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Custom Boonie Hats With Your Logo

Ready to design Custom Boonie Hats? Logo Boonie and Bucket Hats not only provide wearers with the sun protection they need to shield them from the outside elements, but they’re also functional and make for quite the fashion statement.

Designing Bucket Hats With Your Logo

Show the world what makes you unique with a custom bucket hat! Our expert embroidery will make sure all eyes are on your one-of-a kind design. Personalize your look even further by adding logos from companies that matter to YOU, and never forget how much hard work went into it every time you wear it - get started now with us and express yourself in style!

With our Performance Sun Hat, take confidence into your next exploration! Made with super lightweight cotton and boasting a wide brim plus UPF 35 protection, be cool-looking while having the sun's rays at your back - worry free. Our design offers you an ideal balance of style and function for go-anywhere adventure!

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What's The Difference Between A Bucket Hat And A Boonie Hat?

No matter the occasion, everyone needs a hat! Whether you're looking for sun and rain protection or just a fashionable accessory to complete your outfit, there is one right option out of two different hats: a boonie hat and a bucket hat. 

Boonie hats provide excellent ventilation as well as extensive coverage from both the heat and moisture with their wide brim which slopes downwards towards your chin strap - making them ideal for outdoor adventures like camping or hiking. Bucket hats on the other hand feature shorter but wider brims with rounded tops; often seen in various colors, materials (like denim!), and shapes - making them perfect for everyday casual looks such as at music festivals or even beach days! So before picking up either style make sure to ask yourself if all-weather protection takes priority over pure fashion statements.

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Richardson 112 Hats (Most Popular)

Our customers love our hats! We make custom patches for hats and customize all kinds of headwear.


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Customize Fishing Hats For Your Next Adventure

Make sure you and your crew are ready to tackle that big fishing adventure! Put on the perfect finishing touch with custom embroidery hats sporting the name of your group. Our brimmed caps will provide not only stylish flair, but also protection from bright rays and tricky hooks - an essential piece for any serious sea-faring expedition!

Personalize Your Bucket Hat With Top Brands

We have a wide selection of personalized bucket hats in different styles and colors. You can get yours with either embroidery, screen printing, or patches! We offer top brands like Decky, Richardson Sports, and Otto Cap for your business promotional needs. Our stock bucket hats include camo fabrics and pigment-dyed, which means you're bound to find something perfect no matter your preferences.

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These Hats Actually Keep You Cool!

When it's hot outside, there is nothing better than a bucket hat to keep you cool. Custom Bucket Hats with your logo or motto are the perfect way to keep your staff and customers looking chic and comfortable all Summer long!

The sun can be brutal in the Summer months, but a well-made bucket hat is one of the best ways to protect yourself from its rays. A custom bucket hat will shield your face from harmful UV rays and allow for plenty of ventilation so that you don't overheat on those sunny days. What's more, it'll allow you to show off your style with some personalized embroidery or screen printing! Custom-made bucket hats look great branded with your logo or company name, and come in an array of colors to suit your taste.

Richardson Sun Hats

Richardson sun hats have withstood the test of time, making them a classic choice for fashion-lovers. Not only can you get these iconic pieces in various colors and sizes to match any outfit - but now they even come customized with embroidery or patches! From 80's icons wearing bucket hats throughout history up until modern-day stars rocking their own streetwear look – this timeless trend has become something everyone loves regardless of age!

Beat the heat and bask in style with Monterey's choice of Richardson bucket hats to customize! Their signature brim wraps around for 360 degrees of coverage against harmful UV rays, so your customers or employees can venture outside to work in the yard, go fishing, head to the beach or even hunt without worrying about sunburns. Ready to give it a try? Send us over your logo and we'll create a free design proof today - our team at The Monterey Company works like lightning when creating custom headwear that will keep heads cool and fashionable! 

Outdoor Boonie Hats Have Wider Brims

Get ready to brave any outdoor adventure with a Boonie Hat - the ultimate sun protector! The sloping brim and stiff design offers extra protection when you're out fishing, boating or simply enjoying nature in the sun. Add your company's unique flair with custom embroidery or patches for an even more stylish look.

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Need a head-turner for your next event? Look no further than our custom bucket hats and boonie caps custom created with your motto or logo! With quick turnaround time, you can deck everyone out in style with an awesome hat design - guaranteed to bring smiles wherever they go. For pricing details, give us a ring or fill out the quote form online today!