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Custom Logo Beanies With Patches

Stay warm this winter by creating custom made beanies and logo knit hats for your business with The Monterey Company. Choose from one of our many styles and add unique embroidery, patches and labels with your logo for a custom look specially created to promote your brand! With quick turnaround times, we have you covered for any season - just weeks after you order, your new headgear will be ready for your employees and customers to stay cozy all year long.

Brand Name Embroidered Beanies With Your Logo

Keep heads cozy, stylish and unique! With custom embroidered beanies you can add a personalized touch to any winter wardrobe. Transform plain knit caps into one-of-a kind pieces with company logos or beloved brewery designs - the perfect way to showcase who sponsored them while providing an item they will treasure for years after receiving it at giveaway events. Choose from many colors and styles that are sure make quite the statement this season!
ne906 New Era Beanie

NE906 New Era

NE 900 New Era Knit Beanie

NE 900 New Era Knit

STC20 Sport Tek Spectator Beanie

STC20 Sport Tek

north face nf0a7rgh bib beanie

North Face Ribbed

cta207 carhartt fleece beanie

CTA207 Carhartt Fleece

cw6117 nike team beanie

CW6117 Nike Cap

STC21 Sport-Tek® Pom Pom Team Beanie

STC21 Sport-Tek® with Pom Pom Beanie

c908 port authority beanie

c908 Port Authority 

C900 Stretch Fleece Beanie

c900 Port Authority Fleece

c918 port authority beanie

c918 Port Authority Fleece

Rchardson beanie with patch on girl

Richardson Short Pom Beanie

Customized Beanies Branded With Your Logo

When it comes to personalizing beanies there are exciting options available and the Monterey Company is well versed in all of them. They offer a range of styles to choose from, including beanies, skull beanies, pom beanies, slouchy beanies and fisherman beanies. Each style has its advantages. And here's where it gets interesting; these customized beanies aren't, for keeping your head warm; they're like tools for promotional purposes. You can give them as tokens of appreciation to your customers offer them as prizes in contests or distribute them at events and trade shows.

That's not all! You can elevate these beanies with features like embroidery, personalized labels patterns on the fabric trimmings, sublimation printing techniques and much more. The best part? They won't put a strain on your budget. These cost effective beanies make an impact in terms of promotion. They can help people recognize your brand presence drive traffic to your website effortlessly while instilling trust in your business.. If you add your logo or a custom patch, to them – the advertising possibilities become endless. Whether you're a fan of designs or prefer something unconventional, like skull, pom, slouchy or fisherman beanies rest assured that the Monterey Company offers high quality beanies that perfectly match your style.

Custom Made Beanies With Leather Patches

Enhance your wardrobe and stand out from the crowd with custom patches for beanies! Get creative - choose a soft knitted hat as a backdrop to showcase your favorite logo patch. For an extra touch of sophistication, opt for leather patch designs which can be sewn into the face or fold of any customized cap – creating an effortless statement piece that proudly displays your business name or unique logo design.
custom beanies with leather patches
winter beanies

Adding Patches On Knit Hats

Spice up your winter style with a unique personalized touch! Adding patches to knit hats is the perfect way to make any accessory stand out from the crowd. Simply determine where you want your patch, mark it on the material of your choice and stitch around its edges for an instant update. Show off whatever design suits you best - whether it be logo support or some extra flair – and enjoy looking stylishly cozy this season!

Richardson Customized Beanies

For those looking for fashion-forward and top-quality headwear, Richardson beanies are the ultimate choice. Our selection of designs featuring stylish embroidery and patches is unparalleled in the industry – create your own unique look with these beanies!

richardson 141 knit beanie
decky beanie with custom patch

Customized Decky Beanies

We offer a variety of well-known brands that can be personalized with your logo. One of our favorite companies is Decky, and we love how they allow you to personalize them in various ways. Decky custom beanies can be decorated with a patch or directly embroidered with your design. Decky offers cozy knit styles as well as pom pom beanies, Peruvian, nordic, jeep caps, and waffle knit skullies.

Custom Beanie Hats Embroidered

Customizing a beanie with your business' logo, name or message not only adds creative flair but also practicality. With so many styles to choose from there's something for everyone - ranging from classic and comfortable looks all the way up to wild and daring designs! Whatever you have in mind we can make it happen – get as crazy as you like.

