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Custom Hat Patches

Our custom hat patches are the perfect solution for your promotional headwear needs. Crafted from durable materials like rubber, leather, and fabric, our in-house team can heat press or sew your logo patch onto any type of headwear – giving you a unique customized hat that stands out with your branded logo.

Custom Patches For Hats & Accessories

Get something uniquely you with customized hat patches featuring your logo! Our team will ensure that your patch remains secure on your product, backed by either adhesive or hook and loop backing. The Monterey Company is the leading one-stop shop when it comes to creating custom patch hats - no need for running around to multiple manufacturers because our selection includes top quality products from Richardson, Flexfit and so many more.

We have a 24-piece minimum!

Woven Patch Hats

They are a great choice with an intricate design with small lettering made using fine thread.

Embroidered Patch Hats

Some smaller details can be lost using embroidery, but this is an excellent choice for simple images.

Sublimation Patch Hats

With a sublimation patch hat, you can have intricate and small details or gradients in your image.

Leather Patch Hats

Available in real or faux leather, they can be made in stock or complex outlines.

Patch Designing Options

  • Simple rectangles, squares, or circles.
  • Genuine and faux leather.
  • Debossing and embossing.
  • Minimum Quantity: 100 pcs.
  • Max Sizng: 2” H X 4” W

Etched Leather Patches

With over 30 years of experience in crafting patches, let our team help make this process of bringing your vision to life fun and easy! With nearly 20 colors, endless combinations and the ability to laser engrave any type of image on leather - we have all you need for a quality stand out patch design. From picking color combos, sizing details or just help deciding on something special - no detail is too big or small and we'll be here every step along the way guiding you towards an etched leather reinforcement that exceeds expectations.

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Customizing Details

  • Best for complex images with a high level of detail.
  • Logos are etched onto a “Simple Shape” leather reinforcement (circles, rectangles, squares, etc.) and etched, and cut with a “Complex Shape” heat press applied to the cap.
  • Genuine tan or colored faux leather
  • Min. Qty: 100 pieces.
  • Max Imprint: 2.5”H X 4.5”W

Embroidered Hat Patches

Patches on hats with embroidery give the best of both worlds—they offer a unique embroidered look and a casual appearance. This traditional option is a method of decoration used repeatedly because of its durability.

Custom embroidered patches allow you to customize everything, from the shape to the colors to the overall look. Offering the option to add more detail than direct embroidery, they can represent your company, an organization’s insignia, and much more—the only limit is your imagination.

embroidered patch hat
embroidered patch ideas

As a manufacturer of custom-made patches, we can bring any vision to life. We will digitize your image, ensuring that each thread lays perfectly to make the patch you’ve been wanting. At the Monterey Company, we’ve helped make designs for everyone from nature centers to baseball players to police and fire departments. Companies and organizations across the country trust us to develop their image and make them into reality. Reach out to us today, and work with us to bring help you make the perfect patch for a final result that you and your group are sure to love.

Simple shapes can have a Merrow Edge and are stitched directly to your hat, and more complex images can have satin stitching on the border or heat-pressed.

Learn more about how embroidered patches are made.

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Sublimation Designs for Caps

The process of sublimation involves transferring dye to fabric by using heat. They are a great way to add a lot of detail and color to your logo and allow you to perfectly recreate things like emblems or insignias.

    Have you ever wondered how those vibrant images, fine details, and custom text wound up on your favorite baseball caps? The answer is sublimation patches! Our transfer paper prints the artwork directly onto a patch with vivid color. Just add heat to turn it into durable graphics - perfect for creating statement designs that last through all types of conditions. Get ready to create eye-catching headwear pieces like never before!
  • Order as low as 50 pcs
  • Maximum Imprint Area: 2 ¼” H X 4 ½” W
custom patch hats

There are many choices when creating a sublimation patch—but don’t worry. Our artists will be there throughout the whole process to help. We have decades of experience and use that expertise to help each of our customers. Learn more about how to iron on a custom patch.

custom patches on snapback hats


Give your cap a unique look with a woven patch. These custom-designed patches for hats are a happy middle ground—they have more detail and are more sophisticated than embroidery but still have a casual feel thanks to the Merrow Edge. You can add high detail, making it the perfect way to recreate your favorite photo or illustration crisply and clearly. Choose from several different colors and stitching combinations—and the options are truly endless. Anything you can think of, we can help create.

