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hook and loop patches
April 22, 2020

Hook and Loop Patches

If you need a versatile patch that can be quickly attached and changed with ease, then hook and loop patches are a perfect choice! With no sewing or ironing required to attach them – unlike traditional sew-on or iron-on options – these customizable insignia allow for effortless interchangeability among garments, backpacks, hats, and more….

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girl scout patches
September 22, 2016

Custom Scout Patches

Get the eye-catching uniform patches you’ve been looking for! Our talented team of designers specialize in crafting stunning, hand-embroidered patches with superior thread and materials that will make your Girl Scout or Brownie look fabulous no matter what life throws at them….

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walking stick medallion
October 14, 2015

Hiking Stick Medallions & Badges

Walking sticks are no longer just functional tools; they can now be stylishly customized with eye-catching medallions! From intricate designs to symbols of membership in a club, these unique adornments have become treasured items among collectors who search far and wide for one-of-a kind pieces. …

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trading pins
April 3, 2013

Becoming a Pinhead

Pinhead lapel pin collectors are a unique breed of enthusiasts and connoisseurs, driven by their passion for collecting these small mementos. From official insignias to commemorative memorabilia or even custom-made pins with personal significance, each addition to the collection brings its own distinct character. For many, building an ever-expanding portfolio of treasured keepsakes is the ultimate goal!…

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really old coins
September 16, 2010

The Oldest Coin in the World

There is still plenty of mystery revolving around the Lydian Lion. There is no certainty of the value, or even the purpose of the coin. But as it stands, it holds the record for being the oldest coin, having been created over 2,700 years ago….

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disney pin trading
June 10, 2010

The Disney Pin Trading Tradition

A Disney pin trader is a person who collects and trades Disney-themed lapel pins. These pins can feature characters from Disney movies, theme park attractions, special events, and more. Disney pin trading is a popular hobby among Disney fans, and it is an official program at the Disney theme parks where guests can trade pins with cast members and other guests. Disney pin traders often have a specific theme or type of pin that they collect, and may actively seek out new additions to their collection at Disney parks or through other means such as online trading….

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blinking light pin attachment
March 12, 2008

LED Blinkie Pins

For years, baseball trading pins have added a spark of excitement with the inclusion of twinkling ‘blinkies.’ Perfect for livening up any pin collection!…

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