3D custom coins come to life over 2D coins!

3D Custom CoinA military customer sent us a wolf image for his unit’s challenge coin. It showed a sepia tone photograph of a menacing looking wolf peering from behind tall grasses. The photo had many subtle shade and color gradations, while the body was partially obstructed by the grasses.

We specialize in making custom 3D Coins!

“When I saw that photo, I knew it would make a nice 3-D image, but it would be challenging to go from color to no color,” explained the salesperson. “The customer wanted antique copper without color.”

“If we duplicated the image and inserted it into the center of the coin, it would look like the original,” she said. “However, the customer didn’t want a mirror image. He wanted a similar one in a rustic, antique style.”

First, we created the wolf in 2-D, which included raised and recessed metal. Note the 2-D wolf image on the left.

“The 2-D image was lacking in depth,” said the salesperson. “In fact, the legs looked short and the image was too different from the original. It was a mistake to leave out the grass and try to create the hidden legs underneath.”

When the designer changed the image from 2-D to 3-D, she requested a CNC rendering. “I’m not sure what CNC stands for, but the designers at our factory recreated the wolf image as if it were a relief sculpture,” said our lead designer. “They made it more rounded and life-like. The result was remarkable.”

Side by side, the 2-D, and the 3-D cannot compare. The 3-D image was clearly superior even without color. Ask your salesperson if 2-D or 3-D works best for your image.