Top 5 Best Richardson Hats With Your Logo

November 30, 2023

We at Monterey Company have seen enough hats come through our office to fill a stadium with customized hats nationwide. Whatever customization you decide to get, the hat is the base work for everything else about your custom order. But what happens when there are over 100 Richardson styles to choose from? Where do you start in deciding which hat is best for you? Let’s narrow the choice down for you by taking a look at our top 5 sellers from Richardson Sports.

richardson 115ch hat
112 trucker hat with patch

1. The Richardson 112 Classic Trucker

The Richardson 112 is a classic six-panel trucker hat. It has a mid-profile fit, so it’s a perfect midground between a snug fit and a taller look. The 112 trucker has a mesh backing for breathability and a cotton sweatband that helps the hat sit properly on your head. This classic trucker hat is a blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The 112 comes in a one-size-fits-most model but has options for youth, and small, and large sizes for those with different size heads. Just make sure you check which colors offer the other sizes!

One of the reasons this trucker hat is one of the best of our sellers is the sheer amount of customization of the hat on its own. The 112 trucker has over one hundred color variations with solid, two-tone, and three-tone options. The wide range that the 112 offers for orders large and small makes it a great choice for casting a wide net of color but still getting a truly great price break.

Richardson 115 with embroidery

2. The Richardson 115 Low Pro Trucker

The name gets the biggest factor across; the 115 is a low profile trucker hat. It’s a more tailored fit compared to the 112 classic trucker while still keeping all of the iconic features of the 112: its adjustable snapback, curved bill, and mesh backing. The 115 Lo Pro Trucker is comprised of 47% cotton and 53% polyester. This trucker hat comes in a small size (6 ½ – 7 ¼) or a medium-large size (6 ⅞ – 7 ⅝).

What Makes the 115 Lo Pro Trucker Stand Out?

This trucker shines because of the snugger fit due to the lower profile. Some folks want a hat that doesn’t have too much space at the top above the head, which is why the 115 is an ideal choice for that. While not boasting the same amount of colorways as the 112, the 115 still has about 20 different color options to pick from; you can still create a great variety of hats within one style by going with the 115.

richardson 168 7 panel hat with patch

The Richardson 168 7-Panel Trucker Hat

The 168 7-panel trucker is a sleek and trendy high-profile trucker. The 168 has a flat bill, which also helps it lean into a more modern trendy look. This hat also has a polyester cotton blend, a mesh back, and an adjustable snapback similar to its fellow trucker hats.

One of the most prominent traits of this trucker is the 7-panel, quad-color options. The larger panel count makes these trucker hats give off a truly modern style in comparison to their fellow truckers on the list. The 168 is a stellar option for larger designs or designs with more intricate colors since the panel on the front doesn’t have a split in the middle.

richardson 252 dad hat

4. The Richardson 252 Premium Cotton Dad Hat

For those with a true dad-pun spirit, the premium cotton dad hat is a fantastic option for an unstructured looser cap. The 252 dad hat is made of premium cotton twill all around, and has a cotton sweatband. This dad hat also has a cloth backstrap, a significant difference from any of the other options on our top 5 list. The back strap has a quality brass cap that helps hide away the excess strap when adjusting it, giving this hat a clean final look. The 252 comes in one size that fits most, but 3 of the 14 colorways it has available do come in youth sizing for your younger kids!

What Makes the 252 Premium Cotton Dad Hat So Comfortable?

This is the only hat on our top 5 Richardson hats that is unstructured, meaning it’s malleable and made for a bit of wear and tear. The full cotton feel makes this hat incredibly comfortable. This is also the only hat on our list that only offers solid color options. But these colors are all subtle and make the 252 a great everyday hat for any outdoor occasion.

richardson 511 trucker cap

5. The Richardson 511 Wool Blend Trucker

The Richardson 511 is a high profile flat bill trucker, made for comfort in every season. The 511 is another modern trucker style similar to the 168, designed for a fun trendy style people just love. However, it mimics the 112 and 115 with six panels rather than seven panels. The Richardson 511 is a blend of 42% nylon, 42% acrylic, and 11%wool.

What Makes the 511 Wool Blend Stand Out?

It’s the wool! No other hat on this list has wool material. The wool is what makes the 511 Trucker so great all year round. It has 21 different colorways that you can choose from. The primary colorway for this hat is in two-tone options, with some great neon colors for those who want to be sure that they stick out against darker nights. This trucker also has some great camo options with tiger and green camo. Learn more about camo hats.

Richardson’s Best-Selling Headwear Customized With Your Design

The Monterey Company takes great pride in offering a range of Richardson hats that can be customized to showcase your logo. What makes us stand out is our ability to customize these hats in ways that include top-notch embroidery and the option of adding custom patches. To simplify your decision-making process we have carefully selected the five selling Richardson hats that perfectly blend style and durability. These hats provide a canvas for your logo and reflect our dedication to providing exceptional headwear solutions that make a lasting impact. Read More about Richardson Headwear, including more of our most popular styles.