Custom Charms

Custom Charms & Pendants

Looking for a custom charms in gold or Silver?

As with color, choosing the right metal to have a custom pendant, or medal, or lapel pin, or medallion, or coin made out of is a huge decision. Metals, their color and perceived value will convey a lot through the emblematic jewelry piece you choose to create.

What do different metals symbolize on a custom charm?
Which metal is best to use for jewelry charms?
Which is better gold or silver on a customized charm?

The Monterey Company offers the choice of any metal as a base and finish for our custom made charms.  Here small easy guide, we are giving you an idea of what each of the metals could convey and symbolize traditionally.

Custom Silver Charms:  Purity, Clarity, Awareness, Focus, Single-ness of Purpose, Femininity, persistence, Vision, Strength, glamorous, distinguished, high tech, industrial, graceful aging, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, intuition, dreams, astral energies, female power, communication, goddess, ornate riches, sleekness, modernity.

Gold Charms:  Vitality, Life, Health, Radiance, Wisdom, Clarity, Unification, Virtue, wealth, good health, personal power, Light.

Nickel Charms:  Solid, industrial, hard work, money, labor, longevity.

Copper Charms:  Strong will, positivity, pure energy.  The number One reflects new beginnings, and purity. The symbolic meaning of the penny (number One) is further clarified when we understand that One represents both kinds of action, physical and mental.

Brass Charms:  Wealth, hard labor, spontaneity and youth,  healing and rejuvenation.

Bronze Charms: Timeless wisdom and intelligence, art and warfare. knowledge and history,  human civilization, advancement and prosperity. Copper  youthfulness of women and nurturing aspects of mothers,  healing metal and teaches currency and prosperity.

Customized charms can also be made in dual plating! For example, you can have part of charm designed in gold plating and accent other parts of your design in an antique plating.