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Pewter Pins

Pewter pins are some of the most distinctly bold and traditional pins on the market, made from high quality, malleable metal alloy. These durable pins are sandblasted to create a stunning finish. As pins made from pewter are crafted from a mold, they lend themselves best to designs with interesting dimension and detail.


Pewter pins can be made in any shape or size. Add enamel colors or no color at all. This style lapel pin looks great in 3D and is cast using real pewter. We offer antique silver plating as well if you would like your pewter pin to have a finer finish.


Which pin designs are best for pewter?

Casting in pewter has an antique silver look to them. These custom lapel pins are one of the first styles that we created for not only companies but for the retail trade. They are extremely versatile as they of great detail because their finish is darkened in the recessed areas shiny in the raised portions of a logo.

Custom Pewter Animal Pins: Three-dimensional animal pins, with the details like fur or scales, are perfectly and accurately depicted in pewter. Express different textures and shapes in your design, like the smoothness of a dog's nose in contrast to the variation of fur around it. Capture the details of your pet or animal logo with or without added color, letting the design speak for itself.

Personalized 3 Dimensional Pewter Pins: For three-dimensional designs with raised and recessed elements that stand alone with or without color, consider the simple, clean, and bold pewter style. Its classic aesthetic doesn't require a color filling or add ons to make an impression, with your featured words or symbols standing out against the background.

Human Figurines Pewter Pins: Because molded pins capture all the variations, raises, recessions, and textures included in your design, custom pewter pins are the perfect style to depict human faces and figurines.

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Custom Cast Pewter Pins

Pewter lapel pins are our most decorative, collectible and promotional pin. Pewter offers an unrivaled versatility in metals that allows us to create a custom pin to your exact needs, whether it be a logo or an animal or human figurine. Why? Because pewter is a malleable metal alloy composed of at least 90 percent tin and the remainder in copper. This unique blend produces a lapel pin with a matte finish and high contrast, as well as a handsome bluish silver tint.

Pewter was once the most commonly used material for tableware, it’s now used almost exclusively for decorative, collectible and promotion objects. We use it for lapel pins because its low melting point makes it an ideal material for producing die-cast replicas of your design.

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How are Pewter Pins Made?

The pewter alloy is melted at a low temperature (170–230 °C). Meanwhile, a mold is made of your custom design, leaving channels through which the liquid metal will travel in order to enter the mold. The alloy is then injected into the mold, either by a spin-casting process or by high-pressure injection. Finally, the scrap (which includes the channels) is separated from the castings and re-melted for later use. Pewter lapel pins are then stone polished, poly-bagged and shipped to your doorstep.

company pin made from pewter

How to Order Your Custom Pewter Pins

Ready to order? The first step is to either give us a call or request a quote. We will create a free mockup of what your pewter pin will look like. After approval, we can start production and your order should be ready to ship in 15 days. Pewter pins are cast and take an extra week in production compared to our die-struck style.

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Pewter Pins for Tradeshows and Exhibitions
Tradeshows and exhibitions are time-tested avenues for expanding the reach of your audience, connecting with potential customers, and making valuable connections with people in your industry. But, the nature of these tradeshows and exhibitions makes it difficult for any one company, business, or brand to stand out in the crowd. To ensure you’re remembered after the event is over, you need to be able to leave your new audience with something tangible to connect them to you, longterm. This is where pewter pins come in.

pewter pin in gold plating

Lapel pins in and of themselves are unique substitutes to things like business cards and magnets, but you can take your promotion to the next level by opting for the beautiful pewter selections designed to make an impression. These pieces can capture the finest details of your design, while boasting a unique feel and finish. This style can depict differences in textures and is bold enough for a strong company name or branded logo to be properly showcased. Even more, pewter pins can accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes, making a truly customized, classically stunning design sure to stay with anyone who is lucky enough to receive it.


Why Order Pewter Pins?

  • To create an exact replica of your design
  • To create a metal lapel pin with a matte finish but high contrast
  • For a beautiful recreation of an animal or human figurine
  • To recognize work by fundraisers, volunteers and employees
  • To show company pride and years of service
  • To create a piece of collectible commemorative art
  • To celebrate graduations, anniversaries and company milestones
  • To provide souvenirs for visitors to parks, zoos, and aquariums
  • As promotional advertising at exhibitions or conferences