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Custom Earrings

At Monterey Company, our experienced artists can help you create your earrings today! If you're searching for a great way to boost awareness, build your brand, or increase sales in your business, look no further than your own line of unique custom earrings from Monterey Company. We also make stitch markers with your design.

We Are Custom Earring Manufacturer

Design your own line of custom earrings

Are you thinking about designing your custom earrings? Great idea! Most people wear some form of jewelry, and earrings happen to be among the more common types of jewelry people choose to wear. Know that we only sell professional-grade earrings and that access to our creative team of artists is included in the costs. Ready to learn more about how to design a pair of custom made earrings? Let's go!

Because not only are they the ideal accessory, they're also a powerful way to grow your bottom line profits. For instance, if you're a manufacturer or business owner, your customers will love our unique custom earrings. From high-fashion designs to sports team logos, your unique customized earrings will quickly become some of your top sellers.

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Custom Jewelry Designs

While jewelry business owners often create their custom jewelry designs as a way to make their business stand out, and of course, increase their sales, any business owner can build their brand using custom earrings. The sky's the limit when it comes to choosing the best earring design for promo reasons! Original earring designs can also be used to bring awareness to specific topics and thus help spread the word.

How will you use your custom made earrings? From simple earrings to flashy earrings to sporty earrings to fun earrings to high-fashion earrings and more, you're sure to find the perfect style of earrings when choosing us to create your custom earrings.

How to Design Custom Earrings

Ready to design your very own line of one-of-a-kind earrings? How exciting! We use both hard and soft enamel to create your customized promo earrings. Which do you prefer? Next, you'll need to choose the shape and any details you want to be included.

  • Choose the Shape. Want simple button earrings? Or maybe large dangly earrings are a better match for you? Once we understand your exact specifications, our artists can then begin to create your custom designed earrings.
  • Choose the Details. What do you want to be displayed on the earrings? Your logo? A special design? Your favorite football team's initials? Do you want one color or multiple colors?
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Why consider custom-designed earrings?

Furthermore, as one of the most visible and noticeable types of jewelry, your custom made earrings will become a conversation starter. You see, when a woman walks in a room, one of the first things that catch your eye are her jewelry. And although they’re typically worn to express the wearer’s personal sense of fashion, custom logo earrings can also be used to make a bold statement about your business or cause. Whether you’re promoting political efforts, supporting a cause, or building your company’s brand, our custom designs are a fantastic tool to raise awareness about your organization.

Custom Earrings designed with your concept and ideas!

When you think of effective promotional products for spreading brand awareness, earrings may not be on the top of your list. But, when it comes to getting your name out there in a big way, outside of the box is often the best place to look. Fun, stylish, or unique earrings can catch the eye of your prospective clientele, making statements and facilitating conversations around your company. Best of all? Earrings are worn directly in people's line of vision. Talk about premium exposure!

Designing Logo Earrings is what we do best. Translating your idea or design into beautiful, bold, it has never been easier. Create professional-grade custom jewelry at wholesale prices by working with our artists from conception to production.

Take your promotional products to the next level by crafting a fun, functional line of custom earrings. By incorporating your logo or business' personality into a design, you'll find new and unique ways to reach larger audiences. Our team of professional designers has the experience, creativity, and ingenuity to transform your ideas into the fashionable items your employees, customers, and community will love to wear.

Why earrings make great promotional products.

  1. Custom Earrings for Brand Recognition: When designing personalized earrings to promote your business or cause, you combine thoughtfulness, style, and function by taking your promotion to the next level. Working with a professional designer, you can craft statement pieces that demonstrate the quality and care you put into your work. Because custom promotional earrings are unique and will be a conversation starter for everyone in the room.
  1. Logo Earrings for Political Causes: Custom earrings for political events and events have been around for decades, used as a way to demonstrate affiliation for a person, party, or cause. If you are hosting an event, supporting a candidate, or just wanting to share your allegiance with the world, create custom logo earrings today.
  1. Personalized Earrings for Sports Fans: Whether you are a club or organizer or just an avid sports fan, creating custom earrings is a great way to show your support. At wholesale prices, designing the perfect sports fan earring has never been more affordable or fun.

Soft Enamel & Hard Enamel

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What kind of custom earring are you looking for?

From simple button earrings to large custom earring designs, our art department will help you create custom earrings to your exact specifications and then have them delivered to you fast. Hand-crafted by our talented artists with expressive colors and vibrant detail that you're sure to love. Plus, we offer all the same finish options that you'll find with our custom pins and charms.

We're confident that your customers will enjoy wearing our custom-designed earrings with all their favorite outfits because they look great, they're easy to get on-and-off, and they're created with hypoallergenic materials that are non-toxic. And with all these choices at your fingertips, you'll have a full palette or looks, colors, and designs to help craft the perfect custom crafted for your business. Simply send us your design or let us know that you'd like us to create one for you, and our professional graphic design specialists will craft the ideal design for you.

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Are you a designer or manufacturer? We'd love to hear from you.

All we need is some information on things like how many you'd like, what kinds of metals you want to use, and what your budget is.

Our artists will provide all the custom artwork at no extra charge, and we think you'll be happy with our low minimums. We have a variety of enamel styles to choose from including cloisonne.

Are you ready to create your own line of custom earrings? It's easy when talking to one of our friendly specialists today. Send us your sketch and we will start on creating customized earrings that your recipients will love wearing to all their special occasions. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call now, or simply request your free quote today!

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Need A Little Designing Assistance?

Our team includes professional artists who can assist you with anything you need when deciding on the details of your custom made earrings. This includes helping you initially create or finalize your custom design. Since we're your go-to experts when you're in need of custom products, we can help you from the very first step to the very last. Ready to get started?