From start to finish, we will guide you through every step to make sure you select the best options to make your product perfect for you. Customer service is our top priority, and we pride ourselves on delivering hat patches that our customers proudly wear.

  • Low Minimum: 50 pcs
  • Max Imprint Area: 2 ¼” H X 4 ½” W
woven label patch samples

Direct Embroidery on Caps

Customize your baseball caps with vibrant patches, logos and more using embroidery! Choose from a wide range of bright colors to really make an impression. For extra flair, choose raised embroidery for that unique three-dimensional look you won't find anywhere else. With this sophisticated technique, you are sure to be a standout and friends and family will be able to spot you on the field in no time!

We can bring your logo to life on your custom promotional hat and help you choose the best colors and layout to make your vision a reality. We’ve been in the business of creating promotional products since 1989, so we understand how to utilize embroidery to the fullest to make a big impact.

Max Imprint: Varies by manufacturer, but 2 1/8” H X 4 ½” W is the standard max imprint on the front position.

embroiddery styles for custom snapback hats

Custom Screen Printed Patch Styles

Unlock endless possibilities to make your logo or emblem stand out with screen-printing! Create beautiful and crisp visuals in any color you can imagine – from vibrant reds, blues, and more neutral shades. The options for patches are limitless with shapes ranging from plain squares to intricate designs along with colored merrow edges that merge into a masterpiece of yours. There's no wrong answer when it comes to customizing the perfect patch - express yourself through colors & style today!

Once complete, our custom screen-printed hat patches adhere to heat. Choose complementary colors, or opt for a bold contrast to make a big statement. Our team is standing by to help you decide if you're unsure which way to go. They have decades of experience customizing products and understand how to make the best selections for pieces people love to wear.

  • Minimum Order Qty: 50 pcs
  • Max Imprinting Dimension: 2 ¼” H X 4 ½” W
screen printed patches

PVC Patches For Hats

The Monterey Company offers the perfect solution to add style and durability that stand up to any weather. With customizable colors, sizes, shapes—along with a hook and loop attachment or without backing options—our soft PVC rubber patches unlock all possibilities for creativity while still enduring years of use. Make your outdoor gear truly unique today!

Bring your branding to life with our custom headwear patches! Easily add them to any hat in bulk, or really any other surface you can think of. Our PVC patches are the perfect way for businesses, teams and organizations alike to get their message out there. Learn more about this innovative production process today!

  • Min. Qty: 50 pcs
  • Max Imprinting Dimensions: 2” H X 4” W
rubber patches for hats

Custom Clip Labels for Caps & Beanies

Elevate your cap or beanie to the next level with a double-sided leather clip label. Enjoy laser etched and embossed crisp logos on either side of the clips for maximum visibility, then select from real or faux leather options in various colors that coordinate beautifully with headwear. The sleek finishing touch: hand-stitched detailing along the edges for extra luxe appeal!

One of the newest details to add to hats is a custom clip label which is a sew-on option. We’ll help you attach a label on a branded beanie or any other cap style that transforms your promotional headwear from basic to a cap with a little extra something special. Our sales department has expertise across departments, so everything from our designers to our customer service professionals will help guide you throughout the process.

  • Min. Quantity: 50 pcs
  • Max Imprint: 2” H X 4” W
clip labels for hats

Silicone Transfers

    Bring any design to life with the modern, edgy look of a silicone transfer. The unique 3D effect and durable construction will make your art stand out—literally! Choose one color for an understated style or create maximum impact by picking two complementary hues that pop off the surface. With these striking creations between 0.5-2mm thick, you can truly venture into uncharted waters when it comes to crafting stunning visual works of art!
  • Silicone Transfers are heat press applied directly to the cap and have a matt finish.
  • Thickness ranges between 0.5 – 2.0 mm.
  • Best when kept to one or two colors
  • Max Imprint Area: 2 ¼” H X 4 ½” and forty-eight-piece minimum
silcone tranfer

Poly Press

With poly press cap applications, you get eye-catching 3D style that makes your emblem stand out and every detail shine. Durable accents give outdoor gear the protection it needs - plus metallic finishes for a truly impressive upgrade! And when color choices are concerned: no need to worry – we can make any palette or color combination happen with an endless range of colors available. Make it stylish and strong; opt for lasting impact via poly pressing today.

