Custom Earrings

At Monterey Company, our experienced team of design professionals can help you create your perfect earrings today! If you’re searching for a great way to boost awareness, build your brand, or increase sales in your business, look no further than your own line of unique custom earrings from Monterey Company. We also make stitch markers with your design.

custom logo earrings

Looking for your own line of custom earrings?

Because not only are they the ideal accessory, they’re also a powerful way to grow your bottom line profits. For instance, if you’re a manufacturer or business owner, your customers will love our unique custom earrings. From high-fashion designs to sports team logos, your unique customized earrings will quickly become some of your top sellers.


Why consider custom-designed earrings?

Furthermore, as one of the most visible and noticeable types of jewelry, your custom made earrings will become the perfect conversation starter. You see, when a woman walks in a room, one of the first things that catch your eye are her earrings. And although they’re typically worn to express the wearer’s personal sense of fashion, custom logo earrings can also be used to make a bold statement about your business or cause. Whether you’re promoting political efforts, supporting a cause, or building your company’s brand, our custom earrings are a fantastic tool to raise awareness about your organization. 

We Are Custom Earring Manufacturer

Soft Enamel & Hard Enamel Earrings

custom logo earrings
green heart logo earrings
custom logo earrings

What kind of custom earring are you looking for?

At Monterey, our team of experienced design professionals can help you create the perfect custom earrings today. All you have to do is send us your design, company branding, or sports team logo. Or if you’d like personalized design help, our team of artisans will be glad to create artwork and design for you at no additional cost.

From simple button earrings to large custom earring designs, our team of specialists will help you create custom earrings to your exact specifications and then have them delivered to you fast.

Your earrings will be hand-crafted by our talented artists with expressive colors and vibrant detail that you’re sure to love. Plus, we offer all the same finish options that you’ll find with our custom pins and charms.

We’re confident that your customers will enjoy wearing our custom designed earrings with all their favorite outfits because they look great, they’re easy to get on-and-off, and they’re created with hypoallergenic materials that are non-toxic. And with all these choices at your fingertips, you’ll have a full palette or looks, colors, and designs to help craft the perfect custom crafted earrings for your business.

Simply send us your design or let us know that you’d like us to create one for you, and our professional graphic design specialists will craft the ideal custom earrings for you right away.

Are you a designer or manufacturer? We’d love to hear from you.

All we need is some information on things like how many earrings you’d like, what kinds of metals you want to use, and what your budget is.

Monterey company is happy to provide all the custom artwork for your earrings at no extra charge, and we think you’ll be happy with our low minimum qualities. We have a variety of enamel styles to choose from and we even make our gold plated cloisonne lapel pins in the same we make custom cloisonne earrings.

Are you ready to create your own line of custom earrings? It’s easy when talking to one of our friendly specialists today. We’re standing by to help you build the kind of customized earrings that your customers or employees will love wearing to all their special occasions. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call now, and let us design the perfect set of custom made earrings, or simply request your free quote today!

We Make Custom Stitch Markers

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