and materials – no job is too complex! Our skilled craftsmen provide expert services like die-making, cut-outs, engraving and metal plating with options such as antique silver/bronze finishes and varied patinas for an added touch of authenticity. For military personnel or those from law enforcement & emergency medical services looking for high-quality coins at competitive prices – let us help make your vision become reality today!

Quality Military Coin Designs

Let our masterful coin designers help you bring your unique vision to life! Take the stress out of digital proofs and get ready for 3D designs that will take any artwork or logo up a notch - flawlessly executed with stunning results. Our team is here every step of the way so what are you waiting for? 

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custom shaped challenge coin

Let Us Design Your Next Coin

Are you looking to make a lasting impression with your challenge coin? With three decades of experience and an impressive portfolio, our team is the perfect partner for crafting unforgettable designs. From antique to glossy finishes; textured patterns for base metals and edges- we have it all! And if that wasn't enough, take advantage of working directly with one of our expert designers who know exactly what styles will best fit your needs in order to create top notch quality products.

Designing Military Challenge Coins

Let us bring your custom made coins to life! After you review and approve the design, we'll get started crafting. We can send out a sample for approval; once it meets all of your expectations, full-scale manufacturing will begin - taking two to three weeks depending on size, material choice and color selection. Each one is unique: made with care so that no two are ever alike! Proud symbols of loyalty and perseverance, challenge coins have long been treasured tokens among the military, police officers and firefighters alike. A token for successful completion or a morale-boosting reminder to team members – these coins are more than just prized possessions; they symbolize togetherness in their journey towards victory.

Personalized For The Armed Forces

For years, the armed forces and law enforcement have revered custom challenge coins to honor those achieving noteworthy accomplishments. Companies also use them as a tool of motivation or celebration for special occasions - taking on various shapes from traditional circles and rectangles, to unique pieces such as bottle openers or dog tags! Our selection offers endless opportunities for creating your own personal coin.

police coin

What does it mean to get a challenge coin?

Custom challenge coins are a unique and creative way to recognize someone special who has performed an honorable act or achieved outstanding success. An emblem of loyalty, these custom-made tokens can be crafted in different shapes, sizes, and finishes – making them perfect for businesses, fraternities, clubs—or any organization looking to bestow something extra special upon the recipient that will stand out from traditional awards. Symbolically represent your group by handing out one of these coins as a signifier of pridefulness!

Honoring Achievements For Nearly 100 years

Since the first World War, custom challenge coins have been presented to commemorate courageous service. New air squadrons were made up of individuals from all walks of life, united in their dedication and bravery. Technology has revolutionized manufacturing processes since then—we now use hard or soft enamel with diamond-cut edges along with engraving and 3D images for a personalized touch! Our ability to craft intricate double-sided designs makes us proud partners of each branch within the military.

customized silver coin with trojan warrior
Custom Coins

What does it mean to be given one?

Presentation of a challenge coin is an honored tradition cherished by those in many different organizations- most notably the military. The coins symbolize loyalty, unity and admiration between peers, often given to members who have devoted themselves with great enthusiasm or achieved success within their unit. Additionally, these tokens may be a reminder of shared accomplishments as well as tribulations endured together amongst its recipients.

Once upon a time during the Great War, an unlikely hero was forged. A rich lieutenant created a coin for his squadron as a memento of their service together - something that one soldier treasured so deeply it formed an everlasting bond with him and saved his life! Captured behind enemy lines by Germans, he used the unique challenge coin to identify himself as an ally when French forces took over the German camp at the end of the war. Little did anyone know those enameled coins would go on to be symbols not just identification but also reward and recognition around the world even today!

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How Are They Used?

  • To commemorate a mission or to celebrate a milestone.
  • To build camaraderie in a troop.
  • To create a collectible commemorative award.
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The History Of This Coin Style

Challenge coins have a long and illustrious history, from ancient Rome to modern-day organizations. Once used in the military as tokens of bravery and valor during battle - or even to discern who was part of which unit on covert missions – these special coins are now seen more widely amongst various organizations that use them to reward achievements. They serve not only as markers of accomplishment but also foster feelings of camaraderie, loyalty and pride among members within a group or organization.

If any members of the squadron or team are unable to produce their coin, therefore failing the “challenge,” they are responsible for buying a round of drinks for everyone appropriately carrying their medallions on their person. If the challenge is met, however, and everyone within the group is able to produce their metal symbol of honor, the challenger, or the person who initially bore his medallion, must buy a round of drinks for his counterparts. This is a fun way to honor the history of wearing organizational affiliation with pride. Your membership within a group, as demonstrated by carrying their coin, is woven into the fabric of your identity.

Challenge Coins

Monterey Company is proud to help create precious memories for military, EMS, fire and police personnel. Our top-notch custom military coins are designed with your desired shape, size or color in mind – all while using 3D logos that truly bring them to life! With years of experience crafting customized coins for different branches across the globe; these timeless keepsakes will undoubtedly be cherished by their recipients - bestowed as rewards for hard work done well or simply a symbol celebrating solidarity and camaraderie.

police coin

Coast Guard Coins

We have been making a design for the Coast Guard for nearly 30 years. Along with our knowledgeable and friendly team, we make sure we offer only the highest quality products.

national guard coins with red flag and star

National Guard Coins

Honor the courageous service of our country's heroes with an exquisite National Guard commemorative coin. Carefully designed and crafted to perfection, these coins come in a range of enamel colors, beveled edges, cut outs and epoxy finishes – sure to be cherished by those who pay tribute for years to come!