If you’re unsure which technique is best for you, don’t worry. Our team has three decades of experience in this area and can help you navigate every decision. From choosing the best colors to the best technique to the perfect size, we can guide you through every step. If you want to see more about this decoration method, look at Richardson Sports, as they perfected this way of putting a logo on a hat.

R-Poly Press is a heat press applied directly to the cap. Works well on seamed or seamless front styles
Available in a metallic or non-metallic finish
Min: 50 pcs
Imprint sizing: up to 2 ¼” H X 4 ½” W poly press images

Inside Labels

Brand your style with a custom label attached to the inside of your hat. Our selection of hats provides the perfect opportunity for you to add personalized branding to an already stylish piece. With fine details and up to four colors, our woven labels stitched onto the sweatband are unique touches that will be sure to remind wearers of your brand each time they put it on. Show off what makes you special - inside and out - with our private labeling options today!

We believe the small details make all the difference and our inside cap labels are no exception. Our expert team, dedicated to customer satisfaction, can help you create an emblem that does justice to your brand with perfect fonts, colors and styling - from start to finish. Let us know when you're ready for a professional touch on your hat patches!

Patch Making Options

  • Private labels can be up to 3 colors
  • All private labels must be 2 cm X 4.5 cm
  • We cannot accept customer-supplied labels
  • Minimum Ordering: 100 pieces
  • Sizing: 2 cm X 4.5 cm
inside hat labels
634 flexfitt hat with patch

Richardson 634 Fitted Hats With PVC

With rubber patches, your hats can be taken to the next level. Layers of colorful rubber create a dazzling 3D effect and vivid color separation for an unforgettable look. Plus, with a special sewing channel added in, your stitching won't stand out - it will blend seamlessly into the design!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're looking for an embroidered design or a custom patch, we'll make sure your design stands out. Our standard patch sizing falls between 2" and 2.25" tall depending on the hat and a with the width adjusted according to its proportions. Start by measuring up both sides and divide them by two for the actual patch size. If you opt for direct embroidery, your logo can be up to 4.5" wide by 3” tall - the perfect size to fit almost any cap or hat perfectly.

The answer to this question depends heavily on your logo. Simple artwork can be embroidered, printed, or made from leather or PVC, while more complicated images may need to use printing techniques like sublimation in full color or be woven.

The regular price for a custom patch hat varies depending on the brand and quantity you would like to order. For example, if you need to order 36 Richardson 112 Hats, then that will cost about $21 each. In contrast, 150 hats would only cost $15.00 per hat. The pricing will include a custom patch sewn directly to the hats. Adhesive can be used on custom shapes that follow the outline of your logo.

Hat patches are typically sewn directly onto a hat using industrial sewing machines similar to what a cobbler might use. A heavy-duty needle is used with the thread color of your choosing. Applying velcro to the back of a patch is done with the same sewing machines if you choose this option. With some hats having an unusual outline, the patch can be heat pressed and also stitched if the shape is not too difficult to follow the border.

It's no secret that the best hat brands for companies to use are these top manufacturers. These keep good inventory levels, and because they're available through nationwide distribution, you can bet your bottom dollar there'll be a wide variety of colors to select from!

New Era makes a great feel-good factor that gets you noticed.

Richardson patch hats specialize in superior quality from almost every major sport imaginable, including baseball caps and truckers - they even offer custom embroidery service, making them ideal corporate partners because of their personalized attention to detail!

Flexfit also has something special: its patented One Size Fits All sizing system means no more guessing games or returns.

Nike's excellent customer service and a great choice for your company's golf event.

Patch hats are great for any season and occasion, but what kind is right for you? If casual vibes are your thing, trucker hats, baseball, or golf caps will work great. They're perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes when playing around! For those who like something Hipster-esque, snapbacks with flat bills can be styled in many ways, while sporty types have fishing/hunting options. Your logo can be added with direct embroidery or by adding it to the front and center of your hat so it stands out proudly as an owner before anyone else does!

Customer Favorite Styles

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