Our 30 years of styling expertise have made us the go-to resource for finding your perfect look. Featuring only 5 star brands and cutting edge equipment, we proudly offer styles tailored to suit any fashion statement or practical purpose with exceptional quality guaranteed. Let our passionate team help you craft a uniquely stylish design - no matter what that may be!

richardson 146 beanie

New Era Beanies

new era beanies

This New Era Tiramisu Knit beanie features an embroidered New Era Flag on the side.

How Do We Decorate Beanies & Knit Hats?

Embroidery on Knit Beanies is an easy process and is a decoration method that can be used on customized beanies. Our company's highly skilled designers will work with you to produce a design or logo of your choice, which we'll then adorn one side (or both) in beautiful hand-crafted stitches! An embroidered beanie hat is not only great for teams - they make perfect gifts too; so don't wait another minute before getting started today.


Embroidery can be used to create intricate designs and symbols, like family crests or logos for companies. It is an art form that has been around since the beginning of human time itself!

Patch Beanie

Patches are a great way to show off your team's identity. Whether you want an embroidered, leather or PVC patch or woven logo we have the patch just for you.

Add a Clip Label To Beanies

You can give your beanie a subtle yet custom look with this decoration method. This is ideal for multi-colored logos that have moderate detail, as the colors will be woven into both sides of the clip! Although labels are a more modest way to brand a custom beanie, they add a level of professionalism that is hard to beat. Collaborate with one of our talented professionals to best bring your design to life.

woven clip label
woven label on beanie
woven label custom designed
2 color clip label

Promote Your Brand With A Personalized Winter Hat

You can't go wrong with winter hats designed for cold weather! They're the perfect way to show off your company's logo while also keeping your head warm on those chilly days. With so many colors and design options available, there is an endless supply of unique creations just waiting for your mark - that means no more plain old caps anymore.

Branded Knit Caps Customized in Days!

Your brand's logo on an embroidered beanie is an excellent way to keep warm during this season. We offer designs that are sure to not only look great but also represent what you stand for as well! Start with one of our soft eco-friendly knit beanies with fleece lining or fleece rib skull caps and customize it by adding embroidery or a hat patch.

new era beanies
waffle knit beanie

The most popular style in our collection is the Richardson 146 cuffed beanie cap. This waffle knit beanie keeps you warm and stylish, with its great-looking cuff that can be personalized with a label.

Knit Hats

From our nearly endless selection of products and materials to our professional designers and artists on staff, we have everything you need to create the perfect hats for every occasion, even those that dip into colder temperatures. Features include soft, warm, and comfortable knit hats of all kinds, and are complemented by embroidery or personalized patches to promote your cause.

Work with a designer to perfectly capture the personality of your brand, choosing from natural colors and subtle decorations for your more serious products to bold and bright combinations to demonstrate your playfulness. Between our selection of form-fitted caps, to our bunched or loose styles, together, we can create the right product you're looking for.

richardson beanies logo

Woven Labels & Patches On Beanies

Woven labels are the perfect decoration creating a subtle, clean way to display your business name or design.

These labels are made from beautiful threadwork, using your established colors to create a tag-like rendition of your name and logo. These tags are most commonly added by either being looped and sewn into the folded brim of your knit hat or flat and stitched into the face of the cap itself.

custom woven label
richardson scrunch beanie

The Richardson Scrunch Beanie

Scrunch Beanie 100% - acrylic is lightweight and has a wool-like feel.

147 Richardson Slouch Knit Embroidered Beanie Hat

richardson custom winter hat
custom made beanies
custom made beanies
beanie with woven label

Company beanies are a great way to advertise your business

Custom beanies are a great way to advertise your business. They're comfortable and stylish, which means your customers will wear them with pride. They also have a variety of customization options that you can choose from. Whether you want to put your logo or design on the front, sides or even the back of it is all up to you! The number of colors available depends on what style you order - there's something for everyone no matter what their preference may be!

We also offer USA-made winter beanies that can be made in days. They include embroidery with your design!

custom beanie with patch
custom patch beanies
custom logo beanie