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Top 5 Ways To Honor Airline Employees With Custom Wing Pins

Custom Airline Lapel Pins One way airlines can honor their employees is through the presentation of a recognition pin, whether it be service pins or lapel pins. The use of a recognition pin and the manner in which service pins and lapel pins are presented can go a long way toward easing the stress that […]

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Monterey Company Reforestation Project

The Monterey Company Tree Reforestation Project The Monterey Company is committed to planting trees in countries where the wildlife is threatened by deforestation. We have decided to plant ten trees for every order that is placed with us. We are working with the Eden Reforestation Project to plant trees in Madagascar. Currently, the country of […]

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How to take photos of jewelry

Our Best Tips On Taking Pictures Of Jewelry If you are trying to learn how to photograph shiny objects, small pins, coins or charm jewelry, here are some excellent tips. We now just use an iPhone with the image sitting near the window when we shoot our lapel pins and custom charms. Don’t have an […]

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fake disney pin video

Fake Disney Pins

Here’s are a collection of favorite videos on scrapper pins and how to spot them. Everyone loves Disney, but there are a lot of hidden secrets that not very many people know. One of these special “company secrets” is that they give their valued employees their very own die-cast years of service pins. The other […]

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cinema pins

The Maui Film Festival

Film festivals and custom lanyards Each year as film enthusiasts travel the film festival circuits across the world, there seems to be a buzz in the air as we begin to see all sorts of people wearing lanyards with mysterious name tags hanging from them.  Upon closer inspection, we learn it’s a group of directors, […]

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Tie Pins

Custom Tie Pins Are a Businessman Must-Have

Custom tie pins could signify the difference between a hipster and smartly dressed businessman. It would be an understatement to say that ties are a trademark of formal-wear. On the other hand, it’s a well-known fact that they can be hard to keep in place. Luckily for you, the solution is close at hand. In fact, […]

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embroidered patches

Embroidered Patches Show Girl Scouts that They Can Accomplish Anything

Custom Girl Scout patches are a wonderful way to help your Girl Scout celebrate her unique skills and talents! As all Girl Scouts know, custom embroidered patches are a great way to celebrate. Besides highlighting skills and accomplishments, patches motivate girls to take on challenges. In fact, they are a fundamental way to encourage learning and leadership. More importantly, receiving […]

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Custom Hat Pins are A Smart Strategy for Success

As I write this article, Hat Pins are re-defining success for millions of businesses. Although lapel pins are most commonly seen on shirts, jackets, and bags, a unique new trend seems to have set the bar. Bold, modern, and a cutting-edge way to rep your business, custom hat pins have become a choice commodity for companies and organizations worldwide. Not […]

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Just a Bit of History About Custom Pins: A Collectors Perspective

There are two types of pinheads. Lapel pins may date back to the 13th century, but modern custom pins aren’t your grandfathers. As a matter of fact, pins have become quite the staple in the contemporary wardrobe. Popular for their many styles, lapel pins might even be one of the most customizable accessories to ever exist. In fact, with as […]

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labor day pins

Labor Day Pins Take the Labor Out of This Fun Holiday

Labor Day pins take out the labor and leave the day for you to enjoy.  No need to labor for these Labor Day pins. In fact, custom pins make it easy to celebrate this awesome holiday. Whether you are a great boss or an event organizer, these pins are the perfect ode to all that is good […]

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