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Collecting key chains is an art much more than just metal deep.

Collecting novelty items, antique, pop culture and any other type of item you can imagine has been a favorite pastime for people all over the world for centuries now. Key chains are certainly not immune to being collected, in fact, collection PVC key chains are one of the most popular collections out there today.

Key chains that range from simple looped rings to digital key chains are being collected, traded, sold and bought amongst collectors. Personal collections can vary in themes or be an all-out collecting frenzy where the collector just grabs and buys whatever key chain they can get their hands on.

Collection themes can be based on travel destinations, favorite company logos, pop culture figures, digital gadgets, baggies, leather fobs, specific metals, shapes, plastic, and whatever else the collector can think of. Collectors will house these key chains in boxes, glass display cases, and elaborate wall hanging frames.

PVC Key chains are traded, shown at shows and bought and sold at conventions. The Key Chain Collectors International is an organization that is based on the love of key chains and building a community around the globe for those that share the same interest. Holding conventions throughout the United States bi-annually, they educate, facilitate swaps, sales, and individual members pages.  People can connect from all over the world using each other’s profiles and the forum pages.

Swaps are great fun and an opportunity to acquire key chains that may not necessarily be available in a particular geographical location or country. Using the website to find these unique items is a wonderfully exciting tool. Swaps also have initiated the design and creation of themed key chains for the purposes of mass swaps and sales. The creativity coming through here is thrilling, to say the least.

The Monterey Company loves participating in this. Our design team is constantly marveling at the ever growing creative ideas that come from those that design and order these new key chains. It adds to the growing collector’s culture and we love contributing to that.

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